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i made one using the signal wallpaper from the site. i have different kinds of bugs for all the cursors, a backpack for the my computer icon, a (forbidden), jackknife as another icon, and a globe for the recycle bin. the sounds are different bird noises. i changed the appearance to match the wallpaper. pretty much everything is scavanged from somewhere on the internet. :lol:

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Although I wonder what sound you would use :lol:

Hmmmm. Sound of a ammo can opening, closing, sliding among rocks. Golf balls in a ammo can. The sounds of footsteps in the mud. Tupperware. Rain, wind in the trees.


What's more fun is to think up the sounds associated with errors. The sound of a cacher putting their hand in something yucky. (slush - *ick*). Falling down a hillside, or worst of all, an avalanche with a scream. :( Brings new meaning to the word "crash".

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In win XP:

Right click on the folder, and select "Properties"

click the "Customize" tab

click "Change Icon" button

Click the "Browse" button to navigate to the ico file you want to use

click OK.




in win 98 sometimes you can't change the icon (this way) for a folder on the desk top, but you can for a shortcut to a folder somewhere else.


You can use a bitmap (.bmp) as an icon, just change the file type to .ico, I use 40 x 40 pixels.

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