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  1. It looks like I am the only having problems with the game. I have downloaded 3 different version's, let it run through the updates, made sure I had the right ports open. Still nothing!! Maybe someone can help me figure this out..
  2. I recently bought a GPS 18 (usb version) for routing with nRoute. When I plug in the 18 and open up nRoute, it tells me "Map detail locked" Now it only shows the basemap, no detailed streets. When I had it connected to my 60CSx, everything seemed to work fine. I am using City Nav. ver.8. Also running Vista, if it matters. Any thoughts or suggestions?
  3. Everything appears to be working fine here and it looks great! I just downloaded 200+ waymarks, love that feature! Keep up the great work. I know it was just released, but, when I search for unvisited waymarks they are not in order of distance from my filter.
  4. Not sure what you mean by this, unless your screen resolution really low. In any case, the new format removes the left column so you shouldn't have any issues. It is the map that drtmn has on his profile page. It is too big. Being as big as it is, it makes the page oversized so you have to scroll to the side to see the whole profile. My map on my profile page makes mine do the same thing. Thanks for tip mtn-man, I did not think about the map being to big. I had resized it for the gc.com page until I got it where I wanted it. Thats good news! Keep up the great works guys. Looking fwd. to the release.
  5. Everything looks great so far and can not wait for the release. I hope the new site will re-size the "my page". Side scrolling is a pain.
  6. I am all for this for now too. It sure would make life easier. Good thing there are not to many in my area yet. I hope this is toward the top of the list.
  7. drtmn

    Geocoin Icon Page

    I have found this page to be very useful.
  8. I am not sure if TPTB are working on something or not. I am getting some crazy things happening on the gc side with the fonts also. I was even looking at an archived cache of mine and one of the logs had to different sized fonts in it. Also, the links under Find are normal sized, while the links under For online maps.. are smaller. I have been adjusting the font size (hold ctrl and roll wheel on mouse) playing with this, and the links change size when I click on them.
  9. I am surprised you got close that close to him, let alone get him to hold a TB. Great pic! You a fellow nitro-nut? (btw I am a BIG fan of his!) He left a pair of Cubs(I think) tickets in a cache once.
  10. I wonder how many hits the site got from the show?
  11. I did one called Tri State Cache Dash . It covered over 70 miles in 3 states, but not a real popular cache.
  12. My best day I got 37, with a 3 hr. drive to the area, but 12 of those were temp. event caches. The next best day was 35, which included 1 multi and a webcam, I was navigating that day. My best solo day was 30 which included 2 virts. I dont consider my area to be "cache dense" though.
  13. I thought I would post an update for this. I have been doing a little driving this past month. I also found out that the odometer on my ST Map only goes to 9999.90, so I reset if after that and have added a few miles. All driving! I did manage to get a few caches along the way too. I am also going on another little trip to the west coast which should net around another 4500 miles.
  14. This sounded like fun, so I thought I would share the picture of my ST that stays connected to the laptop while caching. I have reset it a couple of times in the past year and 1/2, but since i got a Plat I about a year ago I don't think it has been reset. I wanted to see it roll to 10,000 miles. I have been working on a spreadsheet to keep track of mileage, but still have a ways to go on it, but it is up to about 9500 miles and I am only half done. With my nearest unfound at around 50 miles I am sure I can rack up a few more miles this year.
  15. I had saw this posted in another forum, and since I am close to that area, I went and took a look around. It looks like there are some electrical workers in the area and have things tore up pretty good. I asked one of the workers is they saw anything and they said NO. Sorry about the loss, I would not be happy either.
  16. How about some pics of the farm and the anim.... servers?
  17. I see I am not the only one that did not recieve a PQ today. I had one set up for home last nite and did not get it. Set it up for today and still did not get it. Maybe tomorrow? If you still have one of those GMAIL invites left I would like one. Thanks for all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes.
  18. I will start by telling you that all this SQL and server stuff is waaaay over my head, but I had a couple of thought. It sounded like the bottleneck is in the database, if so, would another server help relieve some of that load? If that was the case maybe Groundspeak could setup another "dontation" type PayPal accout where members could help with the new server fund. Since I have no idea how much a server would cost, maybe this is not even an option.
  19. I had that problem with mine, works fine now that I upgraded it to ver. 5.12 firmware. Hope this helps.
  20. I recently went to an event and afterwards hunted some caches with a group from the event. One of the people in the group had Topo maps on his PPC ( an iPaq I believe) He was using Oziexplorer on it, I didnt get to ask him to much about it at the time, but it has got me thinking lately that it would be nice to have something like that out on the trail especially when in unfamiliar territory. I have been looking at Delorme, Oziexplorer,N.G.Topo, and Fugawi but cant not really decide on anything. So I was wondering if anyone here uses such a setup? i.e=what program(s) software? Recomendations. I would like to be able to upload/change waypoints. I am using a MeriPlat. and a Dell X5 ('02) I dont see a need for "live" tracking at the moment, just want to be able to see any "hazards" and waypoints.
  21. Go to the links page. There are links to both gps babel and GSAK there. Both are excellent programs.
  22. I just went to look at "my" cache page and WOW !! Looks great!! I have only 1 question so far, I have been keeping a log of my finds in an excel format and it says that only 15 logs are available per month. Just wondered if there was a way to show "all" logs? Other than that, it looks great, just may take a little time to get used to the change. This place just keeps getting better and better and I can not imagine the time involved in creating and maintain this site. Just want to say keep up the great work.
  23. I am at 94% on the 1st 5 pages out of 520 total from my zip. #100 is 43.1 miles away. Now if it would just quit snowing so I can get back out there.
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