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  1. yes they were. Up till awhile ago you could see it and now the link is broken, it was fun to see what was going on around the world. Wish they would bring it back.
  2. Wasn't sure where to put this! I used to go to this link GC Gallery and view a 1000 recently updated pictures from around the world, now it no longer works. Does anyone know how to get to it or if it still exists. Thanks
  3. If you change the id number at the end of the link it will change the province http://www.geocaching.com/seek/nearest.aspx?state_id=62 62=Que 68=NS 67=Nfld/Lab 69=ON 70=PEI 71=SK
  4. I've used Uni-ball power tanks for about 8 years and never had a problem even in the cold of winter
  5. I notice after upgrading tonight that when I rotate the screen from sideways to upright anything that I typed for a log disappears and I have to start typing again but keeping it in the same orientation so I can log it. weird
  6. From Geocaching > Your Profile > Field Notes > Upload Field Notes To upload Field Notes from your compatible Garmin device: 1 Plug your Garmin device into your computer with a USB cable. 2 Click "Browse" on this web page and go to the Garmin directory on your device's drive. 3 Select the file named "geocache_visits.txt" and click "Upload" on this page to upload your Field Notes. 4 We recommend that you delete the "geocache_visits.txt" file on your device once your Field Notes have been successfully uploaded.
  7. Geo Dogs are GREAT You can find another thread here Geo Dogs
  8. Thanks So far the only thing I can't find is the link on the front page for the gallery that used to be there.
  9. I will still never forget the first time I came to a stop light in Manitoba, and both the Green and the Red lights came on, at the same time. All the Ontario drivers on the Trans Canada Highway just sat there, me included, waiting for someone to figure out what we were supposed to do. Later figured out it was their version of a left turn advance signal. ... and yes a lot of us Ontario drivers make the mistake of thinking that flashing green light in downtown Vancouver is a left turn advance .... i will never understand why the same country can't have the same signals lol what about the right turn on red? if i'm not mistaken Ontario is the only one where is allowed You can make a right on red in everywhere in Canada, but Quebec only allows it in certain places which makes it confusing. I live in Nova Scotia and we can make a left turn on red in some places(one way road onto another one way road)
  10. Uni-Ball Power Tank RT I've been using one for about 5 years at work and Geocaching, they've never failed me yet. It's pressurized like the space pen
  11. I've used a ram mount for years on my nuvi and 60cx. I believe you can even get the parts so that you can have the two side by side on the same mount
  12. Thanks Prime Suspect I love the script
  13. When you upload images to logs, the system creates small and medium size thumbnail images for them. I'm guess that if the original is smaller than the standard medium width, the medium is created with the photo's original size, rather than enlarging it. If you'll supply a link to the gallery, I'll take a look at it. Main GC gallery It does not effect the other galleries (user, cache page) it's just the main GC Gallery at the bottom of the main page. I'm using vista and Firefox 3.6.8. When I go thru the gallery, sometimes the pics all open like they used to but sometimes it just doesn't want to finish opening them and hitting refresh doesn't do anything In the pic I posted you can see that two of them opened normally with the link at the bottom, One opened but no link and the last ones didn't open with the script at all.
  14. When you use this script the pictures open in medium size on firefox and are 2 across instead of the small 4 across
  15. Ok here's something strange that I've noticed on Locus Prime's "Gallery Enhancer script" lately. When I'm looking thru the GC Gallery not all pictures are in the large size and the links under the pics are missing. Even hitting refresh doesn't work. has anyone else noticed this.
  16. Ducky


    I get the map but the "Requesting geocaches..." just keeps spinning and spinning and spinning
  17. Just about to start my 28th year of servitude Started with The Brockville Rifles then joined the the Reg Force as a MSE Op 23 years ago and I've been driving here, there and everywhere since then
  18. Thanks for the update Lil Devil, it works great
  19. I wish we would hear SOMETHING from Groundspeak on this issue
  20. Yesterday I was supposed to receive 5 PQ's, what I got was 4 copies of one, two ran normal and two never showed up even though it said they did run. Today I only had one PQ to run and I got SEVEN copies of it what the heck is going on
  21. That looks cool. How do they get that signage on the busses? basically they are really big stickers! each panel is about 6 feet wide. Once all the panels have been applied to the bus (lots of cutting, fitting and reapplying), they take a heat gun and shrink it tight to the bus. It should last about 8 years. I watched the guy take the stuff off the old bus and that was far worse than putting it on ha ha If you look closely at the picture of the sub, you'll notice they look a little different. That's because there are windows there, I can see out but you can't see it.
  22. Nope I never do that ha ha Memramcook Sports Series (Hockey) Wreckhouse
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