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  1. Happy Holidays to one and all! May this holiday season bring you many wonderful caches and find you safe and warm.
  2. A little history about what goes into choosing the date. The first CITO day was planned to coincide with the anniversary of Geocaching. What we found, at least locally, was a really clean park, it had just been cleaned up from the US celebration of Earthday (April 22nd). So in the future we knew we needed to hold CITO day a little earlier in the year. Then there is the dilemma of two Earthdays. The US celebrates April 22nd, but International Earthday coincides with the March equinox, March 21st. CITO is an international event, but in many areas it is still a little cold to get a great turn out that day. So now we go with a weekend in April that is our own day, April 14th. But if April 21st works for you, then schedule your event for April 21st.
  3. Mtn-man has pretty much hit the nail on the head. In addition you may find more information here: History of Geocaching As for the volunteer team, I can think of a lot of words to describe them but "otherwise intelligent" would not be on the list. They are dedicated geocaching community members who deserve the utmost respect for stepping up and spending countless hours not only as site volunteers but also as active members of their local communities. In many cases they are not only your local reviewers but they are also those who volunteer to help run the local organizations, volunteer to work with land managers, organize events and many other things that help their geocaching communities function successfully. Thanks to all of you!!!
  4. Just imagine, two cachers meet at an event, get married, then have a baby...I wonder if the baby would end up looking like signal the frog.
  5. After looking at the listing GCY95G I will be relisting the cache. The reviewer was following the direction of what members at Groundspeak had asked her to do. Sometimes we need to look back at those decisions and decide if they were correct. In this case I believe the reviewer had made the correct decision when listing the cache. In this series of caches they are placed in memory of an event. Some commentary on some of the cache listings could lead them to be interpreted as having an agenda yet I do not feel that was the purpose.
  6. You are some of the top caches awaiting review in WI. I'd give them another day. It is unlikely, but if your caches are still sitting after that please feel free to send me a message.
  7. You are correct canceling a membership through paypal is not easy. Here is a link to our KB article with instructions: How do I cancel my premium membership through PayPal?
  8. I don't have an issue with joke threads, but I do have an issue with cross posting topics and re-opening topics which have been closed by forum moderators. Closing duplicate topic.
  9. Yeah, but Mark Burnett has the assets to purchase a heck of a lot of chocolates for Hydee, and may entice her over to the dark side... How much chocolate are we talking about?
  10. Just what we need...the topic police. Topic police are not needed but forum moderators are. Thanks Moose Mob for volunteering as a moderator and helping to keep a happy community.
  11. For us reeeaaallly slow on the uptake people, could you put the intended topic of this thread into small words and how it relates to geocaching? Nudecacher contacted Groundspeak for permission prior to posting the topic. Although 'nudecaching' may not directly be a "Geocaching Topic", this is a subject that has been of interest to a great deal of cachers so we made the decision to allow the topic. Any comments on that decision are not relevant to this topic please choose to voice them elsewhere. You may email contact@Groundspeak.com.
  12. Note: This policy has been updated. The new policy can be found here: Revised Geocoin Forum Guidelines Welcome to the Geocoin Forum! While the intention of this forum is to discuss the Geocaching related aspects of geocoins (movements, tracking…); we realize that the trading and collecting of them is quite popular. To ensure that this forum is a success, please respect our ground rules when it comes to selling and trading of coins: This forum may be used for personal selling, trading or giving away of items. Geocaching organizations are permitted to use this forum for purposes of selling, trading or giving away of geocoins. No company or business postings/advertising is allowed. Charity Solicitations are also not acceptable. Groundspeak reserves the right to determine if an item for sale is inappropriate for this board. Those choosing to participate in an exchange on this board take full responsibility for any consequences of that exchange. Groundspeak is in no way involved in the sale or trading of items on this board and will not be held responsible or liable in any way for quality issues, fraud or any default of transfer on the part of the buyer or seller. Individual negotiations or information exchanges should take place through private e-mail or telephone correspondence, not on this board. Please use the communication tools provided on the site or private email.
  13. Thanks MissJenn for the email The CITO day for 2006 will be April 22! Spread the word.
  14. Judging from the cache's quality (MCE) score as rated by the TC community, many others agree that it is not a proper locationless. The cache is currently rated a meagre 3.5 out of 10. If it continues to drop in quality rating (by accruing more negative ratings), it will be automatically archived by the TC.com system. You mean there's a way to rate caches on another site? Hmm..how on earth can people rate caches and then other people could use that information to select which caches they'd like to seek??...interesting concept! I wouldn't expect to ever see a rating system that would lead to auto-archiving of a listing on this site. Seems like a great way to create geo-litter. In this case it is locationless so it is a non-issue, but for physical caches it seems rather irresponsible.
  15. hydee


    I hope no one belives that mtn-man or Keystone pinned that topic. I pinned it! Now would you like my address for shipping?
  16. Actually we are working on a solution to the screen doesn't scroll so much. The plan last I heard was if there is more than one coin type in a cache then it will just show a icon that is a stack of coins rather than all 787 individual icons...
  17. If you have messages set to pop up and you have any sort of pop up blocker that blocks them the system marks them as read. So as soon as you refresh your screen by clicking a link or anything it changes to says "0 new messages". There is an option to receive emails with links to PM's sent to you through the forums. Click on "My Controls" at the top of the screen. Scroll down to 'Options' click on "Email Settings". Under 'Board Preferences' click the box "Send a confirmation email when I receive a new private message". Enabling this option will send an email confirmation of any new private messages sent to you. That should fix your problem (as long as you read the emails)
  18. I think all of the geocoin threads have been moved, if you come across one that hasnt, just hit the 'report this post' link and put a note in the report saying it needs to be moved. We'd be happy to move them.
  19. We've moved! Don't worry we don't expect housewarming gifts to be sent to the TB forum mods. The TB forum has been moved to the "Geocaching Hitchhikers" category at the bottom of the page, and the discussion on geocoins will be moved to their own forum called "geocoins". To reduce the clutter in our new home I will not be leaving links in this forum for all of the topics I move. So....welcome to our new home, please make yourselves comfortable
  20. We have had them, there were a ton of complications with them and they are something we do not support. I would not expect to see moving caches return as an option on this site.
  21. Please keep in mind that this suggestion is not supported by geocaching.com. The queue is organized by area, so unless another volunteer is covering your territory for another reason your listing will not be seen. To have a cache listed on geocaching.com it has to be listed by a geocaching.com volunteer. If a volunteer is not upholding their responsibility then please follow the procedures that are in place. You may file a complaint with Groundspeak by emailing appeals@Groundspeak.com.
  22. The reviewer team strives to do the best they can for the community. Considering the volume of caches they review the percentage of complaints is very low. My main job is assisting and managing the reviewer team. When they are doing well it is my job to tell them, when they are doing poorly it is my job to fix it. Not only are they held accountable to each other, to Groundspeak and to the community. I am also held accountable for all of their actions. I don't like it when they are having issues. They know when I am unhappy, and I am not one to avoid conflict. So they hear from me pretty quickly. My main focus is to fix the problem not cut the rope and let them go. When one is having an issue in many cases the whole review team will discuss the problem, not to point fingers but to try to avoid the issue from coming up again. Reviewers have been removed, they take breaks and some choose to leave. But the discipline of the reviewers is not something that will be made public. They take a lot of heat at times when it is just a disgruntled cacher. But regardless if the majority of the complaints I receive are just that, a disgruntled cacher that feels that for some reason the guidelines shouldn't apply to them, I still look at each and every complaint with an open mind. The reviewers do make mistakes. When they do, we deal with them. Reviewers become volunteers for many different reasons. And depending on those reasons they may or may not decide to use an anonymous account. This is something we offer them, and will continue to offer them. It allows them to remain a 'normal' part of the caching community. They can go to an event without having to answer a million questions about the listing guidelines. They can post in the forums without the perception they are speaking on behalf of Groundspeak. If anyone has an issue with their reviewer they would like brought to my attention, please feel free to email appeals@Groundspeak.com at anytime.
  23. I have only been recognized once, at least that I know of. I came out of my son's school science fair and there was a note on my car from a local geocacher. I wonder how he knew I was a cacher.
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