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DeLorme Topo 4.0 on DVD. It covers all 50 states for $99, or since I bought 3.0, $69.


I rarely premap any of my cache visits, but if I want to get a better feel for the terrain, I'll plot in on the DeLorme software.


I purchased the software for other reasons, and stick with it for the familiarity. However, there are a lot of great software packages available.

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Thanks for the replies - I use MapPoint if I want a map. EasyGPS to dump the waypoints. Currently saving the cache web pages individually to a folder on my CF card then transferring that in toto to my zaurus so I can have the maps and text to work with in the field. If I'm planning a long day of caching we'll bring along a laptop to sorta keep track of where we are by using real time tracking with MapPoint and the GPS. Also, using NetStumbler we can occasionally find a WLAN conection if we need to hit terraserver or the GC website.

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I use ExpertGPS for a lot of my stuff.


I also really like TOPO. But watch out. I have been trying to get an answer from them regarding support for the Garmin GPS 60C and 60CS and a USB connection. The tech support at TOPO is whacked in the head. If you are getting one of the new Garmins keep it in mind. Otherwise, TOPO is great if it supports your unit.



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National Geographics TOPO is one fine program. I use it quite extensively, as course material when I teach Land Navigation. And very handy for Caching for planting and finding. Scales can be varied, UTM's, And it can also be used to upload waypoints into your GPS. I'll even make a track log and make it a JPG for some of my cache pages. Or use a link like this one on some of my caches. Go to the thumbnails check out the map, and there are about 4 caches back in there someplace.


Map shows approximate location of Gliddens Wares.


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It is all via my PDA for me... I don't even bother with the computer anymore except for forums and getting my gpx files.

  • Mapopolis (Actual mapping app)
  • GPX to Mapplet (Automatically makes landmarks in mapopolis)
  • GPXSonar (Lists all available caches)
  • GPS Tuner (for honing in on the cache)

When it comes to arial photos and topo maps I use LostOutdoors. It is pretty cool inside of GPS Tuner, but have to admit it is normally more trouble than it is worth.

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I've been reading up a little on NG TOPO! and now after your post it seems even better suited to my needs. I wish the price was a little lower, but for the detail you're getting it seem's well worth it.....

The cost was also figured in when I purchased NG TOPO, and I even have their first addition that I payed $50. for. But when I got my new GPS 2 years ago, my intentions was to get Garmins Mapsource, which was about the same price as NG TOPO.

Well for the same money I can make maps of several scales, and do lots of stuff with them so I think I got more for my bucks. And if the batteries ever go dead in the woods the maps still work fine.


Garmins map output:



Delorme's Maps: Note where they have the trail, its totally in the wrong place, and the scales are even different than the standard 1:24k



Map from Lions Ridge Cache - GC1F08


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It is all via my PDA for me...

That's the direction I am headed, totally on my Zaurus, as of right now tho I need a wifi cf card and I want to get a cf gps card also. I am just now exploring what is available for the Zaurus, there seems to be some goof stuff, being that it is Linux the choices are a little more limited, but when found they are often times as good as or better than PocketPC/CE/Palm offerings.

Currently we are a little complicated, I store all the GC data permanently on a desktop machine that plays the role of household server, do the lookups, retrievels, data manipulation and GPS loading on a laptop connected via WiFi....with the WiFi CF card and CF GPS unit I can do all of it no matter where I am ( I am working on a map of my area that has WiFi hotspots on it....via netstumbler)but until then it's gonna be a work i progress. I think I am going to buy NG's TOPO however....

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These are the applications used by The Four T's.


QuakeMap - Great for checking out cache locations prior to heading out. This is our most-used application for geocaching! The aerial photos are extremely helpful, as are the topo maps. It has a great function for locating the nearest geocaches anywhere on a map. We use this feature before we head out to anywhere new :D


MS Streets & Trips - Great for getting driving directions to intersections close to a cache. Can also connect the GPSr to laptop and track our actual location on the street maps. Very useful for navigating in unfamiliar areas :D


Mapsend Streets & Destinations USA - This is the only app that will upload maps directly to the Magellan GPS :D


GPX Spinner - Use this to customize the waypoint icons and labels before uploading them into the GPSr. Not the easiest app to use, but indispensible once you are used to it! :D

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I am new to geocaching, but have spent as much time as practical in the woods all my adult life. I haven't tried all the available software, but I did use DeLorme Topo 4.0 for a while. It's OK for large area maps, but doesn't give the detail I want for hiking. I moved up to DeLorme 3-D TopoQuads. This software uses the same interface as Topo 4.0, and uses the same vector-based rendering of large area maps. At a certain zoom level, however, TopoQuads switches from vector rendering to a raster scan of an actual USGS quad map. The map joins are ostensibly seamless, but in fact the seams can sometimes be seen when zooming in. This is a limitation of the paper maps. In my experience, it is impossible to join two quad maps at the edges without some minor discontinuities, which result from the map projection.


The advantage to DeLorme Topo 4.0 is that it covers the entire country in one CD. DeLorme TopoQuads requires that you buy a new CD for each state. Some smaller states (e.g. RI and CT) are combined on one CD. Some larger states (e.g. PA) require two CDs.


Topo 4.0 can render in 3-D, and can show you a vertical profile of a route that you enter. There are limited drawing and labeling tools. This software has an interface to talk to a GPSr, but I have never used it.


Go to http://www.delorme.com for a demo.

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I use MapSource for maps in my Garmin, but for nothing else.

I use ExpertGPS for managing and planning my geocache day. It has Aerial photos that are very useful and access to topo maps. What is neat is you can flip between the topos and aerial maps. You can see all the geocaches in the area on both the topo and aerial maps after you download the waypoints in .gpx or .loc files obtained from Geocaching.com. You can also navigate in the car with it but it does not do street routing. You just see where you are on the map as you drive along.


I use Delorme's Street Atlas 2004 for navigating to the cache via car. It provides Street Routing and voice navigation (I use a laptop).


Sometimes I use Delorme's Topo USA to see terrain. It provides a 3D perspecive view of mountian areas and also provides street routing.


Once out of the car I just use my GPS.




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Street Atlas (both v9 and v2004)

LostOutdoors.com for photo & topo maps


The reason I still use v9 of Street Atlas is that it loads much faster than v2004, doesn't have the memory problems, and interfaces with G7ToWin. The latter lets me pop up hundreds of caches on a map in a matter of seconds. With SA2004, it's a multi-step process involving saving and importing files.

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