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  1. Its Gmail, and I made sure its not getting filtered.
  2. I just realized we are not getting any of our Cache Owner emails, when someone logs one of our caches. It appears that we stopped getting them about the time the new email settings came into play. I've check all of my spam/junk email settings, and they are not getting filtered out. Any ideas? thanks dino_hunters
  3. We recently started having this same problem on our iPad Air. It was working, but now, we keep losing the login. Sometimes we get logged out immediately after logging in. Private browsing is off, cookies are accepted. We also tried resetting everything. If anyone has a solution, please let us know.
  4. no cellphone supports ANT wireless, so you will not see an iphone or android app that will use chirp
  5. You can also do Wherigo on Android devices. Look for an app in the market called "WhereYouGo". its free and works very well
  6. i have a question on how custom pois work on the garmin oregon and colorado. is it possible to select a specific datbase, like you do on the 60 csx? if so, does it work like the 60csx, or is it more like the nuvi, where you can have a whole set of nested pois? thanks
  7. what rock you been hiding under. sonar has been able to do this since 04. the version ive been running since 04 can auto log, center point caches, bug track, child way point support, and iconic type of caches. the only thing it does not that i wish is work with wm6 & 6.1 with direction for gps enabled device. i'm not hiding under a rock. i know gpx sonar can take field notes. but, what it most certainly do is export the field notes as a "geocache_visits.txt" file for direct uploading to gc.com for automated logging. this functionality has only been available at geocaching.com since the release of the garmin colorado THIS YEAR. this is the functionality i'd like to see come to gpx sonar. yes, you can do this with gsak, but i'd like the option to skip that step.
  8. the garmin colorado and oregon have the ability to type up a log on the gps. you then upload a text file it creates to the gc.com website to semi-automate the logging process. cachemate can do this. it would be great if gpx sonar could to. gpxviewer and powernotes can do it too.
  9. its a great program i use all the time. it just needs to be updated a bit. shouldn't be too hard. mostly it needs: updated cache types- Wherigo, earthcaches etc child waypoint support gps intgeration - for center point and a compass and, field note support, like the garmin co & or
  10. any chance we can get a version that will pull up the full website instead of the wap version?
  11. How ruged & durable is the screen on the Garmin Oregon? I have some serious concerns about this, based on several years of using touchscreen pda's & phones. If you are in the field, & have dirt & sand on your hands (& everything else) how likely is it to get all scratched up? Would an invisible sheild screen protector give much protection for anything but minor scratches? how shock resistant is the screen? Does it have a glass or plastic substrate? Thats the hard backing. Having a resistive touch screen requires a soft plastic on the front, but I want to know whats underneath. How suitable is the Oregon to real backcountry use? thanks
  12. Is there a way to search for waymarks, that only belong to categories that are on your favirites list? If not, I think this would be a great feature to add. That way, when searching for waymarks in an area, you only see the kinds of things you would like to see.
  13. we did something simmilar at a family reunion. Put in a bunch of numbered poker chips, or something simmilar, into each cache. They are to pull out the lowest numbered one when they find it. you just need to make sure you can tell which chip came form which cache.
  14. my magellan explorist can do that for: tracks, route, waypoints, geocaches, and maps.
  15. or, import it into expertgps using its text import wizzard & save them as a gpx file so you never have to convert again
  16. http://crunch.tec.army.mil/software/corpscon/corpscon.html
  17. expertgps will plot any kind of grid you want, lat long, utm , using any datum, like wgs 84, or nad27 ect.
  18. USGS topo maps do NOT have lat long grids printed on them, only tick marks on the edges. The red grid lines you normally see are section lines used to survey the state. If you look at the edges of a usgs topo map (paper copy) it will have UTM grid tick marks. Using those, and a ruler, you can easly draw in the utm grid lines on the map, using a straight edge.
  19. with my explorist 500, I often get 6' (1.8 m) accuracy in an open area. thats with 2 waas sattelites locked on.
  20. If you want to spend a little more get teh explorist 210. later, you can add maps to it and get autorouteing. the built in memory ont hat one will hold about 100,000 waypoints. For geocaches it will hold lots of info, like th ehint, diff /terr, etc.
  21. here is a $15 cable for the Etrex or the geko If you want cheap, then I'd get a geko 201, since its a newer unit & has waas ability.
  22. the explorist 500 caomes with a chargeer and usb cable. its reception is great & will match the Sirf *III.
  23. the "weak" geocaching function of the explorist is far better thatn what the garmin has. for every cache, you get the following info in your gps Cache Name Cache waypoint Name of Cache placer Date placed Date last found Type of cache Difficulty Terrain Coordinates the HINT !!! It also uses the same cache icons as GC.com a ghost for virtuals, green box for traditionals, 2 orange boxes for multis etc.... also, the explorists will allow you to put every cache in the state into the gps. Yes, the garmin can do that with the POI loader, but with much less info & abilities. Also the receiver in the explorist is far more sensitive & accurate than the garmin. Its more on the order of the Sirf *III in the gpsmap 60 CSX. I get waas locks all the time with accuracy under 10', sometimes a small as 6'. It will also hold a lock better in adverse conditions than the garmin. I have used a vista C, but own the explorist 500. Its not as customizable, but will take care of the nesseseties, plus unlimted waypoints & tracks & lots of cache info built in.
  24. that new beta version with a text import wizard is now available here http://www.expertgps.com/beta.asp
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