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Scientific American Article On Geocaching


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Overall, a nice article. However, for a Scientific American article, we must issue a shame on you for the comment on the frequency being in the UHF range. Also, as an owner of both a current model Garmin and Magellan, I don't agree with his summary of the differences.

But, for an article for the general non-caching public it is very good.

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nice article... also did you noticed Garmin jumped at the chance with providing images for the article but you really don't see/hear Magellan much... One company knows whats up and it looks like the other needs a new marketing person... btw I own a Magellan... :bad:

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I love the 2nd page. He took a co-worker and 4 gps's to go look for a cache. 4 GPSr's all at the same time. So they're tromping along, the two of them, with a GPS in each hand?!!? Whoa! I gotta go shopping!



we followed the route by walking in the direction specified by the compass.


uh. not quite. He also says that Geodetic Survey disks are copper. aren't they brass?


<nitpick mode=off />

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