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  1. Thank you! You guys are awesome! In the 15 minutes since I asked the question I have my answer and am all set up. Yet another good reason to be a premium member.
  2. I wish there was a way for premium members to sign up to have a text sent to me when there is a new geocache in my area. If this has already been discussed, I aplogize for the duplication.
  3. I'm not keen on a star system. They tend to work if you get a lot of people rating them. But some people are clueless when it comes to rating systems. I see a product given a poor rating all the time on Amazon and other sites for reasons unrelated to the product. Shipping took too long, package was damaged in transit, it wasn't what they ordered, etc. and these things can skew ratings. I can see people giving a cache a bad rating because it rained that day, or they returned from from the cache to find a flat tire, or they stepped in dog poo on the way. A "liked" system is a bit better. A "15 finders liked this cache" sort of thing. But being implemented at this late stage of the game it could give a poor impression of some older caches. There could be a cache with 250 finds going back to 2001, with only 15 likes. It may appear as if it had a really poor percentage of people liking it even though it may be a excellent cache. So then use a percentage system: 15 out of 16 geocachers who rated this cache liked it. or give it a 92% "like" rate or something like that. A rating system will always be somewhat subjective. I will do with that information what I like. But, I feel that I would like to have that information. I'm a big boy and can make my own decisions. It is up to me if I choose to use it or ignore it. Most geocachers seem pretty honest to me.
  4. Do you REALLY want to store 1.1 million Geocaches in your GPSr? Good question. Of course I won't, but it's nice to know that I'm not limited. We plan to pick up and go to other locations and I like having the ablility to download multiple caches from several differet areas.
  5. It seems that I'm only limited to Sd card size. Is that correct? If so, I could hold all of geocaching.com on my unit.
  6. Yes, but how do I load them into my unit and into the folder I mentioned?
  7. I am a premium member. I want to load multiple caches into my Garmin 62s and have them appear in the Geocache folder, not waypoints or POI. I can do them one at a time through Geocacking.com, but I know there must be a way to load more. For example, the 1000 closest geocaches to my home. How can I do this? Thanks.
  8. I agree. I picked up the 62s at Bass Pro last night. It feels very solid. Best GPSr I've ever had, and I am returning my 60csx.
  9. I'm looking to buy the Garmin 62s. I have the Garmin 60CSx now. My main interest is the paperless geocaching. I am able to do it somewhat with the 60CSx using GSAK, etc., but it is somewhat difficult since you have to change screens to read descriptions and other info. What I really want to know is how good is the 62s at true paperless caching. How do you get the info into the unit? Can I include descriptions, logs, etc? Any info is appreciated. Thanks.
  10. I actually think this forum is friendly and informational. Most other forums I visit are much more confrontational. I even enjoy the humor here. I'm into sarcasm.
  11. I've been enjoying geocaching for years. Now starting to get into Waymarking and earthcaching. What's next? What else is there? What's the future?
  12. I just bought the Garmin 60CSx. It is excellent, but I want to go completely paperless. I am a premium member and can download caches to the unit, but I want the complete paperless experience. I want to see the finds, difficulties, hints, etc. Can this be done with some type of software or should I take the unit back and get the 62st when it comes out? Thanks for any input.
  13. I currently have the GPSMAP 60 CSX, while it is very cool the 62 st looks incredible! But no word yet on when it will be available...
  14. I too, am looking forward to the android app. I don't yet know what it will do different than the geobeagle I am using now, but I assume it will be easier to add new caches and have some other features. However, I also understand that we must be patient.
  15. Where do I find some of these softwares such as GPX Spinner and Watcher?
  16. I need a site that will give me GPS coordinates for an address. Thanks.
  17. I have an Ipaq and I loaded MobiPocket. How do I get info from the goecaching.com site to my PDA now?
  18. My Ipaq connects via USB port, so that's not a problem. I was told that ActiceSync was not compatible with connecting my GPS to my PC. If I understand you correctly, I just need to shut down Active Sync and not remove it?
  19. I had to remove ActiveSync before I could get my Meridian Color to connect to my PC and use EasyGPS to download waypoints. Isn't there a way to use both ActiveSync for my Ipaq AND EasyGPS?
  20. My wife and I are new. We have found one virtual, one traditional, and one multi. We have also placed one traditional. We are starting to think about placing a multi. The one multi we located was excellent. The initial set of coordinates lead us to a metal tag hanging carefully from the branch of a tree. It took a few minutes to find the metal tag once we got to the correct coordinates, especially since we weren't sure what we were looking for. The metal tag was small and hard to see, and was placed so as not to damage the tree. It had the next set of coordinates on it. That led us to another metal tag which led us to yet another. Finally, the third metal tag led us to the cache. My question is this: is this a common way of placing a multicache? What are some other ways? I am hoping that people here can tell us of multicaches that they have placed or found so that we can learn. We want the first mulitcache we place to be a good one. Thanks!
  21. I have the Magellan Meridian Colorand love it! I got a good deal on it and paid abpout $230. Yes, I know that you can buy cheaper units, but I like all the bells and whisltes. Geocaching is a good sport for me and my wife. It's something we enjoy doing together, so it was worth the money. My wife has a Meridian Platinum; it's nice for each of us to have our own units.
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