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  1. the event was about a month ago... Thanks for the help...
  2. I know this is probably a newbie question, but after I've had an event and everyone that attended has logged it. Now what? Do I archive it or disable it? If so, will it always be on the cache page with a line through it? Thanks for the Help!
  3. Figured it out, but now how do I add my stats to my profile as amazingracer did? Thanks...
  4. Is there a listing anywhere on the site of TBs that have traveled the most miles?
  5. right at 40 caches, I think... I just started a month ago..
  6. ahhh.... Thanks! I just downloaded Easy GPS. Is there anywhere else I can get a cord besides Magellan?
  7. I don't see any place for a data cable. Where would it be located? Do some not have a slot? The person who sold it to my wife at Wal-mart said info could be downloaded to the GPS. On the back is 4 small silver circles and a hole in the middle of them all that looks like a place for a belt clip or something.
  8. I was wondering what software I can use for my Magellan SportTrak, so I can download the waypoints and info into my GPS instead of doing it manually. I should know this but my GPS came with 2 French manuals instead of any English ones. Do I also need a cradle like for a Palm? Thanks!
  9. most of my DNFs have been when it's snowed...
  10. We recently found a "can of snakes" in a cache. My wife and I knew what it was when we seen it and we let our son open it and it scared him bad!
  11. I recently had a traditional cache turned down b/c it was too close to a "virtual" and the approver told me my options of moving the cache or waiting b/c in the future "virtuals" could end up on a separate site like benchmarking.
  12. I would say a "Horror" Movie or Thriller. When I began geocaching I was kind of freaked out b/c I kept picturing in my head that this could make a very interesting CSI or movie. Where the cache was located in some remote place where no one ever logged the cache b/c they were being murdered by some deranged person in the woods.
  13. What's the worst cache that you've found?
  14. Hello McFly! That'a great way to get more caches approved in the future by coming on here and blasting the approver.
  15. Came across this on Google News.... Hunt is on for cache of the day Check it out.
  16. I know this has probably been done before, but What's your most favorite cache you've found? What's made it your favorite? The view? The cache? The hiding place? Include a link to the cache if possible. -Sarge
  17. nice article... now maybe 50 more geeks might join our sport!
  18. Thanks! I just contacted the owner and I am waiting on a reply...
  19. I've got a short 3 hour business trip to take next month and I'm already planning my geocaching routes!
  20. I know this is probably a newbie question, but how long can you hold a TB? I've had one for a couple weeks and I'm heading 3 hours away here in two more weeks. I thought it would be interesting to take it with me as I do some geocaching out of town and where I'll be taking it is part of it's "goals". Is a month too long to hold on to a TB?
  21. There's a micro here in town on a old tank that sits in the middle of the park and 25 people have found it and I've been four or five times and can never find it. So I've given up for a while.
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