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Central Valley Cachers


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Hey; I would like to reply in length, but it takes me longer then the few minutes I have to write my answers. I think this merits an answer however brief. But for now I want all of you to know that I'm not offended by anyone very easily. I know there is no obligation or ratio of caches a cacher has to place. My main residence (boy that makes me sound like a big timer) is in San Jose. I am involved with boy scouts here and 90% of my work is here. (I'm a remodeling contractor). Alot of my caches I do are related to where I am working, close to home generally waiting for inspections, to or from the job &etc. The ones in Folsom, or Las Vegas are also to and from jobs. My other place is at LDP. I've been going up there for 13 years. I just started caching there.

One of my points I'm trying to make is that there is a saturation point in any given area. (I not saying that this is bad) In San Jose but you cannot go anywhere without finding a cache. Parks, malls, movie theaters, bridges, you name it theres a cache there (I am still saying this is great). Try gcde84 then do the geocaching.com maps and zoom out you see caches all over the place. We have some great people who put out tons of caches and maintain them very well. What I saying is until I started caching in the Don Pedro area I didn't see any areas that I wanted to put a cache. Now I do.


I sorry I have to be brief. I going to be up at Columbia state historic park Saturday for miners christmas. If any of you are going to it I should be around ask at the Dry Goods store. I will pick up this thread when I get back. Thank you for reading this (I know I don't write well). Jim.

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One of my points I'm trying to make is that  there is a saturation point in any given area. (I not saying that this is bad) In San Jose but you cannot go anywhere without finding a cache.  Parks, malls, movie theaters, bridges, you name it theres a cache there (I am still saying this is great).


Thank you for reading this (I know I don't write well).  Jim.

Great point Jim and well said. It was totally out of my concept as I've only gone to San Ho'Say for a couple caches [Puzzles of course]. Over saturation is only an irrigation problem to me. As far as LDP, I'm sure that area could use more caches even though it now has several. In fact, I wanted to get up there this past summer but just ended up with too much homework. Next year in the spring is likely my next chance.


Sorry Ron, but I was sleepless when I ran with those numbers. I'm sure it reflects the general ratio that's always been thrown around so you don't need to count up your thousands. People like you and Fizzy and such are just understood to do well. Speaking of Fizzy...




I've been good this year. For Christmas this year I want More Time, Fizzy Claus.

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You know you haven't been caching much when.....


1) You can't figure out how to use Spinner and Plucker to get pages on a PDA.


2) You don't know what FTF means.


3) You forget to take spare batteries.


4) You forget to take a pencil to a film cannister cache.


5) You only have 1 set of coordinates loaded when there are 10 caches within 1 mile.








Happy Holidays everyone...I'm off to Oz for a few days to visit mom.


Ron :lol:

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1) Try CacheMate.


2) FTF=First Things First


3) Batteries? Good Cachers don't need their GPSr


4) Pencile. Uhm, grass bent over??


5) Poor Planning. I'm still working on not doing that stunt.


6) You found the cache... It's in your hand... and you think, ''This couldn't be it.''

(I can't tell you how recently I had that happen! But it did and not too long ago.)







See ya Ron. Remember, There's no place like home. There's no place like home. [poof!]

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Hi Mike! Long time, no cache. Merry Christmas to your family from mine.


Thanks Jim. I'm grateful for that pointer. Yes, I really like the Rat and solved more of his puzzles than what I've hunted. If I every get over that way and have free time (both of these are rare), I can do my hunting. Some of his works need more study and attention than even I can commit. But since the holidays are near, maybe I'll be able to focus on one hard one.

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BIll of Green Achers,

Thank you for the great suggestion of making "Wait until Dark" my 100th cache found. We (my wife and I) did as you suggested and dropped our little bug off at grandma's and went and did this nice hike. Really enjoyed it!


Again, Thanks


Merry Christams to you and everybody else!



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Thanks Bill.

Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Are you and Ron the only one's left of the old crew???



Hey Mike....


I'll take that "old crew" comment the way you intended it, but having hit 60 in October it has double meaning for me!




Back from Kansas where I tended to a couple of mine and had time to find just one. I left off a travel bug after giving it a good 1800 mile trip.


Airport security not bad. One place asked for shoes off...the other didn't. Laptops have to come out of cases. Checked luggage was opened and then a plastic seal put on after a note was put inside. Now was that box of chocolates open when I put it my bag?


Happy Holidays everyone!



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Merry Christmas. I agree, 436 caches... you have been with it. I'm struggling to reach 300 by the end of the year! Good thing I have free time coming up soon. Like the post office, rain, hail, sleet and snow will not stop my caching during any free time! [Reminds my of my mountain bike racing years.]


Seasons Greetings to CVC from Green Achers Farm.

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I'm still around, just not doing much caching or posting in the forum. Hopefully I will be doing some more cahcing here in the near future. Down in Ventura visiting my Father-in-Law. Will check on the two I have hidden down here, but I didn't even bring the GPS, so no hunting. Hope all had a nice Christmas.

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Hi Pat and Jaimee. It's good to know you're still around and hope you'll be back out hunting again soon.


There's a bunch of new cachers in CVC and that means we'll have a bunch of new caches in the future. I found some new cachers hunting the other day. We walked up to them asked, ''Did you loose your cat or something?'' They said they were just looking around. So I replied, ''Oh. Because not too many people look for their cat with a GPSr.'' [They had hid their GPSr's when they saw us walking over.] They almost passed out and I thought I was going to get hit. :o


Any New Cachers care to say hi? We'd love to hear from you.

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Happy holidays all! Still no caching for me lately. We were down in Ventura this past week, but neither of us even took a GPSr. The new caches around here appear to be micros so I haven't made a mad dash for them yet..but maybe one of these days before school starts back up again!


I am considering archiving all of my caches now. In the past few weeks, I have been getting repeated "finds" on my virtuals without any answers being sent to me. Apparently, this is the new way to play the game! ;)


I hope everyone had a nice Christmas!



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Looks like a lot of new activity with the new cachers and vetrans a like! I ran into a couple newer cachers. Great cachers having a lot of fun. Just what CVC needs. Makes me want to go out tomorrow. I would have today but I worked all night last night and figured I better stay off the road. Time to sle e p n oooooooooooo

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I had the coordinates in my GPSr for the Tag cache, but we must not have been near it as it didn't come up in my "nearest" caches. I didn't look to see where it was before leaving either.


Today will be a cache-care day. I have a couple that haven't been found in months and could very well be missing and a few others that probably need some TLC.


School starts back up next Monday so maybe we can get a few caches found before that time. Still nowhere close to hitting 500...but one of these days!


Have a good Sunday all.


Jaimee :huh:

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I had the coordinates in my GPSr for the Tag cache, but we must not have been near it as it didn't come up in my "nearest" caches. I didn't look to see where it was before leaving either.


Jaimee, It has been a long time. :huh: CVC Tag coordinates only change in the logs. So it's location doesn't appear to be moving. To make matters worse it won't appear if you filter out your finds (since you've found it at least once). I understand the hunt will involve cement. If not, it's likely taken too long to be found.


Have a great last day off. (I still owe you two a dinner. Let's compare schedules.)

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When I said the Tag cache didn't come up in my "nearest" caches, I meant nearest to where we were caching the other day. I did put the new coordinates in manually before we left the house.


After church (the new 8:00 a.m. service is great!), I went over and replaced my missing Turlock cache. I now need to check on another and then maybe go look for Tag, just to make you happy Bill :huh:



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FYI, I stopped off at CVC Tag today because Wornout's been getting concerned it was going to get cleaned up by the park workers. I only found Tag because Wornout gave me extra help as my GPSr was taking me the wronge way. I understand why he was getting nervous so I've moved it a few feet to a safe location (and called Pat and Jaimee as I figured they'd likely hunt it soon as they live so close). N37 33.711, W121 08.674. It's not as hard to find now but it's much safer for the cache. You'll see what I mean if you hunt it.


Whoever finds it next, don't forget to put a teepee up so others know now to waste their time.

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Hi, my husband is going down to Mountain View / San Jose for 2 weeks of work. He will probably not get much time off but I'm lending him my GPSr for the duration. He has mentioned it to his co-workers down there but they don't cache ... they had never heard of it. My question is which caches are the most worthwhile to do. ... If he had the time he'd try for them all!


Thanks for any suggestions


fireflyfan - freezing up here in Ottawa.

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Hi, my husband is going down to Mountain View / San Jose for 2 weeks of work. He will probably not get much time off but I'm lending him my GPSr for the duration. He has mentioned it to his co-workers down there but they don't cache ... they had never heard of it. My question is which caches are the most worthwhile to do. ... If he had the time he'd try for them all!


Thanks for any suggestions


fireflyfan - freezing up here in Ottawa.

Hey FFF...


Your blinking beacon is a bit off coming to the central valley for San Jose, so you might want to flash on over to this forum....San Francisco based.


Hope your hubby enjoys the caching!




Bay Area Forum

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Getting back into caching a bit with the advent of some new central valley cachers and hopefully some new placements by those folks.


Meanwhile, the old gray cells get a workout looking at cache pages and the forums.


Here's something that might interest the new folks.




When a cache hider makes a cache "members only", the cache placer gets to see who has been looking at the cache page. This is called an audit trail.


It shows WHO has looked at a cache page, and HOW MANY TIMES they have looked at the page.




Here is the audit trail for a cache I placed 5 months ago which has not yet been found. In the parentheses areas I have put an "x" to replace the number of times these cachers have looked at the page. As they say on TV..."...to protect the innocent". (but I have no problem posting their names!) Go find it guys.




Audit Log for

Three Clubs


1/6/2004 6:35:00 PM Ron Streeter (x times)

1/6/2004 5:46:12 PM BootyBuddies (x times)

1/5/2004 6:39:29 PM Krebega Team (x times)

1/5/2004 11:00:34 AM rjchtgt

1/4/2004 8:49:35 PM ryanctek (x times)

1/2/2004 10:57:03 PM BKSGRB

1/1/2004 3:58:33 PM Semi-Hex

12/24/2003 9:08:23 AM wildlifeguy (x times)

12/17/2003 1:01:21 AM GeoCrickets (x times)

11/23/2003 2:14:01 AM Team Pinecone

11/22/2003 9:56:35 AM fredericxx (x times)

11/7/2003 2:33:19 PM digitalfish

11/3/2003 2:36:32 PM goblindust

11/1/2003 10:58:34 AM Chuguy (x times)

10/13/2003 6:49:54 AM poohntigger (x times)

10/8/2003 10:13:35 PM Cache_Chasers (x times)

9/16/2003 8:27:40 PM MikieP (x times)

9/15/2003 2:09:01 PM Skier4000

8/28/2003 2:19:22 PM Mike & Connie (x times)

8/16/2003 2:07:37 PM Team Libra

8/15/2003 11:22:07 PM TeamAlamo

8/15/2003 7:11:27 PM joey7

8/15/2003 9:15:55 AM Two Dollar Bill (x times)

8/15/2003 7:15:53 AM Ranger10 (x times)

8/14/2003 7:22:45 PM tophee

8/14/2003 4:07:28 PM TeamJiffy

8/14/2003 1:39:50 PM ZachNLiam

8/14/2003 1:06:00 PM JaimeeG

8/13/2003 5:51:10 PM Stickers On My Socks and Monkey

8/13/2003 3:30:41 PM CARDA186

8/13/2003 3:26:01 PM GeoSharks

8/13/2003 2:16:47 PM zombie tribe

Edited by Ron Streeter
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There's two reasons I can give for not looking at your new cache... I rarely preview caches online any more as CacheMate free's me up from that mostly. Also, I only download the closest 500 unfound caches to Green Achers. With that said however, I will be hunting there in the spring. Thanks in advance for the great area - my favorite.




Sorry about not having too much info about San Jose area. I've been over there a few times but just to complete puzzle caches as the CVC rarely have them. Since that's what I like to hunt, I must be willing to drive a few miles for a couple caches.


However, if your name indicates any thing about your joys, my hishest recognmendation goes to your husband bringing a flashlight and hunting Wait Until Dark. It's not in San Jose but it is well worth the drive and he'll be closer to it than I had to travel. Best of all, he can hunt it after hours. In fact, he'll have to wait until dark. It will be the hunt of his trip. I promise!

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LOL. Brute Force has been passing CVC Tag in his travels and didn't know it was there.


January 9 by Brute-Force (444 found)

Gee, I just saw where this is at and I've driven past here dozens of times lately. Next time, look out.....

[view this log on a separate page]


Now the race is on as I know of three other cachers that are interested. It's kind of like watching snails racing though. :) Tag is currently at N 37° 33.711 W 121° 08.674 (Which has nothing to do with my Just Forum You cache, folks).


I have to run to meet Mr. Toad at our scheming grounds. :):tongue: Be prepared.

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Escaped the valley fog today by going to Pardee where I hoped to hike the north shore...but....the entire complex was closed down and parking was impossible.




Hiked, for about the 10th time, the trail to Where's That Valet #4 and then on to Cowpie Trail, both of which are mine.


The Valet cache was last found March 13, 2003 and has only been found ONCE though two separate cachers looked for it.


The Cowpie Trail cache was last found May 20, 2003. It was looked for (and found) by two cachers.


The other 5 caches I have along this long trail have only been found by one cacher, Two Dollar Bill, who has since given up on geocaching.


The Valet cache is a very close hike from the parking lot, and even the Cowpie isn't that far. Look at the distance table on either of those pages for the distances on the other 5 caches.


A beautiful sunny day up there today! :D



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I hunted Learn To Use Your GPS and Glory Hole Day. Talk about walking into a different world. Everything went fine for those caches but then I got to Three To The Sky, it was like yellow jackets in a meat market. And I was the meat! :unsure: That's a sick group I tell you and I would have rather driven to the mountains.


Looks like CVC Tag is on the move again. BKSGRB beat Brute Force. You snooze, you loose. :blink: Way to go BKSGRB!

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I am arranging a day where I can go and do all those caches along the south shore of Pardee. I am hoping to make it a shorter hike though, I have friends that own some adjacent land to the EBMUD land and we're trying to get some time coordinated to cross country it after we get the last cache. If we can't do it that way it's gonna be the 19.5 mile hike or maybe park a car on the Gwinn mine road out of Paloma to make it just a 10 to 12 mile hike. So PLEASE don't archive them yet! Every time I look at my map with the ones done I see those and just want to run out there immediately, but then realize that such a long hike takes a little more planning on my part!


To all in CVC,

Is there a get together planned? I sure would like to get together with fellow cachers in my area to meet and learn. I went to a recent RCGDC event and really enjoyed it, but Sac is a little far and out of my "Home Range"



I wish to thank all those cachers in my area who have placed caches. This I have found to be the coolest sport. I just purchased 30 ammo cans and am really gonna start placing them myself. I have a boat so look for a lot of island caches, and I've got a multiple that I am still working out the details of, I tried it as a single virtual but that got nixed and the approver doesn't respond to emails so I think I'm just going to make it a devious multiple. If the weather holds, I hope to hve it planted this week!


Again thanks to everybody for participating in this great sport/hobby/addiction/obsession!



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Hey Wildlifeguy...


I don't plan on archiving my caches at Pardee. They are all legitimate caches, legally accessible. No reason to archive them.


The shortage of cachers willing to go for a long hike is no reason to consider archiving a cache. The reality is that more cachers are interested in driving up or taking no more than a block or two walk to a cache. Nothing wrong with that of course, but again it's not a reason to archive caches just because cachers would rather grab 6 to 10 in a day than walk a few miles for one or two caches.


The caches you plan to place on islands will be other examples of caches that won't be widely sought. The number of boat owners is "x". The number of boat owners who are also cachers is smaller than "x". Take a look at any of the caches that are currently on islands and you'll see what I mean. Also the number of cachers in the foothills localities is smaller than say in the urban areas. This fact also means fewer people will go for your ammo boxes on islands.


Just some thoughts. By the way...I'll be happy to go for any of your landbased caches whether one block or 5 miles from the parking spot.


Ron :unsure:

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We have a group of RCGDS members that go kayak caching.

Last fall we got together and did a few yakable caches on Folsom Lake.

I think there was 6 kayaks and a canoe. We had a great time.


Many of us have also done yakable caches on Lake Natomas and along the American River.


I think of you were to place a handfull of yakable caches along a route that could be found within a few hours, people would come. I'm not talking about multi's.


I'm sure we would get a group together to find those.

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