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  1. O no not another Urban micro film canister thrown out the car window log only and my least favorite of all (because technically they are against the law!!) SCHOOL CACHES!!! Yes, who in their right mind would place one at a school? I've been to several. Having been a middle school teacher, you need written permision to be on school grounds at any time unless it is a public function. At least thats how it works in Cali. Peace!
  2. I have wreck a beloved car. Made a memorial cache "Prelude to a Crash" While caching with my sister (Vadergirl), she broke her ankle/lower leg (spiral fracture) on a saturday and couldn't get it set until monday. PAIN!!! After her recovery she still will go out caching with me!!!! Peace!
  3. Man am I totally screwed up on this. I have about 10-15 caches I found, signed the log and forgot to log them here in a reasonable amount of time. I am feeling so guilty that I am going to go back check the cache and resign the log and then log my finds here. I guess a lot of people are hung up on their numbers and not on being outdoors looking for caches. I am a firm believer in QUALITY not QUANTITY! I would rather spend an hour in the woods looking for a cache of quality than a billion urban micros. How can people lie about finding something they didn't? Nobody cares about their numbers but themselves, IN otherwords they are lying to nobody but themselves. C'est La Vie! Peace!
  4. I liked the old maps I will get used to the new maps Thank you geocaching for keeping this wonderful sport going. Peace!
  5. Yes we have a boy and he is now 2.5 years old. Old enough that I don't have to carry them. I have the school year off so I now have the time to look for and maintain caches. Peace!
  6. Hello all. It's been a while since I not only posted here but a while since I was able to geocache. Now that things have changed at home I will be doing more of both Hopefully. Anybody know what happened to the gold country cachers forum? Are we incorporated into the CVC now? Go away for a year and all these new caches poped up in my area. I've got alot of work to get caught up. Any really fun caches in the area anyone would recommend for a tired man and his rambuncious 2 (yes 2 now) monsters? Thanks for any and all help. Peace!
  7. Wow! Since the birth of my 2 children I have been unable to do much caching, let alone look on the forums to see what is happening. Glad to finally see a mother load caching group. We live in Valley Springs and cache all over the state. We started caching a while ago, were at 350 found with about 26 placed. Most of you have probably hit at least one of mine at some time in your jaunts in this region of the mother load. Finally got my parents and sister geocaching! Peace!
  8. Wildlifeguy Worked for the Department of Fish and Game for about 10 years chasing everything from eagles to elk. I have a degree in wildlife biology and just love studying the critters. Peace!
  9. I hate tests. I have one coming up soon and am just tired of studying. Peace!
  10. Took us right around an hour total also. Peace!
  11. oh boy this event sounds like a lot of fun. I have to work that day and the wife will be working in Tuleburg. We have already done this hike but will try and clear our schedules to make it. Camel asked if the trail is stroller friendly, I guess that would depend on your stroller. If it is one of those 3 wheeled off road stroller you might be ok other than that I would say no. I'll keep my fingers crossed and see if we can make it. Peace!
  12. Aren't there enough urban micros out there???? Why punish us with more film canisters. Ammo cans, Nonni's jars, BUCKETS!!!!!!!! I'm not as good as my numbers would suggest. Peace!
  13. Merry Christmas Happy Belated Channukka Joyous Kwanza Rightous Ramadan And Happy Holidays Peace!
  14. Not intending to play the devils advocate, pun intended..... But besides littering and possibly public nudityI read nothing illeagal in this mans actvities. Isn't it great we live in a country where one can follow the religious beliefs they choose! God (or whatever) bless America! Peace!
  15. I find that if I wash up as soon as possible the symptoms don't show themselves or at least very minimally. Iam one who would never "jump right in" since I am severely allergic, and I became a Wildlife Biologist... What was I thinking??? I have definately learned all the treatment methods. The word for the day is Tecnu. pass it on! Peace!
  16. That did it. I had to go and find out if my suspicions were correct and I was right. We got Trom's first today. We also got Victory Park. I know I looked there at least three times before. I even noticed the nice little lilly in the hiding spot. I thought it was a cymbidium orchid but the wife said no it was some type of lilly. We also traded 3 TB's for 3 Tb's in the Travel bug Inn near 8 mile. For a day of clean up on those Stockton Caches I DNFed before I think we did Ok. Now all I have to do is log them. Peace!
  17. Ok OF, I think I figured it (Trom's First) out without any help. Now all I have to do is get to Stockton to see if I am correct. CVC People are EVIL!!!!
  18. Let us in on the "just"!! Those of us who have hunted it and didn't find it need the hint. Ever have those caches that are just invisible to you but obvious to everybody else. I think my nemisis is Victory park by the Haggin Museum. I went looking 4 times and came up bust each time. Now Trom's first, I searched and searched around that whole building and only came away smelling like urine. EEEWWWWWW!!! I only do those types of caches once then head back to the hills and do those nice leisurely walks through the hills looking for 5 gallon buckets and ammo cans. I hate urban micros. Finally, went to ATC's Ione caches yesterday to be first to find. Got them and then found that I could have had a first to find closer to home. So now I am going out this morning to get a cache that is less than a half a mile from home and nobody has gotten it yet!!!! I hope Rexraptor or Reptilman haven't checked for caches in their area yet this morning. Peace!
  19. Listed and Found! I put a geocoin in one of them for the next hunter. Thanks for the FTFs so close to home! Peace!
  20. Well I just got home from a 6 day excursion to visit relatives in So. Cal. (Hollywood) and got a great idea for a new cache in our area. I hope I can do it. It's nearly 11 pm and I still have to write all my logs I have done for the past 6 days let alone catch up on all my emails and forum pages. I'm kinda glad there wasn't much here to read over turkey day!!! I hope all was well for everybody. I went to the south with 3 TBs, a Jeep TB, and a Coin. Came home with 3 new TBs, a new hippied out Jeep, and a different coin. Life is Good! On to the writing of the logs. Peace!
  21. With a name like that you may want to up the difficulty on your event caches! Peace!
  22. Hi ATC, There's a Yellow Jeep in this Cache just waiting for someone to drive it home! Trom's First & it's still there! It's been in there for awhile so pretty sure you have a good shot at it if you want it bad enough! Hey that's what I was going to do today!!!! Well not really but we had it as one on our list since we need to go to Tuleburg or Modestville today. We are starting a collection of TBs that want/need/can go to SoCal because we are going away next week too. Not as far as Idaho......man, why can't my relatives live in a cool place like Idaho or Montana or even Oregon??? Guess I might just have to move someday. ANybody got any TB's they want to go south? Peace!
  23. Well another milestone We are almost to 5000 posts in this thread!!!! Peace!
  24. f)all of the above G) hoping there will be some hint for those really difficult caches in our area!!! Peace!
  25. You may want to just log that one after a time (a week or so). If my memory serves me right it took quite a while to get a response back when I found it. Neat town though. That train and my self coming from the north, Big Sighs, wish I was running up and down Mt Shasta right now. Peace! P.S. When are we ever gonna get to 100!!!
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