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  1. Hey Brute! I'm meeting Bill of Green Achers (now known as BOGA) in Turlock tomorrow. Want to tag along? We can have some ice cream with Bill and then find a few more...1,000 here you come.... I can pick you up around 2:30 pm... No can do. Sounds like it would have been fun. I'm leaving town at 4 am and heading over to Reno to do some work. Be gone all week. Hopefully, I can grab a few over there. Ordered a bicycle handlebar mount for my 60csx and will pick it up at the Offroute.com warehouse in Reno. That's how I got about today. I peddled. And, I'm a bit sore. Need to get back in shape and I think caching again will help.
  2. I decided that since I only needed about 127 caches to get me to that 1000 mark, I'd start hunting again. After today, I need 3 less. I'll try to get something new out soon also.
  3. Yes, I'm still alive. And I just renewed my premium membership. Expect to see me about a bit more often now. Will be heading out to Kansas in two weeks to see the new grand daughter (and , her parents ). Good chance to get finds in new states. Smores? YUM!
  4. check the Mythbusters web page for updated coordinates. I bought a house and it moved over with me. Should stay here for some time now..
  5. Well, I really want to thank both of you for the well wishes. It really means a lot to me right now. Unfortunately, mom will not be getting any better. My sister took her to Washington to get some therapy for her bad mobility. She's had hip problems for a few years and it always caused her pain. This pain is what hid the other problem that she had and was detected while she was up there. She has advanced stage ovarian cancer. Too late for surgery or chemo. I went up there to help get ready to transport her back to her home (which is where she is now). She wants to pass in her own home. Maybe this is the story I should have written on the log page. Sorry if I sounded a bit harsh in my 1st post. I was not in a good mood when I went to log the find and then even more upset after I read the page. I merely downloaded a quick route GPX file to take along for the trip. I didn't take time to load it into my Palm. I normally filter out all virtuals, mystery and unknown caches when I'm away from home on a road trip since I don't have the desire or perhaps time to hunt these. This cache should maybe have been listed as an unknown or a mystery. While I have absolutely no problem with the request to tell a story, I do have a problem with the demanding "or else" tone of the page. I always try to do as asked on a cache page. I've even requested that finders do certain things or leave certain objects at some of my caches. I've never deleted someones find just because they didn't comply. If he asked that everyone please write a story, I would have complied quite easily. It's the threat of a penal action against a cacher that does not live up to his silly standards that ticked me off. Mountain out of a mole hill? Perhaps, but I'll not log it. I don't cache for find amounts or points. Oh, and Bill? You say you would have written something??? You don't even log finds that I know that you have made. And, I didn't ask anything more from you. LOL!
  6. Ok. I ran across this cache while on the road. Driving back home from Washington. I found only 2 caches on this trip and this is one of them. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...&Submit6=Go This really does irritate me. I seldom read cache pages while I'm out on the road like that. Wouldn't you know that I'd run across one that requires more than just finding it. Here, if you don't play their silly little game of writing out some stupid dadgum story, they have the gall to just delete your log entry. I'll not even bother logging the find, because I refuse to play along. This just does not seem right to me. Maybe It's just that I'm in a not so good mood due to my mothers very very poor health and I'm over reacting. What do others feel about this?
  7. Yea, Sometimes you do what you need to do even if you don't really want too.
  8. That should do it! I did change my town in the profile area. Missed it in the forum info area though. Now, I'm officially home!
  9. Not likely to happen. Many are going to miss out on the very best cache I ever placed. My only LARGE cache placement too. I've moved it too far and have been told I have to archive it. Apparently moving it that far "just isn't done". I wonder how long it would take me to slide it down this way by changing the coords on it a tenth of a mile at a time? Worse comes to worse, I'll just make a new cache page up for it. I do have that option. Seems silly as nothing would be different about it except the town that it's in. Next to a sidewalk here is just the same as next to a sidewalk there. Manteca? Hmm. I thought I changed that. And the locals here will have no effect on me. After all, I really was here before any of them were. I'm only back where I belong.
  10. Here's the little green container that was refered to just above. Read the logs. LOL. I had showed the container to Pat at a get together. He told me " thanks for showing me that, now it will be easy to find." I suppose the container is still there if anyone dares. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...=y&decrypt=
  11. Well, since the TAG container constantly changes, maybe I'll make it out of a tiny round green container that I once showed you and hide it on a bridge. That'll stop ya! lol.
  12. Wow. that's just plain funny. Good thinking. I remember George signing one of my logs with a green twig.
  13. Just archived another cache. Now that there is a log selection that allows reporting of a caches condition, it seems so many can't wait to get home to tell the tale. Gee, I remember everyone taking time to help other with other peoples caches. I can't remember how many times I've replaced containers and logs to save another cacher a trip out for maintanance. Now, it's just go home and report. Maybe I'm just getting over cynical but it is just one more resaon for me to lose so much more interest in the sport...
  14. Maybe it wasn't when you posted this. But it is now. MUWAHHHAAAAAHAHAHA. Happy Photom?
  15. I'm about to totally give up on travel bugs. I'm sure I won't waste my money on any coins either. People only take and keep or loose my bugs. Only 1 has done well and it's not even the original. Most go to the 1st finder and that's the end of them. Example: 5 mythbusters tags in a race. 3 were taken a month and a half ago and have not yet been placed in a cache. One moved a little bit and only "Adam" has moved a fair amount. That makes 5 that have not been placed by the 1st finders. 1 in a muggled cache before anyone took it. So, I'm just wondering. Am I the only one that has this much trouble with them and are they even worth the hassle?
  16. New Future Cacher. Anessa Jeannette Vargas Arrived into the world today at 5:02 PM 3/3/06 6 lbs 6 oz and 19 inches long. Grampa Brute has a 5th grandkid..
  17. Recently, I place an original M5 Industries T shirt autographed by Jamie Hyneman in this cache: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...db-0398ac3bc995
  18. I might get a chance to find a few more, but don't have the time (packing) for a full out caching run. Well, I hope you have time to run up to Manteca and find my latest project. It's my 1st LARGE container and what I consider my best ever cache. Hope to see it approved soon. And, it may have something interesting in it that you can take back east when you go.
  19. Well, looks like my brother just couldn't take that guys post any longer and deleted it.
  20. Amazing how some people act just because he doesn't have the skill to locate a cache. Can you say temper tantrum? He's also e-mailed my brother a coupe of times and me once. I wonder if he did the leg kicking, arm flailing thing too. lol ROTFLMAO This is very much like Photoms "Need Shoes?"
  21. hehe. Snicker... Eyes towards Merced..
  22. Just need the GCxxxx waypoint. Not the spot. Right now, the one needed is in LA area. Just need to see if the GC can be swapped for another.
  23. New stuff coming soon! I've just completed several more "Master of Disguise" caches and Photom and I are going to set out a new one soon. All should be fun. The Absoulte best cache idea I've ever had, (and I don't think it's ever been done) will be set out soon. Sorry CVC, it's going to be bay area. I wonder what the possibility is of getting a waypoint that is already assigned to another cache. Getting that waypoint would truely make this cache awesome.
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