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  1. My Goal is to log all my finds before my summer holidays (I'll just come back with a whack more to log). I'm done up to October 05. Drat, for the time it took to write this goal I could have logged a find. Oh well. Procrastinators R Us
  2. Correct - it was the Amazing Race in August of 2004. I think it was a yellow Gekko. Your turn 1701eh
  3. Which reality show had contestants use a GPS to find their way through the desert? Bonus points if you know the make.
  4. The cache was put in June 28, 2000 but on the cache page the first name was on October 5, 2000 and was found by rowsell. I don't think that's right. But it's my guess
  5. I went to Italy last summer and had the same question. What do people associate Canada with - Niagara Falls!. My parents live near there and did me the favour of going to a Dollar type store and picked up some souvenirs. Key chains, bookmarks, lanyards etc all for a buck. I have been following the caches I did and those were always the next item chosen. After our last cache I gave the rest of my stash to some young italian kids that were at the same restaurant as us - they thought it was great. ... they would have rather had jewelry though. Technically, these were freebies too because Mom never made me paid for them. I realize you aren't near Niagara falls - and Edmonton isn't that close to Drumheller, or Banff but maybe you know someone going there. Fireflyfan
  6. I started caching last fall and I'm here to testify that winter caching is the best! No bugs, no leaf coverage to block satellites, less muggles and the night time hunts are great fun ... the moon reflects off the snow so you don't need a flashlight until the very last part of the hunt/log signing. We've snowshoed, cross country skied and just plain hiked to the caches. Did I mention no bugs?! Other benefits ... swamps freeze over making it much easier ... when the lake freezes over you can just take short cuts ... don't have to follow the path. The last big benefit I can think of ... nice easy trails to follow right to the cache. So watch those hard ones ... when someone finds it get out there quick and it becomes much easier. In fact I was on a first to find hunt last year on a multi when we just couldn't find the tag. However, we had noticed that we were the 3rd person out that day for the cache (so much for our first to find) so we memorized their treads and watched the trail till they left it about 200 metres later. They led us right to the next tag In fact my caching slowed right down in the summer ... I stuck to the urban caches ... bugs bugs and more bugs were out in those woods In the Ottawa area most of the caches are labeled "winter friendly". Looking forward to the winter for the first time in my life. Fireflyfan
  7. Just think of the satellite coverage that gps was picking up! There's no way to get lost.
  8. What deters me from looking: When I started last fall I thought it would be rain. Nope rain was fun. Then I thought a "night cache no way". Wrong again - night caches are a hoot. Winter was on its way so I figured it would end there. You guessed it - I've been caching in -40C and had a great time. I bought snow shoes and cross country skis and gave them a good workout. And winter night caching is the best! Almost no need for a flashlight. However, I will admit the peeing in the woods in the winter for a female is a bit challenging. Spring - a little soggy but OK. Summer - The season I thought this game was made for - Ugh! I hate bugs. I hate mosquitos. I refuse to poke around in trees. Yup it seems Summer is what deters me from looking. I'll do the Urban micros but there is no way I'm going out in those bug filled woods. So instead I've been doing a lot of biking (but not in the woods - or at least very fast through the woods - no stopping!) I know I'm a wimp but I refuse to give blood for this hobby!! Fireflyfan waiting patiently for fall!
  9. If you liked the owners did this one too: Gnome's Cairn
  10. Maporama works world wide and is internet based. I found it on the Photographer's Cache page. Maporama Fireflyfan
  11. I bought my Sportrak last fall and the same thing happened to me. I was always out on the west coordinate. (I can't remember if it was out .020 or .030) When I figured out what it was doing I would automatically at the number to the waypoint - and the finding got much easier. Finally, I took it back to the store to complain - they gave me a new one that worked. So, you can't always assume it is you and not the machine. Fireflyfan
  12. Both of my kids are in a soccer tournament that weekend. And unfortunately, their teams are doing well so they will probably play both days. So, We probably won't be doing any caching except a little on friday night but we will try to make it for dinner. Fireflyfan
  13. Gotta bring up the female content. 43 female married 21 years to the guy that helped me pass University Calculus. Have a BMath. Certified Financial Planner 2 kids (1 in particular is a great lackey and solves all the puzzle caches for me - I am in an area which abounds with engineers who love puzzle caches) 2 cats Have always hated the outdoors with the bugs and the heat and the cold and the rain. Hate to exercise but do it because I'm 43. Just this past weekend my friends that have known me for years have decided to look in my backyard for a pod. I had done a 20k bike cache and they are sure I have been possessed I have no idea what attracted me to Geocaching other than I read the article last labour day weekend and right then and there decided I had to do it. The gathering of friends and family just looked very skeptical and made comment like ... "you do realize that it's hidden in the woods ... outside ... don't you?" I like to create databases for useless things. I hate maintaining said databases. I love excel spreadsheets. My first computer was a fat mac which has turned up again and will be turned into a clock for my living room as soon as I find the old system discs. I currently have 3 real computers (an ibook, older model imac and a new imac) and a PC. I have 2 GPSs, 4 digital cameras and 2 ipods. (Why hasn't the Apple Store come to Canada yet!!!!) I got a palm pilot for Mothers day for geocaching. Love it! I have 60c envy - my anniversary is on friday ... fingers crossed. I like gadgets, computers etc but I hate picking them out and hate going thought the excruciating agony of having to review each and every feature available and will be available in the "near" future. I have LOVED the Amazing Race since it first appeared. In some small way I feel geacaching is my own small amazing race. I Love to travel. I hate to camp. Like science fantasy, fiction and spy novels hate murder mysteries. Favourite movie - Serenity opening April 05. When I started in the fall I thought I would never do a cache in the rain or at night and that there was no way I would go in the winter. Done all three ... and at the same time. Now after having cached in 3 seasons. I'm not too fond of spring ... mosquitos!. -40 C great! Bug bites not so good. And don't even get me started on Ticks .... and I've never even seen one. ... They are like Land Sharks. (tm Saturday Night Live). I'm thinking Urban micros are the way to go for the next few months. I love to embarrass my teenagers - see below: I like to have every gadget lined up on my mountain bike ... wire basket, gps, bell, ipod, ... if I could hook my cell phone to it I would. Oh and lastly, I have found that I really enjoy writing epic logs. Who would have thought? I was always the mathie not very creative on the written side. But I do like to talk.
  14. I can't seem to connect through your link.
  15. However, the original poster was just looking for state information not street address: So, most likely, cache hides would give him this information
  16. How about 4th dimension by Roswell.fr or Puzzles by mlord or Heron There by mugwump or Geeks Only by stone_soup and Roswell.fr or some of Binthair's caches Belly Button measuring Sticks and lastly one of my favourites. It's not interactive at the site but very interactive before you can find it. Check out the first to find logs. Another binthair cache: Trading Digits
  17. Clignon cache Rubik's cube the second Rubik's Cube or Indiana lost his watch All of the above caches were built by Captain Hook and all are interactive and imaginative. Or try South Central's Ladies First and be sure and check out the gallery!
  18. If you really want to know just look at the caches they have hidden. Since you must be able to maintain your hides you probably live nearby.
  19. Try going to the Ontario Geocaching Town page and do a search on Picton. Ontario Geocaching Town Search Page
  20. we have a saying .... If it's brown lie down If it's black fight back. Brown being a grizzley and lie down meaning play dead.
  21. I liked the new words to Christmas carol thread. Some very creative people here.
  22. First to find hunts are always a lot of fun in this area because it's like old home week at the cache. At this cache - Trading Digits we arrived with another team. During the hunt 3 more teams showed up and on the way back to the car we met up with yet another cacher ... he was waiting for 2 other cachers to show up. 8 logs in the first night. This cache was unique. Binthair, the owner, had sent most of the cachers in the area a digit of the waypoint. You had to contact other cachers to try and trade for their number. Woe to you if you had been out for the evening ... you came back to 50+ emails. And yes, I know, I haven't written my found it log yet. I am way behind.
  23. I think she is using a Heat Gun. It is a lot hotter than a hairdryer but it looks somewhat like a hairdryer
  24. Last Labour Day weekend I was visiting friends in New Hampshire. They had old discover magazines around and one had an article about geocaching. I showed it to everyone there saying this sound like fun. This was the beginning of the strange looks I get from people when I tell them about geocaching. I got my first GPSr a couple of weeks later. I knew I was hooked when I got the family and another friend out looking in the woods for 5 hours (with only 1 bottle of water each), we only found 1 of the 3 caches and decided to come back the next day. You've got to understand that I am not an outdoorsy type. I don't like the heat, the rain, the bugs, the cold or the dirt and I hate camping. I am not very athletic (to put it kindly) but for some unknown reason I like trekking through the woods looking for mctoys. You should have heard me before we started - I'm not doing night raids; I'm not going out in the rain; too bad winter is soon - the weather will be too bad. Now - I've done night raids in the rain ... hey it was for a first to find. Winter - we've gone out in -35 celcius (with wind chill) - and that wasn't even for a first to find. I say now the bugs will be too bad in the spring but we shall see if that tune changes also. I was the instigator for this hobby - however, my husband likes it now just as much. He is the athletic outdoorsy type. My kids come out also - usually complaining about child abuse but when I say - I'm going, you wanna come? They come! I think teenagers just need to complain. ... they can't be seen enjoying something with their parents. At least it's in the woods away from their friends - they won't be seen! This hobby has got me cross country skis, snowshoes and more importantly out in the woods using them. This spring it's going to get me a new mountain bike - but I insist on a basket. The husband is shaking his head in disgust. Hey, I'm old - I don't care what I look like and it is convienent to throw stuff in. The reason it took 5 hours to find 1 cache - it turns out my GPSr was consistently out 20 on the west coordinate. It took a month to figure it out but those nice people at Radio Shack replaced it no questions asked! At Christmas I got upgraded to a Mapping GPS - yeah! This weekend will be our first event. It looks like 70 cachers will be hunting approx. 20 caches saturday and then decending on a pizza place to talk the night away. It will be a hoot and I will finally reach 100. We are at 97 now. I think my favourite part of caching is writing and reading the logs.
  25. I know I'm a little late to this thread but ... I just got a water bottle holder and clip it on my normal fanny pack with a carabiner. (I have no idea how to spell this ) This is convenient because sometimes you don't need the water with you. This winter I bought a men's parka/jacket (the women's ones are too fitted) that has many pockets and it's great. I have a pocket for the digital camera and strap wrench thing, another one for the loot bag and wallet and one for the cell phone. It has d rings attached to it where I hang the compass and a jury rigged pencil from a carabiner. This has been great just throw it on and your ready to go. I just take off the pencil and compass if I am not caching. because of this I think I will be going for the vest idea for the summer. and yes I am short and waist challenged also so I know what you're going through!
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