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  1. No, only the word geocaching was used twice in as general a manner as was possible. I doubt most people even would have heard the word. And even if they did I doubt they would have Googled it to see what it was.
  2. I've watched 37 minutes of the show. The word "geocaching" was spoken at minute 3 (appx) and at minute 32 (appx). In my humble opinion, either of those would have been missed by the casual viewer (someone who was not tuned into geocaching) and my further opinion is that a miniscule number (if any) viewers who didn't know what it was, would then take the trouble to Google it. Of course I have been wrong before. Never watched this show and won't again. Doesn't do anything for me.
  3. Much ado about nothing. People smart enough to engage in geocaching need not worry about the "hobby, sport, etc" being tarnished by a tv show. There are things within geocaching (the real one) which are more worrisome than fiction. Been doing this since 2001 when my first cache placed was #747 in the world. Thank goodness I got in before 1 million of the 3 million caches available were placed in the bases of parking lot light poles. (it's called hyperbole, but that 1 million figure might not be far off).
  4. Ok, one last attempt at helping you to understand, then I'm done. The skeet logged a cache of mine and was never there. He has done that to many people. Have a nice day !
  5. The people writing these posts (including me) about the skeet fraud HAVE reported the jerk to GC dot com. I think all of us talking about this fellow are just trying to let other people know of his behavior. None of us expect this forum or anyone in it do actually DO anything about it, except maybe check THEIR caches and if no true finds are noted there from skeet, maybe THOSE cachers would report him too. Does THAT make sense? I hope so as I can't explain it in any other terms. Caching since 2000...My first cache BLUE TOP was the 844th (or so) cache in the world. I didn't place all the caches I did to have some bozo sit in his living room and play the fool.
  6. I too have a fake log from skeetskeetskeet. He posted a found log on a virtual I did years ago which required 3 answers be sent to me BEFORE logging a cache. He did that but said "no find date, but basically did research." The whole idea of vituals...when they existed....was to bring people to an interesting spot or historical landmark so they could learn something. This person logged something over 400 caches in my area and more than one cacher has indicated there was no signature in the log when they checked. I also read that he logged over 2000 caches in a desert state in 116 degree temps over a short period of time. Seem phoney to you ? This cacher....skeetskeetskeet...keeps reposting his find and I messaged him that I would keep deleting them. He says he has "reported" me to the website and that there is nothing I can do about it. I urge any cacher anywhere in the USA to check you cache logs if skeetskeetskeet has logged your caches.
  7. Here's the answer from the horse's mouth (geocaching.com) on 8 20 2017 Ask a reviewer to check coordinates If you’re still unsure if your location is available, ask a local reviewer to confirm. Tip: It’s a good idea to do this before you place your geocache. Create a cache page with a title like "Coordinate Check". Add locations as waypoints if you'd like the reviewer to check more than one location. This is similar to adding stages for a Multi-Cache. Add a Reviewer Note to make sure that the reviewer does not publish the cache page. For example, “Do not publish, this is a coordinate check." Enable the cache page and wait for your reviewer to reply. Many thanks to Volunteer Geocache Reviewer palmetto for initially developing this article.
  8. Here it is....hard for me to find at home geo base so maybe this will help someone else. https://www.geocaching.com/play/mobile Ron
  9. To be clear, I am using an ipad and YES I have the auto-rotate feature turned on. Is it or is it not possible for the app to rotate to horizontal (like a tv screen) instead of being in a narrow (vertical) configuration?
  10. For the old-timers who still like this format for talking about caching in the central valley, I thought I would let you know I have recently placed 10 caches in the Pardee/Camache area. These all involve hiking on ebmud property and require either a daily or yearly pass. The yearly pass is $10 and you can even get a 3 year pass for $20. If you hike ebmud here or in the bay area its well worth it. Only negative is they don't allow dogs. The minimum hike to one of these is about 1 mile with a couple of more on the same trail adding another mile or so. On the other hand you can get involved in a 7 mile round trip depending on how you go about it. So far (as of 4/29/2014) two people have found the one group of five caches and one person has found 2 of the first 3 of the other five caches. Any hikers out there ?
  11. Hey Pat....welcome back to the west coast !
  12. When I started geocaching about 13 years ago I placed the 644th cache in the world. It's Blue Top in Round Valley in Central California. I doubt the cachers then could have found all 644 caches in the world at a 90 second apart rate. Nope, this 1,000 caches a day thing isn't geocaching in my book, but what do I know. I like to hike, see the sights, have a good hunt for a well-hidden cache, enjoy the cache placement, sit for a bit and then move on. I guess that's why I also choose not to find every parking lot light pole cache in existence either.
  13. How would you like to have found this CACHE ? A true pot of gold was found on private property while land owners were out on a walk. http://sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com/2014/02/25/couple-finds-10m-in-gold-coins-buried-on-norcal-property/
  14. Friday, Feb 14, 2014.... Well, here's a howdy-do ! I came back here to say hello and looks like after the 12 years or so I have been inactive the comments here have just about hit bottom. I see there is a facebook presence, so I will check that out too. **** I came right to the last page and I do see a couple of names I recognize, but Bill of Green Achers is the only one I really had some contact with off and on the last year or so. **** I'm going to drop out right now and will come back later...especially if someone reads this post !
  15. unfortunately they do not alow any more of the code caches. They now say that there has to be a log in them. the ones that have codes like your gung ho is grandfathered in. but looking forward to the hunt Well, people would have to just put a single symbol AND email me for the go ahead once they read the "secret word" Thanks for the heads up !
  16. Thanks guy....with a glowing review like that I'd better come up with a challenging cache for the CVC crew...but it will be awhile. Years ago when I stopped hiding I had in mind ...the smallest cache in the world...now all I have to do is find it myself in the litter of my office ! Hint: it is less than .5 inches long and appx 1/8" in diameter but contains space for either a log or a note with a code word...it would not be for the faint of heart but giant kudos go to those who would find it. Ron
  17. welcome back Ron. Would love to see you put out some caches in this area agian. Love your caches. my fave probably is gung ho fat choy I am sure. ******************** Thanks....a lot of people have commented on that one over the years. Another favorite of mine is Only On Sunday. I am headed for New Mexico for a week of hiking but won't be doing any caching there. My hiking partner doesn't have any patience for looking for them let alone placing them. Then I think I'll be going rock hounding either in southern CA or in NV, so it will be a month or more before I place a cache.
  18. Downloaded the Swiss Army Knife of Geocaching and it looks like it meets up to its name ! I am going to do some rock-hounding in southern California and want to load a bunch of waypoints into a file (easy typing) and then transfer it over to the yellow eTrex (museum piece) and then to a topo program so I have a nice big laptop screen for overviews of the area. Will also do a little geocaching there to get back into it...including of course placing a cache way out in the middle of a geode field .... might be the easiest thing for a geode hunter to find !
  19. Hey Ron, Seems like you are taking the long road around using excel and all that. I'd take a peek at using GSAK - it's dynamite! BTW - welcome back! I've been doin' this since 2004 and have enjoyed finding at least 26 of your caches! ********************************* That shows you how out of touch I am ! I found the links at geocaching.com for some software and have been fooling around with them again, but will try your suggestion. I noticed at the website that there are about 997,000 caches now. Makes me doubly proud to say that my Blue Top cache here in N. CA was the 644th cache placed in the world. A lot has changed ! Ron
  20. Hi All... Most of you here I suspect I don't know, but I am getting back into using my gps a bit so will hit these forums now and again. If you look back at the first page of this thread you will see the tick magnet and I am the second poster...Eureka ! This was way back in May of 2002 and now almost 8 years later I'm breaking out the old yellow eTrex and starting to work with maps again. Geocaching will be part of that, but I'm at the moment figuring out again how to load coords into an Excel spreadsheet and then into the eTrex for export to Delorme Topo4 and later Topo7 when it arrives in a week or so. Anyway, longwinded, but I could use some help in terms of programs to use to do all this. I remember a smiley face being associated with one of them....but that's about it. Any help for an oldtimer ? Thanks.
  21. Thanks Green Achers and Touchstone. This is a start. Wouldn't mind the 12 mile RT trip to the B-23, but getting myself to Idaho is another story! Bill, what is the name and location of the cache/pic you included? Ron
  22. Hey Central Valley Cachers... Been a long time since i've posted here, but I still see some familiar names, so here goes. Some two years since I looked for or placed a cache, having gotten involved in other treasure hunting pursuits. Now I am getting a little interested in "Wreck Chasing". No, not the kind I posted in my "Where's That Valet?" series, but aircraft wrecks. There are several books out on the subject (I haven't ordered any yet) and at least some of the newer ones post latitude and longitude for GPS users...only makes sense. Some of the reading I've done on the internet though gives the impression that there is a bit of a secretive flavor coming from those who do it. Trying to protect the wrecks from the masses I guess. Of course the wreckage that still exists is off the beaten path...usually means going cross country across rugged terrain. Crashes in more civilized areas are cleaned up, and not much point in going to them. Anyway, any interest here and has anyone done any of this? Ron
  23. Hi from one old fart to another. I haven't been to Stockton in a long time maybe I'll plan a trip and we can get together and find some caches and catch up on what's been going on. Hey, I resemble that remark...the OLD part anyway. Yep, it's a possibility. Give me a few days notice when you have some free time and we'll see if we can match schedules. Ron
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