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  1. The title of this post had me going for a spell. I had originaly thought Geo Ho was refering to the baseball like term where as you hit 1/2 (.500) of the balls pitched to you while you're on the plate. Then thinking further (which is really tough for me to do) I was able to deduce that she was talking about his ability to actualy hit the toilet when taking a leak after too many hot wings and beer, and she was simply stoked about not having to clean up after him as much. Well I finally read the posts following this topic and found I was wrong, not even in the ballpark, which is a shame because I can picture GH dashing around with her mop and bucket. Congrats on the 600 cache finds and the 500 logs. Semi-Hex.
  2. I'm sorry calero reservoir park. santa clara county parks system. jim
  3. I just finished the six calero caches today and was informed that they are opening 1200 new acres to this park in April, which means plenty of room for new caches! (no trails though). jim
  4. green archers; maybe you've done some puzzle caches in san jose by the rat. He has several good ones and I can't figure any of them out. ( but everybody likes them). jim
  5. Hey; I would like to reply in length, but it takes me longer then the few minutes I have to write my answers. I think this merits an answer however brief. But for now I want all of you to know that I'm not offended by anyone very easily. I know there is no obligation or ratio of caches a cacher has to place. My main residence (boy that makes me sound like a big timer) is in San Jose. I am involved with boy scouts here and 90% of my work is here. (I'm a remodeling contractor). Alot of my caches I do are related to where I am working, close to home generally waiting for inspections, to or from the job &etc. The ones in Folsom, or Las Vegas are also to and from jobs. My other place is at LDP. I've been going up there for 13 years. I just started caching there. One of my points I'm trying to make is that there is a saturation point in any given area. (I not saying that this is bad) In San Jose but you cannot go anywhere without finding a cache. Parks, malls, movie theaters, bridges, you name it theres a cache there (I am still saying this is great). Try gcde84 then do the geocaching.com maps and zoom out you see caches all over the place. We have some great people who put out tons of caches and maintain them very well. What I saying is until I started caching in the Don Pedro area I didn't see any areas that I wanted to put a cache. Now I do. I sorry I have to be brief. I going to be up at Columbia state historic park Saturday for miners christmas. If any of you are going to it I should be around ask at the Dry Goods store. I will pick up this thread when I get back. Thank you for reading this (I know I don't write well). Jim.
  6. I never realized that. I have a second place at lake don pedro that I go to at least monthly, but have always been worried about cache matainence. It would be easier for me to place a cache there then at home where I have over 100 caches in under 4 miles. I also don't write much in the forums I hope that doesn't count! I also feel I'm not quite ready to place a cache yet let alone ten. Sorry about that. jim
  7. it's funny. I recieved the new updated requirements for orienteering mb a while ago. You can use either the new or the old requirements until Jan 1 2004. Since they have recently updated these I can't really expect any new changes. refer to this page showing both old and new http://www.usscouts.org/mb/changes/mb080.html
  8. I'm very happy now that I use nimh's in my digital camera (aa) etrex vista (aa) and pda (aaa) I bought the maha charger (c401sf) from thomas dist. along with 20 some odd batteries. We did a overnighter snow campout stayed in igloos with no problem and a week long trip where I had the gps on the entire time without trouble.
  9. There's the rub. So far the requirements for second and first class scout AND orienteering meritbadge are almost completely unrelated and there are a number of orienteering clubs that are submitting changes for the past 4 years that make orienteering mb completely seperate. Such as only using metic system, special maps showing certain courses and controls (not topograhic maps) &etc. As it stands we teach the kids topograhic map reading and compass use, then navigating without a compass, pacing and measuring for rank advancement then reteach them in a different format for orienteering meritbadge. (I am an orienteering meritbadge counsillor). However I think the kids have a great time in a patrol activity such as caching, it gets them outside, they use a computer, and they are active. Also I think gsprs should be used on outings. thank you. sorry about my spelling.
  10. It's kinda funny, I'm always short something I need then and there yesterday I was at a cache and needed a tweezer from a swiss army knife to retrieve the log. ( I know its on the info sheet but still).
  11. I started this year 100 caches with-in 3.4 miles of my house now its 4.6 miles Semi-Hex.
  12. We just had a "heritage" turkey for thanksgiving, it was the best one since I hunting my own in Montana. Semi-Hex.
  13. So much for being enviromentally conscience sport! After reading thist post I went back to read my logs to find most of the finds where either on hikes, rides or near jobs I worked at. (I'm a remodeling contractor). But if I had driven to all these caches it would of amounted to alot of miles. Semi-Hex.
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