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  1. Here's another blast from the past. I am no longer in Missouri, and now live in Reno. What's the FB page called?
  2. So 750 for another Charter Memeber would be_______________________?
  3. Bill, We got 11 inches on two days, and now it is pouring again. The main highway from our house had the west bound lanes closed for four days due to flooding.
  4. No Matt would be considered a "Fallen" cacher. We had a great time. Way too much food (not complaining either). Fun conversations - as always. I just have one question now that I've been to an event and also found a cache... Am I still considered a fallen cacher (aka Muggle)??
  5. Did you guy's and gal's quit talking in here? Hope all is well in the Central Valley. Life has been good in Missouri. Just wish I had more time to do some caching.
  6. Hey All, Hope everyone is doing well back in the Valley. I might be out that way late next month, if I do hopefully I can get together with some of you. Have fun caching.
  7. Hey Bill Congrats on finding 1000. If you remember I wanted to get to 750 before I moved. I think I got to 735, and I have been here a year and a half and still haven't reached it.
  8. Hello all from Missouri. I haven't had much time for caching as my business is getting busier. Jaimee hasn't been caching in years. She has started the Nurse practioners program. She won't be caching for years either. Have fun all. Good to see Randy and Tammy back, maybe they can get my travel bugs out moving again.
  9. I have the following coins available for trade. My collection is small, so email me with any offers. (2) CVC/RCGDS Breaking down the Wall (1) 2005 California (1) 2006 California Experience
  10. I have the following available for trade. I don't have a list ready of the coins I have, but it is small compared to most of you. If you would like any of the following, email me through the Geocaching website. I will consider all trades. Thanks. California 2005 (2) California 2006 (The California Experience) The one NOT by the Dillon Gang (1) Oklahoma Route 66 (2) Breaking down the Wall (2)
  11. I would like a Silver please.
  12. Let me correct that Bill. JaimeeG is a MOrn. So that makes JaimeeG a MIrn... but if she moved to Colorado... she'd be a COrn. [sorry about that out burst, folks]
  13. What the heck have I missed. Brute has moved back to Merced? Can't make up your mind? Thanks goes out to Brute-Force for this amazing cache and to Krypton for being the catalyst in getting it relocated. For those of you who have not found it, come on down/up to Merced - it is well worth the trip.
  14. Hello everyone. Just thought I would stop on in and say hello. Everything is going well out here in Missouri. I've been keeping an eye on you guys, and also watching Tag. You'll never know when I might just show up and grab the little dude. Talk to you later.
  15. We have that same tool, it's just located in another area.
  16. I have been watching all of you. Fair warning! I'm coming to California in the near future. This time if I get a hold of Tag someone will have to come retrieve it. Again this has been a fair warning, just like the last one I gave.
  17. Way to go! Congrats on 700!! Now I wish I could find some time to go caching.
  18. No I actually have a new one. I will send you an email, so that you have it.
  19. Things are good so far. We have had quite a mix of weather, but nothing that hasn't been to bad. Love the new house. We are still working on fixing up some things to make it our house.
  20. Send tag out here to me, I will treat him with utmost respect. I will give him a nice warm guest house to stay in. I'll even show him around this beautiful state.
  21. Send a few to me I'll drop them in caches in Missouri. I sure would like to have one of those, don't know if I have anything you want. Let me know if a trade is possible.
  22. Hey Bill, You want me to plant a few of those in MIssouri?
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