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  1. Hey Bill, Glad to see your still Geocaching. I havent been on the board in a loooong time. I see alot of new names. And a few old one's Not to many of the old crew left I see. (Mike) C&MMorris
  2. WOW I havent been on the forum in quite a while. alot of new names. I see you and Pat are still going strong Bill. (and a few others from the old days). with all the new caches out there I guess it's time to dust off the GPS. Mike M.
  3. He is 31 years older than michael jr. Who also had a birthday today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAT.. from the Morris Clan
  4. Congratulations Pat on hitting number 500. We are glad that we were there to see it. Mike
  5. Did you get all of that Jaimee It looks like we got back into caching at the right time. There is allot of caches out. We went cacheing with Pat and Jaimee yesterday and had a very good time. Mike
  6. Well, We bit the bullet and payed our membership. So I guess it's time to go caching. I'm going to have to dust off the GPS and PDA. Now if I can only remember how to download to the PDA......... See You all on the trail Mike
  7. Thanks Bill. Merry Christmas to you and yours. Are you and Ron the only one's left of the old crew??? Mike
  8. HO! HO! HO! everyone. Merry Christmas Mike
  9. I'm Still around Bill, Thanks for asking. We are trading the Air Races for Hawaii this year. Have fun at the races and take some good pictures for me. Mike If it's got wing's, I can fly it!!
  10. Well, I see everyone has been fairly active. We found a multy cache in Monterey one time that was fun. BUT!!! I dont care to much for them or puzzle caches and I REALY HATE dadgum DUMB MICRO'S. Dont get me wrong some of you have put out some really neat micro caches That I enjoyed finding. I have a bunch of REGULAR CACHES that I put together some time ago but dont have the interest to plant them. Maybe some day. Thanks for the B.B.Q. Pat and Jaimee. It was very good. Sorry for bailing out so soon but I was totaly beat. Ron, I dont think that I ever found a cache of yours that didnt make me smile. Have a good one all. Mike If it's got wing's, I can fly it!!
  11. yes!!! It is much taller now. She is eye level with the glove box. I also took off the side bars so now there is no step for her. She has to jump in. The kids repel the tires to get in. Thanks Bill, I havent looked at Geocaching in a loooonnnnnngggg time. I have been meaning to call and chat with you but time gets in the way. I dont have any plans to go geocaching anytime soon. We are leaving to go camping up at Pinecrest next Wednesday. We will be there until saturday. You are all welcome to come up. We have a few caches up there. Hopefully the snow didnt wash them away. Come up again Ron, Maybe this time we can have more time to visit. Mike If it's got wing's, I can fly it!!
  12. Hey!!! That would look cool. You should trade your Volvo in for that SUV model Jaimee. Carolyn keeps whinning about my jeep being to tall now. I only lifted it another 12 inches Mike If it's got wing's, I can fly it!!
  13. WOW!! It's been awhile since I have looked at this geocaching stuff. Looks like you all have been busy. Thanks for the happy birthday Jaimee and Bill (Green Acres) I guess I will have to dig out my GPS and do some caching. Ron.. I have been watching the War also. I think they had better pictures in 1991. What makes me angry is all the Hippi war protester. I think They should round them all up and place them in the middle of Baghdad right before we bomb the hell out of it. Just my hummble oppinion. Mike If it's got wing's, I can fly it!!
  14. WOW!!! Bill, Your the man!! A regular size cache!! I guess I'm going to have to dust off my GPS. I thought MAC's were made to be laughed at??? Mike If it's got wing's, I can fly it!!
  15. Your sooooo right Jaimee!!!! Poor Caitlyn going to FREEZE in that water. Wish her good luck for us. Mike If it's got wing's, I can fly it!!
  16. I think everyone knows by now that I hate micro's And YES!!! Jaimee I was talking about caches Incase anybody wants to get bent out of shape over my comment...... It's an I'M A DOG thing That Jaimee and myself have been going back and forth for some time now...... SOOO.... Does every one have a big caching weekend set yet??? It's going to be nice weather.. Hope you all have a great weekend. Mike If it's got wing's, I can fly it!!
  17. quote:Originally posted by JaimeeG: quote:Originally posted by Green Achers:I'm planting a cache in Manstinka this weekend that I've been planning for a while. It will meet Jaimee's requirements (Regular sized) I have requirements?? If I do, they certainly have nothing to do with cache size!! (open to interpretation) Jaimee WOW!!!!! I have never met a woman who didnt have a size requirement........... Mike "Noise proves nothing. Often a hen who has merely laid an egg cackles as if she had laid an asteroid." Mark Twain If it's got wing's, I can fly it!!
  18. Film Containers........... LAME!!!!!!!! Who knew....... I almost forgot.... I already know this!! Mike If it's got wing's, I can fly it!!
  19. Carolyn has the tag Mike If it's got wing's, I can fly it!!
  20. Happy birthday to the cacher formerly known as LO! Carolyn If it's got wing's, I can fly it!!
  21. Turlock!!!!!! That town's as bad as hunting Micro's BUT.. I'm sure we will be there anyway. Mike If it's got wing's, I can fly it!!
  22. Congratulations George and Mary for going over 800. Thats alot of caching. You will be over 1000 in no time,then it's time to party!! Also.... Congratulations to Cathy for hitting 100. Way to go. Mike If it's got wing's, I can fly it!!
  23. Welcome Evil. Are you related to Evil Knevil? He is my hero. Mike If it's got wing's, I can fly it!!
  24. Congrats. Pat, Good job hitting 365. Mike If it's got wing's, I can fly it!!
  25. Welcome Sandy, Let us know when you go hunting and maybe we can meet up. There is a few others around that I'm sure would be glad to go with you also. As for caches on your own property. I have 2 on mine and I know of a few others that have them on there property also. Mike If it's got wing's, I can fly it!!
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