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  1. Hey all I just wanted to send out a quick "hello" since I haven't visited the Geocaching site in forever. Pat has been caching here and there, but I haven't done anything in a looonnnngggg time. I graduate from nursing school in April, and then I might have a life again for a while. Hope everyone is doing well and having an enjoyable winter! Jaimee
  2. Hey Bill There are just too many other things that I find more fun and interesting. I am working full-time now that this semester is complete, and I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of the new foal. Once he/she gets here, that will keep me pretty much tied up. If there are no takers on adoption of the caches, I will go around and start pulling them this weekend. Wait..this is the valley...I will just leave them in place and archive them!!!! Have a good weekend. Jaimee
  3. And yet another shot to the valley caching scene. This is nothing new from this cacher; he rarely has anything nice to say about the valley caches. "I couldn't find a place to park that wasn't on private property or a way to get to the cache without tresspassing across private property. Once I got to the area which was pretty obvious that other cachers had been there, there was no sign of the cache, and once again no hint. I wonder why, oh yes, I'm in the valley. I have to keep reminding myself of that, I'm in the valley." "I can't believe someone would rate this one as a 1 1/2 star for difficulty with all the DNF's is seems to attract (and on top of that, not give a clue). Hello, is anyone home. That's right, I'm in the valley, that explains it." Kind of amusing logs, considering the fact that he must have been WAY off kilter on the first since there is no private property anywhere around the cache (unless, of course, you don't take five minutes to find the PROPER way into the cache area). The second cache is definitely no more than a 1.5 in difficulty. Oh...wait..that's a valley rating..silly me!! Jaimee
  4. Hello all Anyone interested in adopting all of my caches (except virtuals)? I am going to be bailing out of caching due to lack of time and lack of interest. I will be archiving all of the virtuals but figured I would see if anyone wants the traditional caches that I have scattered around. Let me know as soon as possible if you are interested. If nobody wants them, I would like to try gathering them up over the weekend. Thanks! Jaimee
  5. I haven't attempted it. My husband went by there while out caching one day, and his description of where he zeroed out lead me to believe it was a cache that I really wouldn't be too interested in hunting. Jaimee
  6. Yes, Pat and Michael have the same b-day, and big Mike and my daughter have the same b-day. Cool, huh? And speaking of FTF's, congrats to Soul to Soul Connections on nabbing their first (and simultaneously robbing Bill of yet another..hehehehehehehe) McGeode...if I send answers to a virtual and get no reply, I wait a few days and send another email. If the second email gets no reply, I would then post my find. I have never had a problem with someone not replying after the second email though. If the cache owner has a problem with you logging, they will let you know usually. Everyone enjoying the weather? Some of the caches we found last weekend were quite damp; this rain should ensure them getting soaked! Have a good day all. Jaimee
  7. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Paaaatttt, happy birthday to you! Anyone wanna guess Pat's age?? Jaimee
  8. We gave you plenty of time to try for the FTF Bill! I think the cache was out for 4 or 6 days before we hunted it. Actually, I didn't realize there were so many in Turlock now. It's nice since we spend so much time in that booming metropolis! I placed two new ones and Pat placed one as well so you can have three more shots for the FTF Bill. If you pay me enough, I will sell you the coordinates to mine before it comes up on the site! Jaimee
  9. Hey all Sorry I missed the gathering Saturday..looks like a pretty good turn out. Was it actually a CVC group? From the pics/names, looks more like a Bay Area/Sacto group! (But that's cool, of course) My mom had surgery up in Sacto on Friday so we were up there for the weekend. I totally forgot about the event until Pat mentioned it yesterday on the way home. Oops! We did some of the newer Turlock caches and almost made it through the alphabet...only have "H" left to do but we ran out of time today. Have a good week everyone Jaimee
  10. Hey all Who has the Tag cache now?? I remember getting a notification over a week ago that it has been found but I don't remember getting anything else saying it was replaced. I am too lazy to go to the page and look (which would have taken less time than typing this!). Jaimee
  11. I do believe someone has WAYYYYYY to much time on his hands!!!
  12. Wellllll, technically, you were supposed to use the Geocaching website. But, since I didn't explicitly state that, I couldn't disallow Bill's answer (even if he did cheat to get it!! ) Now that everyone knows how to search every inch of the internet to find everything out about me, let me know if you find anything good out there!!! Oh...by the way..my "real" name IS Jaimee
  13. We have a winner for the Valentine cache....DRUM ROLL PLEASE.......Mr. Green Achers himself, Bill!! Janet of Stash Seekers mailed me first but had one incorrect answer (dang the bad luck!!), and then Bill slipped his answers in there. I have offered a runner-up prize to Janet, and I will put that same offer out here. If anyone can email me my middle name and tell me how they found it using the Geocaching website (not a search engine, family tree, etc.), I will gladly give you a prize as well. Jaimee Oh..one more thing. Congrats to Pat (Fattuhr) on find #500 today!!!!!! Jaimee
  14. As for hosting events, it's really easy. I have hosted a couple and co-hosted one with Bill. Basically, you pick a time and place and make a page. Restaurants with large meeting rooms are good. We have had one at a local restaurant here in Ceres, another at a pizza place in Ceres and one at Perko's in Manteca. The first one we hosted was actually here at our little farm, and we had over 30 folks for that. George and Ron did one at Knights Ferry quite some time back. The outdoor ones are nice just because of the different things you can incorporate into the event, but it's a bit chilly now, huh? I like to do games at my events just as icebreakers and so folks can get to know each other as well. If anyone decides to put something together, let me know and I will be glad to help. Jaimee
  15. I have received one set of answers....all correct except for my middle name! If nobody can figure out my middle name, I will post a hint. BUT, you can find it on the website by doing some looking around. Jaimee
  16. Trivia anyone?? I have done a couple of these trivia games in the past and figured I would repeat the tradition of the Valentine Trivia Game since it was the first one I ever did. To play, find the answers to the following questions and email them to me. The first to email me with ALL of the correct answers will win a prize. The prize will be hidden, and you will receive the coordinates by the end of the week. If you have won a previous game, you are not eligible for the prize (sorry GS! ) but you are still free to play for fun if you would like. The game is open to everyone, but the prize will be hidden somewhere in the Central Valley area. All of the answers can be found online. There is one question that can be answered by doing some searching here on the Geocaching website as well. Good luck! 1. Who came up with the idea of "Vinegar Valentines" in the mid 19th century? 2. Who first declared February 14th a holiday? 3. What medical discovery was introduced February 14, 1929? 4. What is the name of the individual who was the first American publisher of Valentines? 5. The first photo of a president in office was taken on February 14 in NYC. What year was this, and who was the president? 6. Who gave the first televised White House tour on February 14, 1962? 7. What was the original purpose of the love seat? 8. In the 19th century, bridegrooms were served three courses of a certain food due to its reputed aphrodisiacal powers. What was this food? 9. How would a man tell a woman "I love you" in the Hebrew language? 10. Who said, "Love is a perky elf dancing a merry jig and then suddenly he turns on you with a miniature machine gun." 11. What is my middle name?
  17. Be glad he snapped you in an upright position! Pat and I were watching Ron Streeter and Richard of Geocrickets hunt a cache one evening, and Pat got some great pics of Ron with his rear pointed to the sky while hunting Always watch your back..you never know who might be waiting to catch you unaware!!!! Jaimee Hey...I did the quote thing right! You CAN teach an old dog new tricks.
  18. How about if the "newbies" get together and host an event? And, I apparently still haven't figured out how to properly use the "quote" function as evidenced by the mess above! Oh well. Jaimee
  19. I went to your cache with all 3 of my children, (2, 4, and 9) and I had no concerns at all about the railroad tracks being that close... Plus the fact that it is at the parking lot not the tracks. I think it should be left as it is. I don't think anyone (namely me) asked for the cache to be removed. It was a few simple questions I asked that were answered and let go...good grief! Jaimee (who now remembers why she vehemently avoided the message boards for quite some time!)
  20. The caches I am talking about are not ones I want to place. I visited one recently that was (what I thought) a bit close to unfenced tracks, especially if people are out caching with their kids and they wander away a bit. There is another new cache that I have not visited yet, but when discussing RR track caches with a friend, this one was mentioned as being even closer to tracks. There are so many places to hide caches that I just don't see the need to place them in potentially dangerous areas (or busy shopping center shrubbery, but that's a whole 'nother can o' worms ). I guess that is just part of the coolness of caching; if you arrive at a site and don't like the location, you can skip it entirely and go on to the next. It just looks so much better to have red marks next to the caches instead of blank spots! To the new people, I am not trying to rain on your cache-placing parade....just spitting out a thought or two. Some of the newer caches have been quite clever and obviously well-planned. The "shopping center shrubbery" comment above was not directed as new cachers; there are plenty of OLD shrub caches sitting around as well! Jaimee
  21. Congrats on the second baby Kurt...you must have your hands REALLY full! The railroad track issue is interesting to me. I am very curious how some caches get approved considering their proximity to tracks....hmmmmm Jaimee
  22. I forgot something else. Who was it that had a problem with getting a cache approved some time back because it was too near railroad tracks? Was that you Bill? I was curious what the official "rule" was from Geocaching. It says 150 feet on the guidelines, but I am wondering how the approvers know the actual distance unless they visit the site (or take the placer's word). Jaimee
  23. Oh, brother. Come to think about it, I guess Jaimee does set the record for the ladies. **At least the record for ladies who cache solo around here. Most seem to be part of a "team" and don't often venture out alone. It would be really great to have you solve my new code cache - because I know how much you like 'em. **Uh..yea...I will jump right on that one. As for the cacher finding but not logging, I don't think it's any odder than people logging caches they don't find! I have run across a few names in logs that never appear on the website. If they aren't plundering the caches and are leaving things as they were found, then I don't see what the harm would be. Maybe they are super famous and don't want anyone to know their true identity (or not) Ron..I am glad I made you laugh your cache off...hehehehehehe Can anyone tell I don't know how to use the quote option anymore?? It used to be so easy. Technology...sigh Jaimee
  24. Jaimee...the best solo female cacher in the valley..you know her, right??
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