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"Cointest" - Lord Stanley and his Cup

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I was once a huge hockey fan, not sure why but it faded as I grew older till this year. Maybe it’s the pandemic and tv binge watching or the Leafs vs Habs in the first round of the playoffs. Does not matter I thought it has been a while since we’ve had a geocoin contest so here we go.


Pick a team to win Lord Stanley’s Cup (I’ve included a bracket, so you’ll know who to choose from) no hockey knowledge necessary. Make a pick (only 1 allowed per geocacher, anymore then your first is disqualified, so Octomom could not choose for each child unless each is a cacher and individually picks and posts their pick). Cut-off time to make a pick is May 21, 2021 8 pm EDT.

At the end of the Stanley Cup finals from all the names who have chosen the winning team, one will be drawn to win a trackable geocoin (my choosing) and possibly secondary prizes (my choosing possibly).


This contest is for fun! So, any disagreements or rule interpretations will be ruled by me and only me (my game, my coins, my rules).

Hockey Bracket.jpg

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I like this. I am free of any knowledge about chances of particular teams. I choose Florida, as Radko Gudas plays there (I had to google that). He is the son in law of my Czech friends. It could be a good reason to pick this team.

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I choose the Blues.  I don't actually think they will hoist the Cup for their second time in franchise history.  However, if I DON'T choose them and they succeed, I'll regret it.  There aren't any other teams I'd regret not choosing if they won.
My wife and I got to see the Cup last time the Blues won. So that was cool.

May be an image of 3 people and people smiling

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56 minutes ago, Rikitan said:

A shout for (one of) my good old friend.


Colorado 300 + SK TOPO

For newbies - Colorado :)


Great contest, thumbs up!

LOL I see what you've done there good one

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I will play along and pick Colorado.  I don't know anything about hockey, but my niece is completely obsessed with the AVs, so I'll support that!  

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I know nothing about hockey, so my pick is pure guesswork - I'll throw my name onto Washington because it's one of the few names I recognise and New York has already been picked by someone.


I'm in Australia and postage is killer, so on the off chance I won, I'd be happy with just the TB code and activation code, and you can keep the physical TB. I only send proxies out and that would work out well if you had a physical TB you liked and had no intention of sending out into the wilds.


Brilliant idea for a contest, thank you for putting it on. Good luck to everyone, and hopefully the players are injury free this season.

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Nothing good has ever has come out of the state of Minnesota, so that's who I'm going with -  The state can't seem to come up with a Super Bowl trophy, so maybe Lord Stanley will grace them with a Cup!  My Pick: Minnesota for the win.  :rolleyes:

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I consulted an expert on this (my kid). He advised me to pick Toronto “because they’re stacked right now”. However he chose a different team for his guess (made from his own geocaching account), so maybe he’s trying to eliminate the competition? 🤔 

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Is there an updated chart similar to the one in the first post showing the current standings? Or am I being premature, with Montreal being the first to advance? (I have no clue how this game works, other than it involves ice and hitting people with sticks.)

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On 5/15/2021 at 9:00 AM, Unit473L said:

...and New York has already been picked by someone.


Ha! New York is still in there. I should have checked the forum earlier. :tongue:

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