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  1. I have to pick the Leafs because I am a fan although I can't predict how well they will do
  2. for Geocaching.com solution checker attribute , what about 3rd party checkers?
  3. last couple days i've been getting notification of fav point added to my hides then removed. is this something HQ is doing?
  4. Have you considered moving it outside the park ?
  5. Has there ever been any talk of creating a app for Waymarking ?? I bet alot more poeple would get into it if there was something quick and easy to use When I am out geocaching I usually forget about waymarks and log them after the fact
  6. I have a idea for a pending log found for challenges and earth caches There could be a option when a co creates a cache that all finds must be approved by the co only available in cache types Mystery or earth caches ect a finder would published a pending find log, and once approved by the co after he thinks it's met the qualifications he can check it off and it becomes a found
  7. Kinda disappointing to not get a souvenir
  8. Yeah figured out I could find it out if i tried to hide a new cache or do a search for caches I own, but still I don't do that every day
  9. So the other day I got a email on my phone saying one of my caches needed maintenance. I deleted the message and planned on checking it out when I got on a computer So went to see what was wrong witht he cache, but think I could remember which one it was So had to click on each one of my 58 to see which one it was. Wouldn't it be nice if when you listed caches you owned caches a Needs Maintenance flag would appear by any needing maintenance
  10. The new format really sucks , We use to get nearby events for the next 2 months or more , now only getting events for 3 days I have had a event published for the 17th, and with last nights newsletter it only goes up to the 15th. by the time it does make it in the newsletter, people will have already made plans for the weekend.
  11. Well i think Waymarking would be more popular if they made the gpx files compatible with the geocache gps files then some of the apps for the phones would be able to use them. I currently use c:geo and would be realy nice to see nearby waypoints when I am geocaching
  12. So Why are waypoint gpx files different from geocache gpx files? Thought I would import my found waypoints into gsak to keep track of, and everything is messed up Placed by's come up as category, it doesn't recognize as them as found by me Wouldn't it make sense to have these two sites use the same standard, would make apps and 3rd party programs easier to create or migrate over to use waypoints
  13. I was also told about this site http://logthemall.cano.sk/ that will let you log multiple TB's
  14. Not sure if anyone has ever asked for this or not, maybe there's something out there that can already do this as someone who goes to events and usually ends up with a list of trackables that I have discovered then have to sit thee and manually enter all these. It would be nice to have a feature where we could upload a list of trackables write in one description discovered at yadayada event Prob would need some kind of error checking in it so if you have the tracking number wrong you have a chance to fix it or skip it. Sometimes I get O's and 0's mixed up
  15. We have started a new group in Ontario Haldimand-Norfolk Area Geocachers (HNAG) open to everyone who geocaches in and around Haldimand Norfolk Ontario www.kwic.com/~hnag
  16. def like the icons by thebruce0 Not sure what the new icons look like I use a tampermonkey script that changes them so they all show up as broken links right now untill the script gets updated I guess
  17. Everything is working find now did a my find quarry came up with the right number the my finds reports the correct finds after I got in and removed the duplicate finds also my there was one cache that never got imported into gsak, prob missed that when i was doing 1 cache gpx files at a time the my finds i created myself shows 20 less cache's the number of archived caches in my list so i just removed that pq and will use the built in one from now on
  18. yeah found the option in gsak to display found count, seen I had 2 in there that had been logged twice removed the extra log entry, and then gsak was reporting 1 less then my the web site. went through my list on the website compared to gsak and found 1 didn't get copied over for some reason so now my counts are the same For some reason, every time I import this one cache that I did log twice, but have gone back and removed the log on the website, the extra log still shows up in gsak and I have to go in and remove it again the cache is archived now
  19. When I do a found pocket query, it says i have 1 less then what the site counter says how do I find out which cache is causing the problem and why is it not being added to the query? I though it was a archived cache, but there is more then 1 archived finds
  20. Maybe there is a way to do this already, but I cant seem to find a way to do this I would like to make a pocket query of all the london loop cache's in ontario, then download them to by gps all the cache names have L.L. in the title but I cant find anyway to create a query by cache name or part of name
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