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  1. COLORADO AVALANCHE! I've been a fan for 30 years+ but since the day Joe Sakic let Ray Bourque lift the Cup it's love.
  2. Now this is what they call demagogism! Unbelievable! And totally not true. How can you write such lies? I repeat, once again (after you deleted 5 of my posts): That unauthorized software made me BUY Premium Memebership at GC.com! That "XXX" software brought me to YOUR store and pumped up my interest in YOUR store! That software you don´t allow any mention of has brought YOU money! Now explain to me, how is this similar to coming to an orange store screaming "buy blue"?! Because in my opinion, what it does, is as if coming to any store and saying "buy at Groundspeak! God, I don´t believe my eyes. As I already wrote - I come from a communist country but this is much worse than anything I´ve ever experienced there.. And the worst part - still absolutely no explanation, what is wrong with it, why this war and why you´ve been acting so arrogantly towards us - the people you live of..
  3. BTW - all this censorship is really pathetic.. and dangerous! Crossing out or deleting certain names of applications?! My God, this is what they do in China!!!
  4. mention of unauthorized application removed by moderator 100% agree. xxxxxx made me buy Premium Membership.. now anytime anyone writes about this app, they just delete the post.. I am from Slovakia, which was a totalitarian communist country for many years but this Groundspeak attitude towards us-geocachers (who they live of) very much resembles it.. I am very sad about this and am not going to renew the PM.
  5. The new GC.com web site makes tools for online caching like GCzII unfunctional I guess this was the main hidden reason for this huge and ugly change.. I don´t understand this new policy at all, rendering all stuff that worked unusable.. I´ve spoken to many cacher-friends and if things stay like this, we are not going to renew our Premium memberships. If this is what Groundspeak wanted to achieve, then OK, but I think someone in the management is making some really stupid decisions. Seems that Groundspeak is acting like a monopol and it really sucks. Don´t they care at all for what people really want?!!
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