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  1. Thanks a lot for the invitation. However, I am more a Wherigo cartridge developer than a platform developer. So I may participate like tester of specific features that are currently (un)supported differently on particular platforms (e.g. moving zones). Kiko
  2. GS has detailed data on times when the stage of AL was found. It would be quite easy to identify the cheaters who find 5 AL stages (labs) in a few seconds. Or even several AL series in different distanced locations in an unreasonably short time. There was a time the owners had access to these detailed data on their own ALs. So we were able to identify the cheater ourselves (though without any impact). However, access to this data has been cancelled in the end of 2020. So I am not sure if GS is even willing to stop the AL cheaters...
  3. How would you introduce the new game to the existing millions of players other way than making it attractive to them (AL easy points)... Who would play ALs if they were completely separated from geocaching?
  4. I have realized HQ does not intend to integrate AL with "standard" geocaches. To eliminate above mentioned MANUAL steps I decided to stop searching for AL and deleted all (approx. 500) previous found logs from GSAK (in bulk) and on the webpage (MANUALLY one by one with each one to be confirmed). This way I have the same number of founds from GSAK and geocaching web page. And there will be no MANUAL steps to carry out in future.
  5. I would like to delete all my AL finds. Is there a way to delete them in bulk? I have found only very frustrating way of deleting them one by one...
  6. That is why I archived both of my ALs after the detailed log statistics was removed.
  7. This is a big disappointment. First the AL owners were revoked the access to data about visits of AL series. That moment I archived both of my series. Now they took the only mean to effectively join geocaching and playing AL during one trip. If this is the direction Groundspeak wants to drive ALs I'd rather get off. This has nothing to do with service for the users. I am very angry and I seriously think of deleting all my previous Lab visits.
  8. It is not fair Groundspeak changed the API authorization prior to agreeing with the application providers that use the API. And without any prior notice.
  9. I like this. I am free of any knowledge about chances of particular teams. I choose Florida, as Radko Gudas plays there (I had to google that). He is the son in law of my Czech friends. It could be a good reason to pick this team.
  10. As there is no possibility to reverse in the AL app I assume this to be feature rather than bug. Actually, my AL is combined with Wherigo so the answer to the every Lab stage question is the result of the minigame played. I have played the games several times while I was testing it. So I have no problem counting the finds of my own AL caches. That is why I have undeleted the log and I am currently in the process of completing the AL series. Once I am in the area I unlock the particular stage. 5 caches more o less... The result - the web, the app and statistics will match...
  11. Thanks a lot. So I have to undelete the log to have it right.
  12. As my own created Adventure Lab is visible in the app I tried to answer the question and it worked. I have unlocked my own lab cache. I wanted to rollback this action so I deleted the log from the web page labs.geocaching.com. However, the Adventure Lab app still shows the first lab cache as unlocked. The web page show zero logs for this adventure. So the Adventure Lab is currently in inconsistent state. What should I do to correct it - either to have log and progress in the app or to reverse the progress in the app to zero.
  13. Well, it seems the cartridge download feature has been touched, too. A cacher has written to me he had problem downloading the game. I have tried another one and received the same Upload error.
  14. Sorry, but maintenance window (with no improvements) lasting a week? I want to maintain my Wherigo geocaches. This often requires uploading a new version of the cartridge. I have not been able to do that for a week. Could you at least estimate how long this situation will last?
  15. And now it is Thursday and it still isn't working...
  16. Is it legal to make a Mystery cache using a Wherigo cartridge stored on some place other than Wherigo.com?
  17. I have been trying the whole day to upload new cartridge version to Wherigo.com. Unsuccessfully. No error message, no message at all, just no new version uploaded. Wouldn't it be just professional to place a message about planned maintenance somewhere on the Wherigo.com webpage? P.S. You should probably remove the NEW icon next to the Wherigo Player, as we have just celebrated the 10th anniversary of it...
  18. I have just received two notifications of found on my cache GC2RHVZ from the fake cachers Horn9311 and Durham7528. It seems to be a robot logging as there were caches from Canada and Germany on their found list today.... Could someone from Groundspeak deal with this? Kiko
  19. Thanks, Ranger Fox, for a quick and complete answer. I have decided to move to your server with all my cartridges. And I shall encourage the cartridge owners in Slovakia and Czech Republic to do the same. I have tried your server only briefly. The provided functionality (searching and logging, the connection to the particular geocache code, etc.) is much better than the one provided by the official server. And what is the most important, it lives. Thank you very much for the effort spent in developing this idea. I hope the agreement with Groundspeak will finally take place and this server will become the official one. I am sure the Wherigo platform (and its fans) deserves it. Kiko
  20. I have just found the Wherigo Foundation site and I am really surpised what you have managed to do. It looks much better than the official version. The first question that I thought was if I could migrate my bunch of ~20 cartridges to your site. I would do that immediately and switch the links from my GC.com listings to these. The question is - is it reasonable? Or should I wait for the site to become official. It can last very long... Any response is appreciated. Kiko
  21. I have made a dozen of wherigos and gave a try to make a Lab cache (on the web), too. I must say it is uncomparable. Plain text to describe the whole adventure is far from the nearly virtual reality in WIG. WIG is far from excellent. However, it is quite popular though Groundspeak cares very little for it (the official builder has stopped as Beta in 2008 and most players and builders have been developed by the community to let it live and to use its potential). The Lab cache may be a simpler form of WIG for the masses. However, I doubt this concept could be successful.
  22. The cartridge does not seem to do anything memory consuming. It shows the messagebox each 6 seconds based on the distance and bearing to the particular zone. So as the player moves the messageboxes change the content based on the position of the player. I can send it to you via email, if it helps.
  23. In the GWL I found only Out of memory Error without further details. The error repeated several times after timer eplased again. After several errors the OpenWIG ended completly. This is the excerpt from the GWL: 18:22:15|48.2112|17.1128|366.0|108.9862289428711|:: EEND: Signal.OnTick 18:22:20|48.2112|17.1126|366.0|65.00985717773438|:: TIME: Signal tick 18:22:20|48.2112|17.1126|366.0|65.00985717773438|:: EVNT: Signal.OnTick 18:22:20|48.2112|17.1126|366.0|65.00985717773438|:: CALL: MessageBox - Sila signalu: XXX zo smeru JZ 18:22:21|48.2112|17.1126|366.0|106.103271484375|:: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError stack trace: 18:22:27|48.2112|17.1125|366.5|104.61651611328125|:: TIME: Signal tick 18:22:28|48.2113|17.1125|366.5|106.05799102783203|:: EVNT: Signal.OnTick 18:22:28|48.2113|17.1125|366.5|106.05799102783203|:: CALL: MessageBox - Sila signalu: XXX zo smeru JZ 18:22:33|48.2113|17.1125|367.0|111.48428344726563|:: TIME: Signal tick 18:22:36|48.2113|17.1125|367.5|75.35679626464844|:: EEND: Signal.OnTick 18:22:36|48.2113|17.1125|367.5|75.35679626464844|:: EVNT: Signal.OnTick 18:22:36|48.2113|17.1125|367.5|75.35679626464844|:: CALL: MessageBox - Sila signalu: XXX zo smeru JZ 18:22:39|48.2113|17.1125|367.5|116.55587005615234|:: TIME: Signal tick 18:22:39|48.2113|17.1125|367.5|130.67630004882813|:: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError stack trace: 18:22:46|48.2114|17.1125|368.5|94.26203155517578|:: EVNT: Signal.OnTick 18:22:46|48.2114|17.1125|368.5|94.26203155517578|:: TIME: Signal tick 18:22:46|48.2114|17.1125|368.5|94.26203155517578|:: CALL: MessageBox - Sila signalu: XXX zo smeru JZ 18:22:46|48.2114|17.1125|368.5|94.26203155517578|:: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError stack trace: Kiko
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