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  1. Colorado from the decision wheel and a recommendation from a friend.... When they both lined up it must be a sure thing lol
  2. I tried several ways to load pics but the file size was always too big... sorry
  3. So I finally got a chance to pick up my package today. I was honestly expecting an envelope so the look on my face when my friend presented me with a large box was likely priceless... I was quickly offered a knife to get to the contents. Once opened there was the most beautiful hand made card with a picture of the family. In the box was an ammo can that was full to over flowing. Everything needed to place a cache, a container with cache in trash our bags, 2 lovely trackables, Hot Chocolate Bombs, beautiful Colorado items, and so much more. I can not express my thanks deeply enough to @MikeAndJuli. This 100% made my Christmas and made a very day much much better. Thanks to everyone and Happy New Years.
  4. I think I've received my package... I'll confirm tomorrow
  5. I'm starting to get concerned as my package was marked as delivered over two weeks ago on Dec 8th... Has anyone else had this kind of delay after delivery notice has been posted with USPS?
  6. Sent my info to Laval K-9: Nov 23rdName received from Laval K-9: Nov 28Sent my gift: Dec 4My gift arrived at destination: Dec 8 according to trackingI received a gift: Thanks for doing this
  7. Sent my info to Laval K-9:Name received from Laval K-9:Sent my gift:My gift arrived at destination:I received a gift: Thanks for doing this
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