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  1. In future, I guess if an AL location needs to be removed/replaced, I will just overwrite it rather than deleting and creating a new location.
  2. Tech support suggesting uninstalling and reinstalling the AL app, and that did the trick. Not sure why, but all is OK now.
  3. I deleted a location and added a new one
  4. Created a new AL yesterday and made it live. Then found an issue with one of the locations, which I removed and replaced with another. Now, with the new location only (and none of the other locations) I can see the answer prompt from well outside the set fence limit (like 50 kilometers away, with a fence of 20 meters!). I have tried changing the fence size, taking the AL offline and then reenabling it, but nothing seems to allow me to correct the fence issue.
  5. I don't use GSAK, and have no intention of starting to do so. I'd rather see geocaching.com updated with additional search options.
  6. Yes, I am currently using pocket queries, but this is not too efficient, and as you indicate, has some limitations. I also use the main search function, and then re-sort the list of resulting caches within the search area by date placed, but it would be great if I could restrict the date range so only the specific caches I want can be seen and mapped.
  7. I apologize if this has already been mentioned somewhere in the discussion board(s). The change / upgrade that I would most like to see is the ability to search for caches by date placed. I know you can do this by sorting the resulting cache listing, but it would be so much more efficient to be able to pick only caches from a certain date range initially. Thanks, str8upcacher
  8. Saving individual cache gpx files to my computer and then copying them into the geocache folder on my GPSr (Explorist 310) works OK, but it is slower and more cumbersome than using the plugin. Is Magellan not planning to update the communicator plugin at all? If not, why not?
  9. In this case, I just updated the information for one cache, by clicking the "send to gps" button within the cache description page. The PC does not provide any prompts in this situation, you just get a confirmation that the process is complete.
  10. I have a question, and maybe a more experienced geocacher can clarify this for me: when you re-upload geocache information to your GPSr, should it not overwrite / replace the older information entirely? Do you have to delete the old entry first to make sure you have all the latest information? FYI - I have a Magellan Explorist 310.
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