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  1. BSitton74

    Garmin Chirp

    Another question I have: Is a chirp ready to out of the box or is there any programming needed for it?
  2. BSitton74

    Garmin Chirp

    Does the Chirp require a Garmin GPS or is there a way to use it with a smartphone?
  3. I use to be a numbers kind of cacher. Use to be about getting as many caches as I can and as often as I can. I'm not so much now. I like to find caches in areas with historical or small town kind of areas. Every once in awhile I'll go for a numbers run on a trail, but now I lean towards small patches that are close to places of interest.
  4. How do you move a coin/trackable from your inventory into your collection? I thought it use to be in the drop down menu. Thanks.
  5. I recently ordered the first five Greek God coins as a special recently. The coins are truly amazing and arrived in most excellent condition. I have all in my collection, however I noticed that the Cybele coin did not have a unique icon like the others. Is the icon for Cybele still in the works or might I have entered something wrong? Thanks.
  6. I'd like to join the mailing list if possible. Email to bsitton74@yahoo.com
  7. How do I get an API key for Cachebox? Is this vital for downloading your caches? Thanks.
  8. 73s from KJ4PAH in Gastonia, NC
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