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  1. I think the design and concept are brilliant! Personally, I'd have made the relief of the gorilla a bit shallower, from the image it looks like the teeth project a bit, which could cause snags or for them to break off. On the other hand, I don't think these would be an every day wear ring, nor that they'd do too much travelling. Not sure if it'd be within your budget, but I'd include a basic duplicate tag that the owner could release rather than releasing the wonderful ring itself. Or include a little note that advises people on the wonderful world of proxies so they can make their own. How much would the cost extra be for the eye-gems? It would look good, red eyes tend to have that "evil" look (which some people would like, others wouldn't). Maybe emerald?
  2. I've had good luck with manufacturers (such as a sign writer, when looking for magnetic material) and approaching them during the day and asking the staff if I can have a rummage in their bin. What they consider scraps or not worth working with is often the right size for small hobby things like making caches. I've had a few tell me to take a hike (no pun intended), but most of them have given me permission to dumpster dive. I'll let them know what I'm looking for up front, and if given permission I take the time to tidy the area up a bit as well if needed.
  3. My most travelled is Lego plate, a simple bit of lego with a laminated paper tag. Currently logged 64,000km but 28k of that is from the "locationless" GC8NEAT cache, which although locationless was based in Seattle so logging that cache by the person that had it added on a few thousand km without actually travelling there.
  4. I've put in a request for each of the ones that I've seen available since I first started, haven't received any - yet.
  5. I'd been thinking of doing something similar - a mystery where the finder needs to use the cache page to find a link to a video, and the video is a "follow the trail" type where watching the video shows the searcher how to get from the posted coordinates to the cache container. So the video would be a simple one, starting from let's say a statue, along a path, round the corner and ends at a tree. The searcher then knows the tree is where the cache container is. The reason I haven't is because I think this setup fails the "use a gps" test. If the posted coords (or the cache page) say to start at the statue, and the video shows which turns to take and how far to go to reach the container, then where does the GPS come into it? Having something at the tree with coords (like an engraved metal plate or similar) to where the container actually is would create an extra step with more chances of the cache breaking, and I believe it then becomes a multi and not a mystery. So the people who like multi's would skip it because the cache icon would be a mystery, and the people who like mysteries would skip it because it has multiple waypoints.
  6. Pointless thought experiment: if someone with a stupid amount of excess money hired a bunch of people to go running around putting stamps / signatures in caches and log them under the one account, would it be possible for one account to "find" all the caches in the country? That would be the logical extreme of team finding? Assuming an even spread of 1,000 team members per state (as a raw average, some states are bigger or smaller or have higher or lower cache density), being paid $500 per week and it took a month for each team member to log all the caches in their area then it'd only cost a hundred million dollars and employ fifty thousand people to log all caches in the USA - and only for four weeks.
  7. Totally off-topic, I had a quiet giggle at how small the world is. @Goldenwattle - you recently dropped off a Travel Slug GeoCoin that I'd moved back in March '21. The gallery has a photo of the coin with one of our cats. I dropped it in the NT, JACS Team moved it to QLD, Aussie Liahona moved it and then you took it down to NSW.
  8. To me, that it makes it more valuable, because then it gives people the opportunity to ask "what's that" and we can respond with "well, let me explain..." I like that, I'm stealing that to use as a description.
  9. The wonders of the human brain. I find it annoying and will call out a throwdown if I have enough evidence to be reasonably sure, but I can understand the mentality behind it. I would imagine that most people who read up the rules and want to play properly start out only logging finds when they've signed the log. But it'll be a bit like dirt building up in the house. It'll be a little bit at a time, gradually changing a little each day. The person who lives there wouldn't notice as the change is slow and they get used to it, but then someone comes to visit and points out that the house is filthy. Some people would go "oops" and fix the problem, others will double down and get upset because they would never live in a filthy house so the visitor must be wrong!
  10. I've found a few coins as well, but the main reason for the post title is in case this thread comes up on a search if someone uses a search engine for "money in geocaches" or similar search. Even if it only teaches one person, that's good enough for me. There's a good to high chance that the two things are unrelated; but considering how long that container was there since the first CO placed it in 2012 without issue, it does seem to be quite the coincidence. In other places I've seen comments from other CO's upset about new users harvesting caches and taking them home since they don't know any better. Agreed, so much. I still consider myself new to the hobby, but I very quickly changed my description from a treasure hunt to "a worldwide game of hide and seek". I still think GC has a bit of a vested interest in TB's going missing, since they sell them and want people to buy more. (Okay, I'll put the tin foil hat away! )
  11. Yesterday I went out and was checking on some of my caches and found Return of Bee Hide was all smashed up. I've removed the cache container and waypoints and archived it, as I'm not going to be able to repair it or get a new container to redeploy it. I chalked it up to drunk idiots and didn't think too much more of it. It looked to me like someone took a hammer to it, but I figured someone must have been bashing it with a rock or against a fence. Today I'm reading in a few different places that there may be a few Tik Tok videos trending claiming that GeoCaches contain money. I don't have that app and can't say I'm too interested in it so I'm not going to go looking for the videos, but it's a bit disappointing if that was the cause of someone destroying a cache. In this case, if that was what actually happened then I can see why someone would get the idea that there might be money in there as this cache was a metal box with a hefty padlock on it (it was a multi, with the combo to the padlock at the first waypoint), placed pretty close to the centre of a city. As far as I know (I can't see PMO caches) it was the biggest one in the city centre, with a 3L (0.8gallon) lock n lock inside the outer metal box. Bit sad to lose a container that had been in play since 2012 and was two caches for two different CO's, but that's what happens when we put things out in the wild where anyone can come along and play with it - even in ways we don't want them to. Luckily no TB's were lost.
  12. I had a quick look around the Kamp Koral TB map (best viewed on a computer, hard to use on mobiles) and noticed that in Australia, pretty much all bar one of the Kamp Koral TB's currently in the wild are Gary tags. There's one "travelling the seven seas with Plankton" tag in Melbourne, but the other 21 that I saw were all Gary. Not a ran or anything, more of an interesting observation.
  13. I'm impressed that there's one in the Northern Territory, near where I live. Though this is Australia, so "near" is a relative term. It's close enough that I could go log it if I really, really wanted to - but I don't think I can justify a 620km (385mi) seven-hour drive to the next town and back just to log a TB. A day trip and two tanks of gas.
  14. I'd disagree, unless the spider was properly preserved and/or rendered "uneatable" in some way. Just because I can't smell something, doesn't mean other critters can't. I've had what I thought were 100% clean plastic containers still attracting bugs and things trying to find remnants to nibble on. If I had a lovely spider to show off, I'd prefer to seal it up in epoxy resin or something similar instead. Lose that "oh, it's real" factor, but it would last a lot longer. Oh wait, yup - almost guaranteed to get stolen. The ones kunarion and barefootjeff posted are good examples, and have pretty much the same effect.
  15. That's how I think, except that I skip the "let it go missing" step and go straight to the "release a proxy" step right from the get go. Keep the nice, funky, rare, or otherwise TB safe at home, send out something else with the TB code on it. Get the best of both worlds - keep a nice TB and have the code roaming the world. And when it goes missing, create and release another proxy!
  16. It can be both exciting and horrible. I have a TB with a specific cache destination - it's covered two states so far ... in the wrong direction, then stalled last year. Oh well, them's the winds of fate.
  17. Just putting out my unwanted and worthless opinions. For a place like Centre Point tower, then I would think it's a valid placement due to it being a tourist destination. Someone who is a tourist and going there anyway would be happy to get a cache there for no additional cost. Though I do understand someone who wasn't planning on going there and had a Pokemon mentality would be upset at being "forced" to pay an entry fee to get that smiley. Having one inside a real estate agency or a fancy electronics doo-dad shop wouldn't be valid, for the reasons others have already covered.
  18. In my experience, the "best" solution is to buy more TB's. My first purchase was four (I needed to pay postage, so wasn't worth buying 1 or 2). When you only have a few, you become emotionally invested in them. I was constantly checking up on my first four and fretting about what was happening to them (or not happening!) I'm now up to 23 (and using proxies instead of sending out originals - that's a complete other essay) and I'm much more relaxed about what happens to them individually. Plus I'm more likely to get an email about one of them being picked up / dropped off if there are more of them.
  19. Cool, thanks for sharing! I wonder if this whole Ukraine thing and Russia pulling out of space projects is going to have a flow on effect on Woodsat?
  20. Little frustrating that there is already a proxy roaming around, but that's one of the many risks TB's face when out travelling. What I'd do in your situation is to message both the owner of the TB and whoever currently holds the proxy and let them know you have the original. My also be worth adding a "Discovered" log onto the TB. Then it's up to whoever responds first. The owner's response should carry more weight since it's theirs. They may ask for the original to be posted home and leave the proxy travelling, or they may want the original to go out again and have the proxy sent home. Either might not respond, or neither might respond. If neither gives an answer, I'd just continue hanging on to it for a bit longer, and add the TB to your Watch list. If the proxy gets put into a cache that is archived due to vandalism or destruction, that's a good cue to re-release the original. I wouldn't have both out at the same time - like you said, it'd cause confusion. And possibly trigger the TB being locked.
  21. On the official app: Easy caches are green (Traditional 2/2 or less) "Advanced" caches are shown, but greyed out with a "get premium" prompt (Multi, Challenge, Letterbox, Traditionals over 2/2, etc) Premium Member Only caches do not show up at all - no icon on map On the website: Easy caches are green Advanced caches are green or other colors (such as orange for Multi) Premium Member Only caches do not show up at all - no icon on map, no access to the page details if you know the GC code
  22. Un-Challenge failed successfully? I don't know why I was still thinking this promo was going until December. Managed to collect 27 of the 28 Souvenirs - missed out on Europa. Since they no longer show up on the caches I can't go look now to see which cache(s) I should have gone for to complete the series, but I know the last few that I'd found had mostly been repeats of ones I already had. I suspect that caches I'd previously found had Europa's? Oh well, I should have gone out caching more often!
  23. (Excuses, gebruik Google Translate). Als je een trackable wilt kopen, kun je een van deze winkels proberen: International Retailers (geocaching.com)
  24. Brilliant! Looks like I missed out, but can't complain as I'm sure they had more applications than they had TB's to give away. Looking at the map, there's a mess of them in the US, a plethora in Europe and ... zero anywhere else.
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