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Who Are The Lurkers? Introduce Yourself.

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I've just stared visiting the forums trying to increase my knowledge and pick up things that I should know. Haven't posted anything...until now. My son and I have a great time going out looking whenever we get the chance. And I'll try and find some while I'm driving around for my job. I'm glad my friend introduced me and my family to geocaching.

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I'm Turnip Farm, and I have been a forced lurker here for 20 days. There was a problem with my account but the wonderful people at HQ fixed it and I can now post! I'm in Sacramento, CA, USA and am interested in TBs, clever hides, and caching wherever I can. Some say I'm obsessed with geocaching...I even saw someone with a license plate in the gas station that I interpreted to mean they like to geocache..but saw no TB on the vehicle. Always on the lookout for a place to plant a good cache...and love finding the ones that obviously took some thought.

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Hi! I'm an OldGringo in Tx. Recently retired and was in bad need of something to do that would get me out of the house and off of my butt. Started off with the iPHONE intro app and bought the full function version after a few days. Wasn't going to purchase the Premium version until I decided if caching was an activity I would stay interested in of just a passing whim. So far so good, will consider buying a GPS in an month or so.

That is all, carry on!



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Hello, I'm new here and wanted to say hi, I'm Dave and I live in Scotland also, had never heard of geocaching till I got an etrex10 for xmas, and as my phone does everything it does I started looking for a dedicated use for it and found out about geocaching, I'm off to try and find my first one tomorrow by motorcycle (hence the name).


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We're just poping round to say hello. Neither myself or my partner spend any time on these forums so I guess were not technically lurkers but thought we'd introduce ourselves anyway. Just a weekend hobby for us to combine our love of mountain biking and hiking/exploring Southern Arizona. We're thinking of putting our first cache out in the world and ive been researching clever ways to make a nice multi.

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I do post, but I have started forums were people REALLY have a strong opinion on something and it can get ugly.

I don't post often, and avoid starting topics. I'm not new to geocaching or the forums, but just recently turned of age where I can post in the forums under the TOU without a parents permission. It does seem that you are "Trolling' the forums, but I also understand that you are new to geocaching and may be under the age of 18. The forums can get ugly, so if you need to ask a question and not post it in the forums, just PM one of the regulars or a moderator. I'm sure many are willing to help you and keep it civil.

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Hi, I'm brand new to geocaching. So new that I have yet to find my first geocache lol. It's a bitter cold winter here in the buckeye state and I'm waiting for spring to dawn so I may begin. I was surfing the web one day and found a blog with a word in it that roused my curiosity: "geocache." I googled the word and found the official website. I'm an adept outdoorsman in summer and always love to pick up new things. I've been lurking the site and forums ever since. I actually drive right past a cache in a tiny park nuzzled in the age old downtown area when I commute to and from work. I tend to look to the park as I wait for the traffic light to let me through and think about this new social network that I'm eager to jump into. I know I'm going to love it and I can't wait to begin my newest addiction :-)

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Been lurking for the last few days but didn't take me long to jump in. Found this site Saturday morning, bought a 62stc a few hours later and yesterday the wife and I found our first 6.. :) We are hooked and are heading out again soon to look for a few more. We are active in the outdoors when the weather is working with us so this just seems to fit.

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I have looked at the Geocaching web site off and on for a couple years. It looks like a fun hobby. But I just seem to keep getting distracted by other hobbies. I want to get out and find a few caches this year. The weather nest week looks to be a bit warmer, so I'm going to get out and do it!

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Hello, new fellow geocacher here!


Today marks my first day of Geocaching officialy, I went to the park today and found 5 cache's already. I love this activity so much, that I'm gonna try and do it on a daily basis, with a finding of at least 1 per day. I would also like to help keep the caches maintained by informing people about them. I'm a big outdoors person, so this is the perfect opportunity to be out. When I'm outdoors, I don't like to jog much... I walk. I can't stand jogging because I feel like I'm using up wasted energy when I could be doing something productive. Jogging by itself, just seems like wasted effort to me.


I may do something what I call Jog and Cache however. Where I choose a path at a park, and jog to each cache. Sounds like a great idea eh?

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Hello, i'm Eskimo and go Geocaching with my boyfriend Eagle hence the name. We have been Geocaching on and off for about 3 year's but are only just about to reach 400 caches as we find it difficult to fit it in with busy jobs and lives. I have looked round the forum's before but only made my first post yesterday.


We are located in Derbyshire, England and hope to really ramp up the amount of caches we find this year and maybe finally get round to placing a few of our own.

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My name is Gregg and I was introduced to Geocaching this past week. I love the aspect of being able to get both physical and mental exercise at the same time. Currently I'm making notes of caches near my home and office and hope to spend some lunch hours finding a few urban one's before venturing out to the more secluded ones near me. My two passions in this stage of my life are golf and cigars. With an addictive personality, I'm pretty sure Geocaching could easily become another one. In the meantime, I'm still working on my first solo find. If you're in the Louisville area, I hope to run into you one of these days.

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Yep I'm a lurker lol. I've been caching for almost 3 years,. I am NOT on Facebook, I tend to stay away from public forums and posting, because things get ugly, it's hard to interpret "tone of voice" in text. But I've learned several new things lately that I've wondered about, and got the answers to. I don't post much, and I try not to get sucked into all the drama. That's why I'm not on Facebook. People wouldn't see me as "sweet MsMandi" anymore! Bwahahahaha!

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Was I caught Lurking? Great time to say hello... I am a big fan of geocaching and was extremely active a few years back. Life got busy, my past time hobby slowly started to be put on the back burner.

I am a 31 year old mother of two, living in Bakersfield Ca, hoping to get back out and start his fun activity again. I am so excited to get back into it. I am open to finding someone local to grab a few with me every once in a while, or perhaps head out for some tougher longer day trip adventures.

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Hello! I'm new to Geocaching... got inspired by a photostream on Flickr, had a nosy round the website and couldn't believe how many caches there were so close to me. Had to go out and find some, and today I took my three kids (6, 5 and 2) out to find a couple of 'beginner' caches, which they really enjoyed. I won't have much time to dedicate to this... what with the kids, the job, the part time degree, the small business and the other hobby (photography) there aren't enough hours in the day!


I'm in the UK (Leeds), so hello everyone :)


(As to the reason I haven't really posted in the forums , and have been lurking... a combination really of not having anything particularly to ask (yet), not being knowledgeable enough to answer questions, and also bitter experience on another forum... figured I'd get the lie of the land before I leap in and start an accidental argument!)

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I'm new to geocaching and new to the forum, but I just wanted to say "hi" and introduce myself. :] I'm Amy and I'm geocaching in the Metro-Detroit area. I'm also an avid postcrosser, and actually found out about geocaching from another pc-er some years ago, but didn't think it'd really be my thing... Until somehow it piqued my interest, and here I am. :D Also, do I need to be a premium member to get a litle photo over <-- (there?) lol. :rolleyes:

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Lurking for all the time I've known about this site...Me and my...*checks today's tally* 26 finds..Anyone here in Sillicon Valley? (After looking at the logs, I know there MUST be...) Decided I would un-lurk long enough to say hello...


Also: Anyone in Sillicon Valley willing to chat...Drop me a line! I have no idea what I'm doing, here!



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Hi! Call me Ogby.


I am very new to this wonderful hobby, only starting yesterday.


A short time ago, my girlfriend found a book called "Geocaching For Dummies". I skimmed through it, but read enough to become interested. Last week, she found a geocaching app, and informed me that we have several caches in my immediate area. Yesterday was my our year anniversary,and we decided this was how we'd celebrate.


We only intended to find one by ourselves in the morning, and if that went well, another after getting the Kids from school. What actually happened, was we "found" 5 yesterday, 3 that we "think" we were in the right area for, but didn't feel comfortable with the amount of people nearby, and 1 that we just couldn't find.


Today, after getting the Kids from school, we went out and found 5 more. I like it, my Girlfriend likes it, the Kids think it is a blast, and we hope to keep this enjoyment for a long time to come!

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Newbie here but I have been a forum lurker on other forums so probably will be here too. I will say it used to bother me that so many people were vicious on the forums but then I adopted a different attitude and this is why.... so many people have no way to VENT. If they vent on the job they will loose it. If they vent at their mate they will loose them etc.etc. so if they weren't

venting on the fofum maybe they would be out stalking geocachers so vent on!

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I am a lurker. There seems to be so many forum nazis out there. If I don't know the proper way to reply or how a function works, I seem to always get a "you can't do that" rather than an answer to my question. It is very discouraging. There seems to be so many unwritten rules out there. I don't know how they work and I don't feel like dedicating time to figure out how to use them. But, I do like reading posts. I just don't ever respond because I don't want to get a slap on the wrist by the royal forum guards. *I'm not speaking about this forum, just many of them in general.

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Just joined a few days ago. I am camelli25 and I have been introduced to geocaching by some friends last week. I heard of it before but never got to try it. I am in FL and mom to my 1 year old son. He is with me all day and of course accompanies me while we go geocaching. :) Have a wonderful day!

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Hi im becky and im new to the forums and quite new to geocaching :) we have being doing it since last august. I go with my partner and his kids and i think my partners boy of 11 ears has developed a love of it. He asks every weekend to go! We recently laid our own geocache down with our first travelbug so were a tad excited to see where it travels!


We are based down in hampshire and have only hit local areas so far, but when ever we travel we always look for geocaches in the area. :)


We are very pleased we found this activity to do as a family its great for all of us and makes a walk so much more interesting! We have been on trails round our local area we never even knew existed.

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Hi! I've actually been at this for 5 years now. I've been active on the forums off and on, but it's been "off" for the last 2 years. I thought I'd get back on and see what the latest chatter is. It's nice to see the same names I've been seeing for 5 years. So... Hi, again!

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New-ish lurker. I started sometime last year. I love that there is a forum! While I love exploring, and finding caches, one of my favorite parts about this so far is trackables... I find them absolutely fascinating. I have four fresh tags to send out this year, I hope they get somewhere! Nice to meet y'all!



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First post... I am very new to Geocaching; about 2 weeks new. I rented a cabin in Montana and the owner left a binder with geocaching information and a GPS for us. I thought, "I like to hike, why not?" I instantly took a liking to it. Now, instead of sitting behind my computer or Xbox after work, I go out searching for treasures (even if the treasure is simply a nice scenic view).


I live in the Minot, ND area if anyone on here wants to join forces sometime.

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I am very new to the Geocaching world...was introduced by a friend. I've never commented in the forums because of the way I've been treated on facebook. I joined groups that were in my local area and people who have a "lot of finds" seem to be rude and sarcastic to people who are just starting out. It almost caused me to not want to play the game...I stuck it out and now I love it, but people need to keep in mind that people are new. I've noticed a lot of harshness in the forums and that is why I haven't used them.

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Hi! My husband and I started caching a few months ago and we are hooked :) It's something fun to get us out of the house, and we really enjoy exploring the outdoors. I do all the logging and the lurking. This is my first post, but I have been checking out the forums since we started. The forum has been very helpful, I have found answers to many of my questions here. We are smartphone cachers, but we are determined to not be "one of those" that seems to frustrate many others ;)


Hello from BC, Canada and Happy Caching :)

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