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  1. I do believe I may then have one of the highest combined averages in NJ with over 1500 finds! Go South Jersey! (2.24/2.28)
  2. I currently have 1579 finds with a DT average of 2.24/2.28. But I must say, I have been working on that for a while now! My goal is a 2.5/2.5 next...
  3. Similar to the souvenir, it is simply a way to say "thank you" to those who do participate and perhaps give some encouragement to those who do not actively participate currently. I think that any reason at all to encourage people to practice CITO is a positive thing and does no harm, only good.
  4. In reality, there are always going to people some people who try to cheat the system. Whether it be card counters, people cheating on tests, logging virtuals and earthcaches without going there, or finding puzzle spoilers instead of putting in the effort to solve them. That being said, should this mean that because a small percentage of people will always behave this way, that we should not make an effort or attempt at good deeds? If people who have changed the world for the better (i.e. Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Ghandi) were disheartened to stop working towards their noble causes because of the few that aren't honest or who don't agree with them, imagine what this world would be like today. There will always be some who won't play by the "rules", but that is the exception, not the majority. Promoting a worthy cause such as a CITO can not be looked at from the perspective of some people not pitching in and just collecting the "smiley", it must be looked at from the view of the difference that those who did participate have made. Just some food for thought....
  5. Thank you for your input. I apologize if I made you upset by my suggestion. I agree that I would want to host and attend CITO's even if I never got a smiley for it. My family has always been passionate about being in the woods and responsibly taking care of them (I remember a lesson my mother gave us about Stewardship when we were young.) Again, it was merely a suggestion to increase participation and was not meant to cause any animosity. Thank you for your opinion, it is appreciated.
  6. Thanks for your input! This is exactly what I was hoping for, to see if from different points of views from other cachers.
  7. I wholeheartedly agree that I do not need an achievement offer to attend or host CITO's. My family is planning on setting up a few of them after my Camp CITO weekend concludes in April. As avid campers and hikers, our family has always practice CITO, way before we were geocachers and had a name to put on it. Some discussions have been going around in my area about how we can spread the message to more people to get involved in CITO's. I was just thinking that if Groundspeak were to back an achievement in regards to this, it may be able to spread to more people and more areas faster than in just a more localized manner. I appreciate your thoughts! Thanks!
  8. Thanks for the suggestion. I have already been in the "shop" and bought 4 CITO coins and 4 CITO trackables as door prizes for the event. As far as creating the coins myself, I know that is always an option, I guess I was just hoping that the coin production would come from Groundspeak so that they would be available to all and seen by all geocachers as a reason to attend more CITOs.
  9. I have a two day campout CITO weekend coming up in a State Forest. The land manager was very happy that we were helping, the only request was that the State Forest's in NJ require their CITO volunteers to sign a liability waiver. I have the form here with me, and the only thing required is a signature, they don't require an address, phone number or anything else. Just my signature stating that I understand that I am picking up trash at my own risk. I don't think that it unreasonable at all. Plus, I did put that the liability form had to be signed by all participants on the cache page, so that all who wanted to volunteer was aware of it ahead of time. I think that's only right.
  10. With the announcement of this year's CITO souvenir and having just published my first CITO events, I've been thinking a lot about stewardship and the power that geocaching potentially has (with reaching so many people worldwide)to make an enormous impact in cleaning up our communities, forests and parks I think it would be wonderful if Groundspeak would make attending and/or hosting CITO events become official achievements such as with finds. For example, if there was a geoachievement for attending 25, 50, 100+ CITOS, or hosting 10, 50, 100+ CITO's with milestones and coins, it may start a movement among the geocaching community to participate much more with these types of events. Not only that, but with the expected increase in attendance and frequency of CITO events, it would be an amazing way for Groundspeak to become known for it's environmental awareness and activism which would do nothing but promote the sport in a manner which benefits everyone, cachers and non-cachers alike. It would also be a great way to get people involved with their local land managers and show the game in a very positive light. I was wondering what you all would think of this concept? If there were CITO achievements, would it inspire you to attend more CITO events, or perhaps to host one of your own? Just a thought....
  11. Easter is the weekend before this year, April 20th. I had checked so that when I set up my CITO I was sure to not have it over Easter. I think that's probably why they also chose the weekend after Earth Day (4/22) for International CITO weekend....
  12. That is one of the funniest things I have ever heard! I've run into law enforcement a LOT geocaching in South Jersey, in fact a State Trooper just pulled me over the other day after doing a night cache and told me I'm not allowed in a State Forest after dark.....10 feet from the entrance to the campground....lmao
  13. Hi, I'm Discordia19 and I'm a sometimes "Lurker". I'm a cacher in southern NJ and just curious to see what's going on in the community but don't really have anything important to say
  14. Hi! I was trying to submit a new cache today (I have done this many times recently) and each time I am filling out the submission form, when the creating of the cache gets to the "containers and ratings" screen, I enter all of the info, click continue, and get an error message stating that "I must choose a container size before continuing". I once again choose the size, double check that all the other rating and attribute info is correct, click continue and get the same error message stating that I must choose an appropriate container size. I tried this last night and then again this afternoon with the same results from my PC as well as my android browser. Is anyone else having a similar issue? Thanks!
  15. Has since corrected itself. Thanks!
  16. This morning both my c:geo app and Groundspeak official app for android are showing my location about 1/2 mile off and show 0/0 sat available. Restarted phone, checked settings in all to no avail. I know there was maintenance yesterday. Any ideas?
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