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Who Are The Lurkers? Introduce Yourself.

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Hi Everybody! First time reader, longtime poster (err you know what I mean :-)

I joined the geocaching cult about a month ago. My lady friend initiated me. I now have 40 caches and I luv it! But it's a bummer that we're getting clobbered with snow here in the northeast USA. It's difficult to geocache in these conditions. I look forward to racking up more caches if/when spring arrives (seems like it never will).

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I'm a lurker & a newbie, only a few months old. Loving it so far, have made some mistakes but have really met some supportive & encouraging people on my local facebook group, who have been guiding me. I think I'm going to be mostly creating containers and hides. I've gone on some cache runs with experienced cachers, made some on my own but have found my thrills mostly in the creating & planning. It appeals to my ocd tendencies and love of maps. I'm a weird, nerdy, immature creep so a lot of my hides have been in abandoned cemeteries or involve ghost or monster stories...and one pending fart machine cache. I'd like to start creating puzzle caches but I want to do at least five of those before I attempt one of my own. Not sure what else to add.....quote tbd?

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Hi, Ausfag here.

Have been lurking for only a day or 2.


Started caching unofficially about 2005 (finding coordinates online, find caches, didn't log).


Became a member and started logging around 2007.


Almost 100 finds now, done in spare time between jobs, as I travel a lot. Also urbex a lot, and this is a nice crossover.

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Hello I am posting as 1/3 of a family of new geocachers. The head of house in our trio is 40, he is a Merchant Mariner who works in Louisiana while the rest of us live in Florida. We used to travel to take him to work but now he is able to drive himself :(, while I (the momma and brains of the family) am 35. I am a stay at home mom while trying to establish myself as a photographer- I plan geocaching trips, look up coordinates, and research areas along traveling routes to family, and our little cacher is 13 in school m-f, and she loves being outside; she cant wait to begin searching like the rest of us. We are new to the geocaching world, we have found almost 10 finds, and have searched 20 or more areas. We call ourselves The Cajun Cachers. We are happy to be a very small portion of the geocaching world but have not made any posts till now do to reading the rules, guidlines, and other posts that are necessary to read. We as a family love being outside and discovering new places. We have lived in Florida for 4 years now and have not been many places, but we frequent Jacksonville often. We are interested in finding a local group to join that can show us the ropes and meet new people. If scrolling through threads makes us lurkers then that we are but now that I am getting a feel for what posts are where I will begin posting responses to things that our help may be offered. Hope you all have a great day hunting and caching!! :DB)


Tha Cajun Cachers

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Hey! I lurk around for the most part, however, I recently had a post deleted by a well respected geocacher. I did not swear in my post and it contained accurate issues that my boyfriend and I encountered that would potentially confuse and deter future adventures. Was I pleasant? No. Was I irritated and straight to the point? Was I sarcastic a times? Absolutely. He ended up sending me a pompous message letting me know that he felt I was rude. Perhaps I came across as rude but the facts remain the same. There is a nano placed in the exact same vicinity. This cache has a full log ending in 2014. Apparently, it's co-ords are extremely close to "his" cache. He knows it's there, it's not even a blip on our GPS and therefore does not technically exist. Also, I thought this go against the rules of how close one cache can be to another. Which by the way, he would be breaking. It's located more than 6'3" above the ground and when you attempt to open it, you can’t. We had to use pliers and wrench. So, here's what I'd like to know; do we remove the nano? No name, not entered as a cache site. Second, why is he leaving it there knowing that others have found the exact same thing and left the site due to the 2014 log. Also, am I not allowed to comment on a cache as I see it? Is there a lot of censoring that goes on in the world of geocaching? This person insinuated that I didn't understand how he attained his description. Um ya, I'm going to have to go ahead and say that I did understand It but was underwhelmed. I hate when I can't find a cache so I'm seeking advice. Fix this and find his cache or just walk away.....not so good at that!!! Looking forward to some expert advice!!

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New meat here. Found geocaching watching Youtube videos where a get found a cache in the middle of the woods in the Netherlands. I googled it, did a lil reading and figured it seems like something my wife and I could do together while traveling or riding bikes. Got started on 3/12 while we took a ride to the Jersey shore and have been at it since. We have 44 finds at this point and had 3 that were a little more difficult the ones we had found. We kept at it and were able to put smilies up on them.

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I'm a newbie, so not really a Lurker, as this is my first voyage into the Forums! I joined GC just 2 weeks ago, after meeting a German member who showed me the basics. Got my first hat-trick yesterday (3 finds in a day) and have retrieved 3 trackables already. Looks like this caper could be a choice pastime over the New Zealand winter, and I am looking forward to widening my horizons on a planned visit to see my Hamburg-based daughter some time in 2017.


Back to the Lurking!

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Hi. I'm Chris, married to a wonderful woman and have 2 boys (5 & 7 ). The family and I just got into geocaching. The DW read about it one Saturday morning and thought it would be a fun way for the family to spend time together odors and of the couch! Went out our first day and spent the day learning about this addicting little scavenger hunt! The boys had a ball! We found about 8 our first day and I think 4 DNF's, we didn't know what we were looking for at first and was not familiar with the skirt lifters at that time. But we have since learned that there are some creative or demented cachers out there. The boys are wanting to place our own cache, so the DW and I are trying to come up with a pretty clever one ourselves. Getting a few good ideas of you tube. This is going to be fun! Happy caching!

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Hi there we are 4crazyyoungs aka Will, Laura, Faye and Euan, Ooohh and not forgetting Geohound Max !! We are from Forres in Moray Scotland. We have been Geocaching for nearly 1 year and have loved it. Gets kids interested in the outdoors and "Treasure Hunting" We try and plan our weekends around grabbing a Cache or two !! We have come across some real stumpers and some "No Way" Caches !! We are looking to hid our first Cache shortly, and we are going to attend our first event next week. Looking forward to many more Caches !!

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My name is Emma and I am from New Zealand! I am 21, and have known about geocaching for about 9 years - after asking those people over the road if they had lost something as they had been poking around in the bushes for 15 minutes. Long story short - my friend and I set off down the road (with no GPS!) the following day and found a cache (EBPX) hidden inside a rock alongside the Leith River. Being at school, too young to drive and too young to really go off too far - the excitement was short lived and it wasn't until 2010 that I found another couple. I created this account in 2012 and got back into geocaching late 2014 after realising there was one within 50m of my house. 2015 really took off for me and I found my 100th cache at the start of 2016. I am now constantly on this site, always looking for a puzzle to solve or printing screenshots of a suburb that I can explore. I have found almost 60 in the last two weeks I have been on holiday. Absolutely hooked!!!!!

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My name is Emma and I am from New Zealand! I am 21, and have known about geocaching for about 9 years - after asking those people over the road if they had lost something as they had been poking around in the bushes for 15 minutes. Long story short - my friend and I set off down the road (with no GPS!) the following day and found a cache (EBPX) hidden inside a rock alongside the Leith River. Being at school, too young to drive and too young to really go off too far - the excitement was short lived and it wasn't until 2010 that I found another couple. I created this account in 2012 and got back into geocaching late 2014 after realising there was one within 50m of my house. 2015 really took off for me and I found my 100th cache at the start of 2016. I am now constantly on this site, always looking for a puzzle to solve or printing screenshots of a suburb that I can explore. I have found almost 60 in the last two weeks I have been on holiday. Absolutely hooked!!!!!

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Hi Emma, nice to 'meet' another Kiwi 'addict'! I only started 3 months ago, have clocked up 53 finds, have hidden 9, and just signed up to Premium! I have hidden a magnetic nano on a power pole almost right outside my front door, and now keep watch for cachers. Haven't actually spotted any of the 15 finders so far! If you ever come up to the North Island, 7 of my 9 hides are within 5km of Wellington airport. I am attending my first meeting event on Sunday.




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I'm Amber, aka boog85. I live in MI, and while I only have found 2 caches, I really have a keen interest in getting more into caching. I do want to find a partner that is near or close enough to me where we could meet up and cache together.


I am currently in a relationship with my boyfriend of 7 months, and live near Lansing, MI. I have two cats, a boston terrier, and a love for the outdoors (when it's not too hot).


Also, what is the best GPS toy for going caching? I have the geocaching app on my phone, but it eats up so much friggin data. So, advice on that is needed too!!





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Hi, I'm Dan. Nice to see you all in here. My geocaching experience started back in 2010 in Afghanistan. It was a good way to see different areas around the base and actually do something on down time rather than just sit in the bunks. I'm just now starting to get back into it again after not having time for the hobby. I'm currently married with 2 young boys (2 1/2 and 6 months). I figure this is a good way to get my family back into the outdoors and have a good time hiking, getting some exercise and seeing different areas of the northeast.

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Hi all.

I'm Jack. The wife and I are retired and travel full time.

We have been members and have geocached for a number of years, but I am not sure if I have ever posted before. We plan on getting more active with geocaching. So, we will probably be spending a little more time on the forum.


Happy hunting all!

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Just joined up yesterday, seeking answers about the app on Android. I'm still looking! But I did solve my first puzzle cache, with a little hint from the CO. Have been taking my nearly 7-year-old grandson GC'ing and he loves it - till it gets too hot or "boring, Nana!" Now, whenever we have errands on different parts of O'ahu, I always look for caches nearby, knowing we'll have time to fit in at least one. Got one near Costco today, and he was the one who spotted it. He likes the "prizes" :D


I saw a t-shirt that said, "I'm texting - not looking for Pokémon!" so now I want one that says, "I'm GEOCACHING - not looking for Pokémon!" Not that I spend that much time looking at my phone, I get my bearings and only check it occasionally ;)


Happy Geocaching, friends!

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So the kids and I have just downloaded the geocaching app and are heading out today for our first find- we're quite excited! We haven't ever done this before, though I have heard of it and thought it sounded very interesting. We're not sure what to expect to find and we're not sure what to leave in it's place if we even find a box- but we're putting together a small stash of items we think might be appropriate- sharks teeth, erasers, small toys, anything small that my kids might like to find themselves. Wish us luck! there seem to be a LOT of caches right in our neighborhood. Any beginners advice or tips would be appreciated! like should we take a small shovel? does finding the box ever require digging? what about private property? are they ever on private property or generally in public access areas?

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Hello hello!


I did post an intro but I think I might have put it in the wrong place!


I'm week into the geocaching bug and have just found my 5th cache! I'm travelling through Sussex at the moment and have found a few in Brighton and eastbourne . My hometown is Dawlish an I'm very much looking forward to exploring when get home!

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Hi, all!


I'm Furrhan and I'm a 25-year-old masters of teaching student from Tasmania, Australia. I'm studying to be a high-school maths and science teacher.


I'm still new to geocaching but so far I'm loving it! I've solved a couple of the puzzle caches in theory. Just have to get out there and see if the coordinates are right! I've only logged one cache so far but then I have only just started. I've decided to get into geocaching to give me an excuse to get out of the house and to build up some fitness.


When I'm not geocaching or studying I enjoy reading, writing, playing saxophone, hiking, kayaking and moderating/posting on the handful of online forums I frequent. I can't wait to get to know you all and maybe see some of you in the field!

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Hello everyone im Travis also known as Travis Mayfair,i just started caching bout two weeks ago. Started down in south florida for my first 3 finds. Was interduced by a good buddy of mine cougarzlair, he has showed me the ins and outs and used many ways. Even the old school ways. I find this very fun. Pokeymom go players dont know what they are missing. I offten use the term to. For mugglers oh im uh....playing pokeymon go...uhhhh...nothings over here at all....hehe. im still new at this and learn somethimg new everytime i find one. If your in the texas area or unite states feel free to add me, i travel the united states with cougarzlair (he a truck driver) alwaysnice to meet new friends. God bless

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Hi all, i would probably be classed as a "lurker" i do read more than actually answer anything, especially if there is an argument! i like to stay out of it! but will read it lol!


tell you a bit about myself.. Im Debbie, full time mum. have a son who is 5 years old, who couldnt give a monkeys about Geocaching! My partner isnt too interested either he would rather metal detect, but im not too bothered about metal detecting so i guess we are equal lol. I found out about geocaching in January from my sister in law. i started and got totally hooked!JUST got the 150th under my belt. i live in Odiham hampshire. other hobbies are walking...luckily...looking around ruins, ghosty stuff, camping, and genuinely holidaying, LOVE scotland, photography and a big fan of prisoner cell block H (also quite new to me).


I pinched one of my sons bags to use for all my caching needs, does that make me a bad parent? :huh: also put a little sign on it saying....'looking for geocaches, NOT Pokemon!'

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Hello all! I'm Colleen, not a lurker... i just got here.

Retired newbie in east central AZ, about 2 months caching under my belt.

Want to purchase a GPS unit. Advice?



we just got a garmin 20 very good to have. nice to hold and not too hard to use, but does take a bit of getting used to. look at GARMIN anyway. i think they are all a bit different.

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Hello to All....I've mostly been reading and looking for answers in here...but have posted here and there. This forum has been so helpful in answering questions I can't find the answers to in the site itself, or I just can't find the answers after searching. I've been an avid Disney forum follower, so I've encountered an array of helpful to downright rude conversations in that forum. It appears that some of the same things happen in here, but for the most part I feel people are respectful and try to be helpful, which I appreciate. I mostly ignore the critical remarks and chalk it up to "there's always one in the bunch"....or "there's always one bad drunk in the crowd" sort of thing. I enjoy the forums. I love meeting new people who are excited about geocaching. It's helped me really think about the caches I want to place, or maintaining my own. I've placed five so far, and I tried to be thoughtful in my placements. Everyone has their favorite types of caches with varying levels of difficulty. I was reading one thread where people posted what irritated them the most regarding geocaching etiquette. I agreed with most of them, but then there were comments that were specific to what they preferred, which really had nothing to do with etiquette. Anyway....I plan to be in here more now that the cooler weather will be fast approaching. I'm really looking forward to winter geocaching. It will get me outdoors more, which is a plus. I'll have to work on keeping my hands warm, that will be the challenge in winter caching. Signing logs with cold hands will take some figuring out. Thanks for the topic. Happy Geocaching!

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Hi all! I'm Eli. I'm very new, and got into geocaching because of Pokémon Go. I live in Western Australia with my partner, stepdaughter and cat. I've only got two finds to my name, I'm a full-time student that relies on public transport due to some vision problems, but I'm having fun with it! I use the app, but I promise I'm trying to learn all the rules and etiquette so I'm not just a "muggle with an app."


Hopefully I'll be able to get my partner into the hobby eventually, and perhaps my stepdaughter :-)

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my name is Sandro, I live in Vicenza, Italy. My 11 years old daughter learnt about geocaching from her cousins 3 months ago, and we both were immediately in love with it.

During the summer holidays we went for caches in all the places we stayed.

Now I started surfing the forum as I want to understand more about trackables, events, etc.

Very nice and interesting place ! :)

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Hello all. My name is Clyde.

I am a retired gentleman who loves to ride motorcycles.

I am also a ham radio operator.

Learned of geocaching from a friend who is a ham.

Have begun to blend my motorcycle rides with searching for cashes.

Am looking for a good gps unit to load up.

Some of the locations I search have no cell service and that is a handicap.

I really have a lot to learn.

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Hi. My name is Derek, and I am semi-retired. I am not a lurker, as it is the first time I have looked at the forum since starting GCing 3 years ago. Having now discovered the benefits of a GPS over mobile phone, we have splashed out on a Garmin, and getting more involved.


Much as we are enjoying the hobby, I do feel there are some not entering into the full spirit of Geocaching. When I find a TB, I usually drop the owner a polite request to see if they are in agreement with me visiting a few caches before passing on, and they have always agreed. When I drop off the item, I then follow it's onward travels. I have been amazed at the number of items that then drop off the radar, until I see 'meets' arranged where people can view collections. It strikes me that collectors are removing 'non-collectables' from circulation, and for that reason I will never pay to put one into the system. However, I would love to set up a couple of local caches myself.

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Often when discussing features of the website, the point is raised that many of the people who might feel one way, or another about a given topic never actually say anything because the forums are so hostile.


Another good point that often comes up is that the forum is where people come to learn about caching, and we should try give the best impression we can.


I'm curious to know how many people are out there quietly taking it all in.


There really is no topic here, so you can't post off topic. And since there is no topic, there needn't be any arguing either. :P


Feel free to use this thread to say "Hi", and introduce yourself.


Well, I think its a great idea to have somewhere where people can just introduce themselves and hopefully not have too many problems.


Hello all, I'm bobo_the_monkey_77 and I'm kind of new to the whole geochaching and just going around and reading post. hope this site is useful to me in the future :D


Hi, all.


New to the forums and have tried to make a few posts. I understood that the first ones would have to be checked/moderated, but they don't seem to have shown up and it's been well over a week :(


Anyway - nice to meet you all. I've come to find out what a letterbox cache is!

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Howdy! :D


Newbie geocacher here, I just found my first geocache ever this Thursday! :D I went with two other newbies as well, after I lurked over the forums for a few weeks to see and be sure what geocaching was all about and what etiquette I needed to know . It seemed to be too good to be true, since I'd never heard about it before. As it turns out we had tons of fun! We had some problems to find the cache itself, since it was in an elevated terrain with rocks so we had to escalate a little, the we signed the log with a message to new cachers, but we forgot to add the date LOL! We took notice of that when I was logging the cache online and saw the pictures we took hahaha :)

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Hello all,


I'm a muggle and always have been! I've just recently dipped my toe into the world of geocaching and I must say the water feels nice! I haven't had a find yet, but I plan to soon.


I'm a bit hampered though. I'm currently away from home in a country with only a solitary cache. I plan to find it soon, and intend to leave a travel bug to see if it follows me home. I think finding out about geocaching in a place with only one cache is bittersweet. It's bad because I am limited to what I can find, but good as I can leave a lasting impression by doubling the cache count if I leave my own cache.


This leads me to a dilemma, is it good geocaching form to hide a cache and then leave the country? Essentially leaving it to fend for itself? What's your opinion? I really want to leave a cache here as I will never be here again and I have a great idea about a cache. But if my legacy will just be muggled or the such like, is it worth it?


I know I have no finds etc. but I already know I will like geocaching (as an avid orienteerer, I like finding stuff in the woods), plus I've committed myself to an Oregon 700 (couldn't resist the tax free price!) so I have to do it now! Although still an official muggle, it isn't my first encounter with geocaching (although that's a story for another day), and I look forward to my return home as I've already planned my geocaching route around my town (I was surprised about how many caches there were right under my own nose!). Finding geocaching.com feels as if I've been let into a secret club, and that's pretty cool.


Anyway I'm rambling on. Just thought I would say hi and introduce myself and ask whether it's cool to just leave a geocache to fend for itself when I leave the country for good?


Thanks for reading,



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Hello! Call me Chibi. I'm not exactly new, I joined up just this summer gone, but then ill health befell me and my first chance to do some more geocaching was the other day. So this is my first post and I hope there'll be many more to come.


I'm from Liverpool, England, now living just outside the city. I use my phone for the moment because the GPS gadgets scare me but maybe one day I'll upgrade to one of those bad boys.

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*waves* Casual cacher here coming out of the shadows to say hi. Located in the flat lands of the great white north. Finally replaced my GPS that was stolen from my truck this summer so will be back in the game come spring. I tend to go for the ones that don't see many visits are are bit out in the bush. Chibi88, if you can use a phone a GPS is just as easy, the new touch screen ones are super easy to navigate. A good inexpensive one to get your feet we would be the Garmin etrex10, its as basic as they come though not a touch screen.

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Greetings, everyone! I'm not new to geocaching (despite my tiny cache-find count. This is my third time geocaching, with long (months) periods of rest between. That said, I rarely stick with it for long (due to moving, or life throwing curve balls). But this time, I want to stick with it! My first encounter with geocaching was when I stumbled upon a cache near a hiking trail a few years back. I opened it up, and seeing the items inside thought it was a hidden treasure (and really, isn't geocaching just that, a treasure hunt?). I found a note explaining what geocaching was, and loved it!


Now, if I'm going to stick with it, I need friends to hunt with me! I'm a 24 year old trans-girl, living in Seattle, WA. I'd call myself a geek/nerd, and love hiking, camping, and all things outdoorsy, including Geocaching! My general calling card is to leave small crystals and gems (I go crystal mining occasionally, gaining an excess) in treasure-caches. I think leaving a piece of the earth I find particularly appropriate as geocaching takes you all over the Earth, so why not leave some of Earth in each cache?


Anyway, I can't wait to make some new friends! Right now I have no gps device, and am just using general distance guestimation and a keen eye to find caches, but soon I shall have a gps device :)

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Hello all,


A quick introduction, I was starting out as geotim56 and changed to TnT56 when my fiancé decided that she would like to participate with me. My name being Tim and hers is Tammy, hence the TnT56 seemed appropriate enough.


We reside in the Circleville, Ohio area and as you can see by the finds we are very new. We use a Garmin 60cxs GPS and the geocaching site app on our phones. We hope to meet other geocacher's in our area, maybe find an event or two to attend and just try to get comfortable in the sport.


After reading several topics here on the forum it's easy to see that there are a WIDE variety of opinions about many different things, as we learn we will try not to step on too many toes and do everything we can to abide by the set procedures. We are in this for the fun that it appears to be, and we will do our best to keep it fun for ourselves. We are not out for the most finds or numbers of ANY kind, but for the personal challenge that this sport will bring to us.


I've read many posts on this site and have seen the arguments and back and forth nit picking (you will have that in EVERY endeavor), but I choose not to participate in that aspect, but I will try to pick out the good constructive criticisms and try to learn by it.


Most of all we will do what we can to make this enjoyable for ourselves and others alike.


If your in the local 43113 area code, please reach out and introduce yourselves we would like to find geocaching friends. You can send an hello to my regular e-mail account if you like: tim_h39@yahoo.com


To the site administrators: thanks for a GREAT site!!! :)

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Hi all. We've been members for a long time but have only really been active since late last year. Now we're about to place our first caches and are just a bit excited about that. Hopefully they'll be published within the next month or two.

Our favourite thing about caching is that it takes us to places we wouldn't normally have gone and we learn a bit of local history along the way. We hope to do the same for others too.

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Greetings! I'm Turbo. I'm a twenty-something who likes to go 'caching with friends on good days. I was introduced to Geocaching in 2005 by my family, but fell out of it as I had to focus on school. Recently, I've rekindled my love for finding and placing caches, so I hope you'll come and look for them.

My first (and current) GPS is a Garmin eTrex H. It's not fancy, but it sure gets the job done.

Anyway, happy 'caching!

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Hello. I'm new to geocaching. I think it's nice to get outdoors and this brings me out and about. I'm currently in the upper Midwest (USA) but techn my home is New England now but realistically-I could be anywhere every 13 weeks. Thus the name. I started about 1 week ago. I have 11 finds, 3 DNFs, and 3 attempts but didn't log it either way d/t to circumstances (locked gates).


I am hoping to get my nephews involved this month.

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stands up and shouts "helloooo" all the way from Scotland :)

ive been lurking for a while on and off reading and learning since 2013.

ive logged more caches this year than my previous years combined lol, really getting into it, its great fun but cant do it as often as i would like.

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Hello, I'm from Wyoming and I kinda just researching this thing a couple of days ago, I haven't went out to find because I just don't know how to start, and where to go from there. Do I keep a collection? What if I find trackables outside of a geocache? So many questions.But I feel like this is a beautiful way to get out there into nature and just... have fun.

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Hello everyone!

My name is Karol and I live in Wisconsin. I have been wanting to try Geocaching for several years now, but never really took the plunge. Last week, after a particularly rough week,and to cheer myself up...I decided on a whim to look it up in a phone app and see if there were any Caches in my local area (plenty). I thought what the heck, I'll see if a can find one on my way home from work. Not only did I find it, I had an absolute blast looking for it! I now have a total of 8 searches under my belt with 5 finds. I am hooked. What's more, I am an avid hiker and camper, so I'm looking forward to adding this activity to my camping outings and hikes. I signed up for a 3 month, Premium membership yesterday and I am interested in any Geocaching meet & greets in the Sauk County, Wisconsin area if anyone knows of any. I would love to meet fellow Cachers and build on this as a fun hobby! A heartfelt Thank You goes out to all who have placed well thought out Caches for folks like me to find!

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I just started with my husband and young son, he's too little to get into it yet but I'm hoping to become a pro as he grows and go on some amazing family adventures! I can't afford membership right this second but planning on becoming premium as soon as I can. We've only been out in our urban neighbourhood a couple of times but I'm so excited for the possibilities. I haven't posted much because I feel like nobody cares to hear from noobs in here.

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