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  1. Hey there- Thanks for your bug report on the line breaks. I can't repro on a Mac using Chrome. What browser and operating system are you seeing this on?
  2. Thanks for the heads up! Whoa! What a blast from the past, eh? I entered a bug into our backlog to take care of that.
  3. Thanks for reporting this bug. We'll take a look at it. Can you include a screenshot of what is displayed when you click on 'Lists', please? Is it just blank?
  4. Thanks for reporting this, pastacache. I'm not able to reproduce using Chrome on my Mac. Can you post screenshots of what you are seeing, please? Are you using a Mac or PC? What version of Google Chrome have you been using? Thanks so much for any extra info you can provide!
  5. It should be working for you now. It will be slower on the 1st load, but once it is cached it should load quicker. Thanks for the more/less feedback, we'll run it by our Product Designer.
  6. Hey thomfre, It is indeed because you have a lot of friends - which is great! Ben and I have the same problem and haven't been able to access our feed since the changes were made last week. We knew that there were most likely others out there experiencing this bug, but there weren't many at HQ. We got lucky that it just happened to affect the (super social!) Product Manager for the Dashboard project, as the team has been aware and has been working on a fix for this. It should (hopefully) be released today!
  7. Thanks for the bug report, Kirkgirls. I'll get it entered onto our board.
  8. Thanks for reporting this! We'll get them flipped soon.
  9. Glad it's working for you again. Thanks for letting us know!
  10. This has been fixed now. Some people may not see a correct find count in their stats until this time tomorrow though.
  11. Thanks for reporting this bug and giving us good info, gang. I'll get a bug written up for it.
  12. Hey guys, Thanks for bringing this up. Yeah, unfortunately this is due to our current navigation bar on the site. The Dashboard won't be mobile friendly until we completely redo the nav - which is a big project. When we took a look at the data for how the Dashboard is being used we found the vast majority of use was coming from a desktop - most likely for planning purposes. We know that it's a problem for a lot of pages, but it's not currently on the roadmap.
  13. D'oh! Yeah, I just reread your post that I already responded to. LOL! Would you believe me if I said that I was just being super duper extra thorough? Oy!
  14. Is this still happening for you? With the recent fixes we released I can't repro it anymore. Let me know if you are still seeing only pink/red on days that you have logged a 'Will Attend' or an 'Attend' for an event.
  15. Yep! We would LOVE to include that, as well. Unfortunately it's a bigger project than just adding it to the widget, as we don't currently have that information (we don't ask for it during the cache submission process). There is another team that is planning some improvements in that process and we have asked for that tidbit to be included. It would be a nice win for the calendar widget for sure.
  16. Thanks for the feedback, The A-Team. Glad to hear that it is indeed working more like what we expected. We will be chatting as a team about adding some more customizable options for the calendar widget soon. The feedback that we have been hearing from everyone here has been super helpful. Stay tuned!
  17. Thanks for the bug report, bau-ch. We are doing some work on the Message Center soon that will hopefully fix the first issue you mentioned - the strange text after your coords. We are also looking into the second issue (the aggressive truncation of your text) to see if a solution can be found, as well. It might be an issue with a 3rd party provider - but we are checking it out.
  18. Thanks for the update, KBLAST. Getting that info to the team to get this figured out soon.
  19. Thanks for the helpful, detailed bug information, Boggin's Dad. We've heard about this troublesome bug from a bunch of folks and are working to get it figured out. Hopefully we'll have a fix soon.
  20. Thanks so much for the detailed info and screenshots, hansanita! We'll be doing some research to get the more nearby events displaying correctly on the Nearby Events Calendar soon.
  21. Thanks for bringing this up, DragonSoldier45! It is definitely not intentional. We are looking at trying to get this fixed ASAP.
  22. Can you share the GC codes for these 2 issues, please? We'd love to get to the bottom of why some events aren't showing up on the calendar for people.
  23. If there are more than 3 events within the radius for a particular date then the 'Search events' is supposed to bring the user to the filtered search results that show them all event types. Soon we will be adding the radius (within 100mi/160km) and a sort order by ascending date to these results - at which point the user can change the filters to any radius they prefer.
  24. Thanks for the feedback, thebruce0. We'll discuss the adjustable distance option as a team - need to figure out some logistics behind that one. Great idea to display an event outside of the radius that has a Will Attend or Attended on it - super useful for geotravelers! We have a ticket on the board to get this one implemented. Days that have a Will Attend or Attended posted should be displaying in green on the calendar and have a little icon next to it in the list view. We are seeing some bug reports of the green shading not occurring for these events and will try to get it sorted out soon.
  25. To help figure this out, do you mind giving me the GC code for the event that you logged a Will Attend for on the 19th, please?
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