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  1. Depending on how you navigate to the cache you can also log it on a smartphone, but I would suggest that you type more than just a 'thanks' or 'TFTC', even if it is fairly brief try to say something like 'A nice quick find here, all in good condition', but don't tell people where the hide is or give hints in your log.
  2. https://www.geocaching.com/find/default.aspx You can find the link to this when you click on your username.
  3. To be honest most caches I find are no more than 15 out. But at the very most 30 feet out.
  4. Black insulation tape is used widely in the UK.
  5. A (unused) specimen tube. Always 100 percent watertight.
  6. Whats the D&T rating? Has this cache always been a problem for people to find or just now?
  7. I only log visit logs if I have taken the TB a considerable distance.
  8. Try posting it on the group local to that area. Most geocachers have never even visited the forums.
  9. You will have to pay to be a PM, after that a new option called "pocket queries" will appear on the "your profile" tab.
  10. Have you tried putting it on other local organisations pages?
  11. Hi, How do I add text to a Source Code for a puzzle cache? Many Thanks
  12. Here is an example: http://coord.info/GC4RV8B, it is a very easy puzzle but very hard terrain.
  13. In my local area, there is only one other person who posts on the forums, the rest are on facebook.
  14. Reviewers tend to only be chosen if they are expirenced, well respected and not on the "blacklist".
  15. You can not check them unless the CO has provided a link, try contacting the CO to confirm them.
  16. 13 VW polo, great for nipping around getting FTF's
  17. Discover it and say you have it in your inventory, then just wait and see what happens.
  18. You can see on your profile, but not on the Trackable page.
  19. Contact the TB owner and he/she can delete the logs/
  20. Try having a look at http://www.follow-the-arrow.co.uk/resources/gps.html for GPS features.
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