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Who Are The Lurkers? Introduce Yourself.

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I guess I've lurked for 17 years, dang those self renewing memberships :P Intended to get serious in 2010 when I joined but opportunities were few

in the middle east. After I got home life got in the way and I didn't get started until January of this year. I wish I had kept up in between as I have made some fox paws since. Thanks to all that contribute to this forum!

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Hi you guys :) I am not new, but I am re-entering the atmosphere of my favorite thing to do ever...so I am back! I currently live in Hawaii, and have been here for years. I am most recently from Arizona prior to moving to Maui, and next week, we are returning home to southern Arizona. I am looking to make geocaching friends around the area. While I started almost 10 years ago, I went through a growing stage of not logging finds, I know, I know. So when I get back home, I will be returning to old spots to cleanly and correctly log old finds, and enjoy the many new ones. For the next few days, I'll be trying to grab many more of the few caches here on the island, and get some trackables ready to make their way around the world from Maui, and move some more back to the mainland. I own a couple of eTrex Vista HCxs that my kids use, and recently got an Oregon 650t :) I am a map junkie and data geek, so after a few years of having to put geocaching on hiatus, I am so, so happy to come home, with a fresh start :) Looking forward to making new friends!

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Hi Everyone,

I'm a major foodie and enjoy the cowboy, open fire cooking experience which is a great camping hobby. We had a Dutch Oven Gathering few weeks back and one of the cooks that joined us was into Geocaching. I've heard of it, but didn't think much of it. He invited me along, we traipsed through the campground and the surrounding area.


So, here I am feeding my mind and getting ready to explore my little part of the world.

I've enjoyed the information here and I'll try not to be a lurker.


Dan "Southeast Camper"


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Hi there!

First post here on Geocaching forums! :D

I'm from Portugal and I've been a geocacher since 2008. Unfortunately I always had personal projects that kept me grabbed to a computer on most weekends, leaving geocaching as second (or third) choice. That's why I only have 60 finds in 9 years :unsure:... but that scenario is now changing due to a little project of mine that involves geocaching! Yay!

I'm now starting to participate in the portuguese community and here on the forums, hoping to be of some help.


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Hello . I am new to the forums I started Geocaching about 14 months ago. This is my first Forum post. I am in North Alabama. I also routinely go to Middle TN around Crossville.

Presently I am building Caches and launching TBs.  I started a series of TBs based on "101 Dalmatians", there are six puppies trying to get to London, England before Cruella De Ville. (another TB). After they touch base they are free to travel.

I am one of those who people who carries a large assortment of items in my maintenance kit. Along with assorted sizes of Ziploc bags,  logs, and labels, Stash items, TBs, I even carry 'O' rings.

Having to carry a hiking stick, and a reaching claw stick now, Balance is going out. at the time of this post I am 74

2017-06-09 16 49 18 0228 Photos.jpg

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4 hours ago, Minoes82 said:

I guess i'm a lurker to :P. New to this so i'm reading a lot. Just posted a few things. I'm no expert so i think that's why i won't post a lot. Or maybe cause i don't think my English is good enough. But it's good practice!

Keep practicing and welcome to the forums. 

Fortunately, I've never encountered an online forum which required every post to be in grammatically correct English.  Yours certainly looks to be understandable and that's all that really matters.  Of course, there are some native English speakers who can't seem to understand (or don't want to) plain English no matter how well it's written.  

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On 11/6/2017 at 10:51 AM, Abi-Gibby said:

I'm new to this whole Geochacing thing and found my first two caches today, what is the premium membership? Sorry for my ignarence 


There are two memberships... Basic and Premium.

Being a Basic Member, you can access the homepage and see (and manually download) all the caches available, except those for Premium Members only (PMO), by owners choice.

With the official app, a Basic Member currently will have access to low Difficulty and Terrain Traditionals close to him.

While being a Basic Member you can use geocaching freely... on what the homepage and official app concerns.


A Premium Member pays an annual fee and has access to a broad variety of amazing feature, both in the homepage and with the app.

• Create Pocket Queries to download many caches at once.

• Create Routes.

• Collect and grant Favorites.

• Access also PMO caches.

... and many more.


Any Basic Member can try all the Premium features during a month with a (one-time-only) free voucher.

You can ask for it to any Community Volunteer


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Lurker?  Sounds harsh.  Been caching on and off since 06.  Decided to jump in to it more,aggressively now that the 25 yr marriage has crashed and burned.  In Athens,  OH for the weekend and I am AMAZED at how many caches there are.  As far as why people lurk?  Life, so many online social options, who has time to participate regularly?

Each social media choice seems to have a hardcore group of regulars.


Interesting that this geocache board has been described as "ugly.  My interest has been peaked, think I will lurk a bit, lol.  Happy caching!!!!

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Hello :-)

I've been geocaching for almost 2 years now, but have heard about it sine 2002. I wanted to do it then, but did not have the resources to make it possible. Overtime I just forgot about it as life moves forward. Thanks to the app and smartphones, plus a former co-worker reminding me about it again, I've now pursued this hobby non-stop. I absolutely love it, as it gives me a reason to explore. I just recently got into the hiding aspect of it. It's a great creative outlet.  

I'm in the South Florida region, but also cache in NOLA (hometown) when visiting family. I've only been on the forums a handful of times to lurk around. I figure since I'm here, might as well say hello. So here's my shout out to all the hiders and hunters out there.

Much love <3

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Hi, just a casual cacher from the UK.... started off by saying "it's not my hobby!" a lot - but these days I deny that I'm getting slightly addicted to it! Family and friends introduced me to it long time ago in Dublin!

I'm only on 192 cache finds so getting near that big 200! (haha, just kidding I've seen what numbers people are on these days!!!) but I'm finding the hiding aspect of it quite fun too, as I like my containers to be quite funky, hidden in sneaky places but not too savage!

A bit grey here at the moment so when you get a spot of sunshine you just have to go for it! grab the garmin, the gingerbeer and boom I'm away... or WE'RE away even as I also geocache a lot with jazzbird51 and a "geo assistant" lol 

Respect. Coo coo. 


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2 hours ago, Bibiwaconda said:

Can I use this device?

Sure you can... I also have one of those.

Being a Basic Member you can download cache by cache with a .gpx file, than drag inside the "GPX" folder in your Dakota, via-USB, by instance.

As a Premium Member you can create Pocket Queries of several caches, award Favorites, create Routes and many other benefits.

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I know this isn't exactly the topic but I would just like to comment on my experience as a geocacher so far. I joiined up around three months ago and since then I have greatly been enjoying it. The caches are both mentally and physically challenging. From the straight forward ones to the mystery and multicaches. Yes, there can be barriers such as when the terrain is difficult or when there are too many muggles around or there are no hints or coordinates may be out but this is part of the challenge. For the most part, I have found people in this community very helpful and encouraging to newbies like myself. I know my skills have developed and will still do so as I cache and I thank everyone who has played a part on my journey so far.

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5 hours ago, Ollrich1909 said:

its okay i found a way to export it. i exported all caches my gf found.load it into c:geo and deleted all the caches i havent found (we found all the caches i have found together) so i can export my new gpx to gsak :) but thanks anyway


Not sure what you were looking to do but you might have been able to also accomplish this using Project-GC Map Compare at https://project-gc.com/Tools/MapCompare . I'm a paid member so I'm not sure how much of what you wanted to do was possible as a free member. If you haven't yet given it a look, I suggest you check it out.

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Hi. I am a new lurker.:ph34r:  I am not posting because I have no idea what I am doing :) ---yet. We have only gone out once, and we found one out of three, but I was immediately enamored. I feel like a freaking pirate out looking for treasure! I am trying to get a little more educated before piping in on things. 

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Hello! New lurker here :ph34r: I had no idea geocaching existed until my young son asked me if we could do it last month. He likes it but I fell in love with it!! When we’re out there the world melts away and I’m focused on family time, hanging out, and what we’re doing & seeing. This has been a blast so far! :D I’m looking to connect to others and I live in Southern Arizona. I really like premium , great price point for a hobby and there really is more content to be discovered.




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Sorry, I can't  direct you to  a specific site, but you may just try and email the site and ask for a 30-day trial. We are also on a 30-day  Premium trial, and it seems to make a difference. And we ae also newbies, adult and child-and it has been overall good fun. Five found and counting.  

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I have been a lurker since 2012 just trying to understand how the game works. Actually, I already did my first post a while ago before seeing this thread.

I hope I can actively participate in the forums. I love this game, but sadly we don't have much caches in the Philippines. I guess I have to start creating them ( a lot of them). :)

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I guess you could say I'm a bit of a lurker?? I started geocaching not too long ago almost up to 100 caches right now I'm working on creatures... it is lots of fun but sometimes get really confused when I hide them myself...I'm starting to get really creative and I just enabled two of my caches that I disabled because they were lost stolen or what have you....at first I was just putting it down wherever now I'm getting really creative with it and I get those ideas mostly from other people that are geocachers in different countries they are very very creative in hiding...most of the time people don't even want to look for my geocaches because they are just hidden too well.... but I'm going to keep putting them out there ? I'm working on my 5th one and I hope people would do more than just look for a jar or jug or a micro because sometimes it's not about those.... it's in plain sight you just can't see it you have to look..... but anyways I go by Meredith66 and I love geocaching and I do it with my babes Geo_Juan

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Im (sort of) new to the Geo community! I learned about GeoCaching years ago from my teacher in middle school, and have stumbled upon a few larger caches by random in my outdoor travels... But just as of late have taken a huge interest in caching! For the first time in a long time I'm excited to get out and explore...  Can't wait for fire season to be over so I can dive headfirst into these caches all along the west coast. Thank you all for making this everything it is!  - Vaporizz

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19 minutes ago, wheresmywallet said:

I used to geocache with my kids when they were very young. Now that their older, it's just me but I'm getting back into the hunt!  I will need to read up on new features but I'm excited to join the community again!

Now that the kids are older, I hope you can find your wallet, now. :)

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Hey everyone. I’m from Ohio and have been signed up to geocaching since 2012 but didn’t start actually finding caches til the very end of 2016. I currently have 61 finds and 4 hides. I’m not really into the game for the numbers. I mainly just enjoy finding interesting places when I’m bored. Best find I’ve had was last week. Found a cache that was archived in 2006 and was last found not long after that. After not being maintained for 12 years and being in a dollar store Tupperware container, I was still able to sign the log lol


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I've been quietly lurking around for some months both here and on random Cachelogs all over the world:ph34r: :rolleyes: I've found out about Geocaching during recent pregnancy so I'm currently unable to walk or travel as much as I'd like to but lurking around helps to kind of feed the urge to walk/hike/find caches. I'm absolutely obsessed about this although there aren't too many good ones closeby but oh well I'll just have to wait a little more before I can start traveling and go look for new places. :)

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I'm from Belgium, restarted GeoCaching a few weeks ago.  Instead of my old Garmin GPS (which I lost during moving), I'm using my phone instead at this moment (which seems to work perfectly).


We are planning a weekend out in the woods with my wife's family.  To show them (and myself) the benefits of the premium membership, would it be possible to get a premium trial?



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