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  1. being colourblind the new map is useless to me now as i cant see the different colours ,its a move in the wrong direction
  2. how can i change the geocaching .com new map icons back to the old style as its now useless to me as i am colour blind ,and cant distinguish between the dots
  3. if you enter the number in the log a travel bug page it will bring up that travel bugs home page and you can read the owners wishes for that bug
  4. I am new to geocaching and only have 48 founds and 2 DNFS ,but on two of the founds the log book was either full or soaked so I added more paper after signing it ,and in the case of the wet one I added a sealable bag , both times I added a comment in the log to reflect this , but I counted them as found ,the two dnfs were logged as I didn't find the cache on one and didn't sign the logbook on the other due to muggles but I did find the cache ,but I logged it as a dnf because at the end of the day I would be cheating myself
  5. Sign out and log back in. thank you
  6. how do I get my forum group listing to say premium member instead of member ?
  7. hi all, im Cliff, I got into this hobby/pastime by stumbling apon a cache by accident on the farm I work on
  8. I am also new to geocaching , and from what I've seen and read it depends on a few things ,mainly the price , I have been using my iPhone 4 with the geocaching app, which is good until you lose the signal, I used the search facility here and searched the web ,and for me I am looking at getting a Garmin Dakota 10 or 20
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