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Cointest - A Random Act Of Kindness


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recently, I received a gift from another member of our geocoin forum...I had not mentioned that I was looking for a particular geocoin, but this person was aware that I usually save a "special" coin to activate at christmas time...something I save as a gift from my wife. this person wrote to me, to let me know that a coin was on it's way to me....something I could activate on christmas day. Kathy would be so impressed!


this cointest is dedicated to that person...you know who you are.


the rules:


perform a random act of kindness for your community, a stranger, a neighbor, whomever. I'm not expecting gradiose gestures, just a random act of kindness, from the heart.


1 entry per day (although you are certainly welcome to perform more than 1 kindness in a day.)


report that you have performed a random act of kindness (although you are not to report what kindness you performed, or for whom...this way there will be no judging...my only request is that it be an act that you don't normally perform during your day.)


cointest to end midnight dec. 31 2011..winner picked at random.


the coin is a pay it forward geocoin...




I'll try to clarify the rules of the cointest if questions arise....please e-mail.


think of the good this group can achieve over the next 4 months.


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I must say that this is a most excellent idea for a cointest, and I love the motivation behind it, as well as the motivation in front of it. I performed an act of kindness today, and felt very good for helping someone who could really use the help, but who society often scoffs at.


Thank you for inspiring me, and thank you for the cointest!

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I wish I could have known Kathy.. but I love your dedication to her memory!


Yesterday we went to a local ball game we won tickets to at an autism event and I paid it forward several times to the people sitting next to us. It was kind of funny because after the 3rd free thing I brought them back they laughed and asked what was coming next!


Thanks for the thread Drneal.

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The Mr half of Dagibbz is always impressing me with his random acts of kindness, whether it's helping an elderly person to empty their shopping cart into their car or helping an old man chase a runaway cart through a parking lot. This is a regular thing for him he is a martial arts teacher and truly believes in the whole pay it forward thing.

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:huh: Interesting.... for those out here in the NW and those in Europe, there are about 30 of my Coins named after special Cachers and some even now have ownership of those coins.


Then there are a few which Cachers have traded for but these are very rare. :tired:


You can never know where these can pop up. I do notify the Coin Namesake as to where to find the coin prior to letting the public know its location.


One unique thing about these Coins is they are not for Flatlander Caches as these are hid in the Mountains around the NW.


You maybe at a event and next thing you know is I hand one to you.... Who will be next? :blink:

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How random do the acts of kindness have to be? What about non-random, deliberately planned ones?


How about not biting off the head of someone who annoyed you all day and being very nice to them all day instead? Does it still count when the someone is your own teenager, or does that just come under the non-random parenting heading?


I thought so. Still to do my RAoK. <_<

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