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Cointest - A Random Act Of Kindness


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RaoK done for today! hahahahaha.... Sometimes when you are doing something kind and good... people think you are crazy or you are doing it so they will have to pay you!!! hahahahaha


the best is when they aretaking out money to give you and you say no and you just wanted to help.... they look you with a strange look, a little socked and then they smile and say thank you! that's the greatest payment.... :)

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This is my first post in this thread. Does that mean Ihaven't performed any? Nope it just means that I haven't posted.


Today I received an email because of something I did yesterday and that email made my own day. I came to the forums, saw this thread and decided to post. So there you have it.

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Today two good things happen to me.

Must be a sign “of the gods” :)


I got to this topic and I also received a pay it forward act by email from a member of this forum.

The kindest thing it ever happen to me in the internet. You know, locally is one thing, but in the internet where “nothing ever good happens”? ;)

I was amazed.


I always try to be connect to the good vibes and now thanks for the topic and thanks for the paying forward act (you know who :)), I’m going to focus more often (meaning right now) on opportunities to also do it, spreading on my way.


Cheers guys and a GOOD day to you all

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I haven't been in the forums much lately, as my employer has put me on a special project for the next 6 months or so. I have a lot to learn, so when I come home, my head feels like a marshmallow. BUT...I have continued to try to do some RAoKs, and have done a few since I last checked in, but haven't kept score or logged in to announce all of them.


Thanx again for the cointest!

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I know we are not supposed to say what we did. But if someone behaves badly in traffic, and I refrained from showing my irritation, is that a RAOK?


only if you also instructed them on proper driving behavior without using any hand signals.




Or you then gave them the last parking spot in the car part you were both heading to! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

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