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  1. Okay, that's the coin I had on my "watch" list on ebay... just deciding if I should buy it or not!
  2. You should look into Crake Productions suncatcher series, especially 2007 and 2008. Seen some of them for sale on Ebay for a modest price. o_O I will! Thank you!
  3. After geocaching for a while now, and only seeing "real" (non-proxy) coins a handful of times in caches... my list is different. I am really drawn to the compass rose ones and sun-catcher coins. I have a dream of having a compass rose with a sun-catcher center (ala the medallion in Raiders of the Lost Ark). Unsure if such a coin exists - but that's what I want. An intricate and colorful compass rose with a sun-catcher center.
  4. Hi - I've moved since posting my address on the geocoin wish list. I cannot find the original source list to change that. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks so much!
  5. Oh this is happening to me. My first placement of the travel bug, and he had it for two months. I sent a polite email, he sent a polite one back apologizing and promising to move it along. This was in August. So, he's had the tb since June and I'm afraid he's keeping it. Such a total bummer and actually quite rude. How hard is it just to pass one into a cache near you? At this point I don't care if he follows the instructions - just want it moving in a cache!
  6. I'm going to nominate : http://www.geocaching.com/profile/?guid=67b0a4fc-2c7c-4996-b7be-f899d1127cf6&wid=49ad6a3f-0606-4731-9a86-c0506dcf04bb&ds=2 He/she is amazing. Only 25 hides but look at the ribbons! Amazing hides.
  7. Tell him that HE has to sleep sometime...and you're not responsible for what happens. Now you're thinkin'!!!
  8. I was reading this thread last night... looking at the caches and getting goose pimples. The kids were in bed and hubby was at volleyball. Right when I was reading a particularly scary cache... hubby GRABBED me from behind with a "RAWR!" - niiiiice.
  9. Wow! This is amazing!! Thank you for sharing.
  10. then WHAT?!?! Okay I'm curious and I can't help myself
  11. Did a RAoK today. Not going to tell - that would be boasting.
  12. Now why didnt you just bump this similar thread you started? Bloody Nanos! Spawn of Satan! Burn down the nano factory, and exterminate anyone who sells nanos! Only post I loved today.
  13. I practice karate that is a combination of Army Rangers training, street fighting, jujitsu, aikido, weapons training, kempo, and more. Only a purple belt - but that took 4 years. Taking a break from it because the dojo I go to got somewhat imbalanced (mostly children, very few adults).
  14. Actually, Sitka I don't mind! There is a path in the town I grew up in. On the path is this type of evergreen tree... don't know what it is but MAN it hurts. It kind of looks like a cedar, but I'm not sure. The stuff hurts even worse dried on the ground. I no longer wear shorts and flip flops caching because of this! But there are caches near PO, caches in blackberry bushes, and caches in bad neighborhoods. Whattayagonndo? (on a side note, I am mortified that I used the incorrect tense of "there" in my previous post). Have a good one!
  15. I have a pinecone I constructed out of a makeup container that looks real. It is in a pine tree and people seem to like it. Oh well - to each their own. Some people don't like urban caches. Glad their are a lot of different caches for everyone to find SOMETHING they love! Good luck!
  16. 1. Old Betsy 2. The Mother-in-Law 3. Behemoth 4. Monstro (paint it blue and put eyes on the outside, haha) 5. What The...?? 6. Paul Bunyan's Tool Box
  17. I really like the videos to be honest. They get my creative juices flowing, and I think anything that takes you beyond a tupperware hidden under a lightpost... that's a good thing. ON the other hand... if he came to my area and gave one of mine away without my permission I might be just a bit... unhappy about it. He doesn't post GZ, doesn't name the cache. I like the idea of user submitted content, too. I would write back and ask if my geocaching account will be suspended if I don't take my videos down. Just my opinion - don't want to get flamed.
  18. That is so rude. I don't know what I'd do about it but that is RUDE!! There was a person around my area that STARTED a cache with total junk. I thought it was crazy... a parking stub, Border's rewards card (useless), and that kind of thing. Now I'm thinking that person had the right idea... only UP trades from junk. I'm sorry that happened to you
  19. It was archived because the CO ditched all his/her caches.
  20. So what I think I'm hearing is - I can basically copy the cache name and all without the original CO approval? Also, I can use the previous (actually quite leaky... won't be using it) container as well because it was abandoned as geo-trash? November to March is a huge grace period. Okay, fun... this should be a known place - it is very cool county history. Blessings HH
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