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  1. Every time I hear, "the devil made me do it!", I can't help thinking about Flip Wilson playing Geraldine! Cracks me up! Great coin! Thanks for sharing the pictures.
  2. And they look great when they arrive! :-)
  3. I can't wait! This is definitely on my wants list!
  4. No apologies needed. I only have access to the forums with my phone so I can't draw anything. Anyone want to take the next one?
  5. Go ahead steben, I haven't seen enough coins to draw one so I will defer to you.
  6. 2007 Halloween geocoin.....looking for a picture
  7. 52 coins 26 pounds. Have fun at GCFest. I am still trying to convince my wife that I need to drive up from Florida! But she knows I will spend too much!
  8. Still awaiting the adoption request for the coin I purchased!
  9. Darn I missed it also! Love your designs and will wait for the next opportunity to find one of these bags.
  10. I let my wife sleep in this morning... Does that count? :-)
  11. I wish I had something you would be interested in! Great looking coin! Do you have a wanted list ?
  12. I will be praying for your Mom! My Dad is undergoing a mastectomy for Breast Cancer today so we can use some prayers also! Once again I will be looking at the coins and driving the prices up as much as I can afford!
  13. I received my coin last week! Great coin! Thanks for the cointest
  14. Let me guess.... Scificollector grabbed the star trek coins! :-)
  15. Lovely pictures! What a beautiful bride, I love the setting! Congratulations!
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