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Explain why did you choose your Users Name/Geocaching name


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On 06/04/2017 at 11:17 AM, Furrhan said:

I'm furry, my profile pic is my fursona and my name is my fursona's name. Simple as that. I use it all over the place. He's an Eastern Quoll if anyone is wondering.


Say, does anyone know any other furry geocachers?


My username is my name and species, "BinkyDutchAngelDragon" was one character too long!

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On 6.4.2017 at 12:17 PM, Furrhan said:

Say, does anyone know any other furry geocachers?

Yep, I'm a Furry too.
The pic is my Griffinsona


This is my Internetname. Years ago it started with Deviantart and after short time there were more and more forums, websites and so on. So now Geocaching.com is the next Site I'm using this name

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My Geocaching name is based on a furry character I costume as. His name is Shades-of-Grey, but I call him just Grey for short. Grey is supposed to be a coyote/fox mix, with traits of angels and demons, which is why he has spikes and feathers on his head and neck. He is supposed to represent balance between good and evil. If anyone wants to see pictures of me wearing him, here is a link: https://imgur.com/a/5dBtE

He is also in my user avatar and on my profile header.

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I played an online game called RED FACTION, and used the name "IStink" because I was bad at first.  But over time I got really good and became a leader of our clan "Lost Souls" .  Some of us broke away to play competitively the game COUNTER STRIKE SOURCE,  and a new clan called BIA....brothers in arms, thus my handle there was IStink//bia,   So I use IStinkbia.

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When I was born, my parents lived in a mining camp called Elsa.  I was the only baby in town; hence, I was the Elsa baby.  I use variations of that on the web, depending on what's available at the time.  Yes, the road sign also points to Elsa.

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Our name comes from our initials - I'm JM and she's CB. The 15 refers to 2015, the year we got back together. We were high school sweethearts who went our separate ways, both got married, kids and divorced and after 28 years we got back together and it seemed perfect, like we hadn't spent a day apart. She's amazing - the one who got away came back, and I thank god for that every single day. Geocaching was our first new hobby together, and we geocache together as a team always.

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Anyways, I began geocaching under an alias which was likely "penini74", which was created under a sporadic and strange conversation with a friend years ago. I changed it to something which truly fit me, and was less vulgar in it's origins. This alias is my newer one which I use on a small fraction of the sites I use. It's derived from the final song from Phantom Planet's debut album "Phantom Planet is Missing", called 'Sleep Machine'.  I love the record, and find this song to be very interesting. It also speaks to my strange experiences with dreams....which has caused me to be scared of dreaming as time has gone on. The song is below;


I decided to stick with the song title, but change "sleep" to Dream to reflect this, which just happens to be a slight nod to my favourite song, called "Only in Dreams". The end of my name is for the two numbers I have a fair predilection to, 7 and 4.


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