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    Donate a code

    I really meant for this to be read by MAX and 99 and I did not expect a donation from others. Such as you
  2. Aer72

    Donate a code

    Max and 99 CONTROL's highest ranking agents +Premium Members 102 2306 posts Report post Posted March 2 I got so many free ones last year. If you just need a new trackable number to use on your own item, I'll give you one for free. I think I still have some left.
  3. Aer72

    Donate a code

    If not please do not reply in criticism of me
  4. I know I won't be popular by asking but if anyone has any TB codes they are not planning on using I would be hugely grateful. If so please send me it by message
  5. This was the case on all 4 caches
  6. I did a tral of caches today and foung four TB stickers. They all had the samecode.
  7. Got another one myself. So I found a cache ( Luttrell's Tower by The Happy Panda (Team Tate) And looked at co ( the happy panda) and saw an eyecatching profile pic. Afew months later found another cache GC4MYAZ and looked at logs to help find and saw it had been found recently by the happy panda!?!?!?!?
  8. Aer72

    Map error

    Happened previously to me worked later in the day.
  9. http://www.pulse72geocaching.co.uk/campervan-geocoin---yellow-1128-p.asp
  10. I had planned to visit the cache 4 days after the cache was maintained by the finder.
  11. I want to hear about coincidences while geocaching. My coincedental experience is one of my TBs was in Bath City and while meeting up with a friend in Bath I realised we were 2.2km away from the cache it was listed in!
  12. I blog: https://bristolcitytransfers.wordpress.com/
  13. So my area has been in decline slightly and I need some help on how to advertise the sport of geocaching in my village!
  14. I completely agree with you but as an owner of several caches myself one of them currently with a NM sign attatched to it. This cache had been treated by the next finder before I could do anything.
  15. Aer72

    No Smiley

    I myself am not sure. Perhaps this could be a glitch?
  16. This is true usually if, the last cacher to find the cache is also the one who put the Tb in the cache you might be onto something but if not it is unlikely.
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