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  1. Use lab2gpx and select 'virtual' as the output option. All stages of Lab caches show on my Garmin Oregon 750 map screen.
  2. Mine does this with the Android App. The compass pointer on the screen is silver in colour with a red tip. All my mapping apps show the red tip pointing in the direction of travel. When using the Adventure App, the red tip points 180 degrees in the wrong direction.
  3. My Android app has just updated and the problem has been solved.
  4. Have a look at the Samsung Active 2. It is rugged and has an 8" screen. The stylus is very handy when wearing gloves on the winter.
  5. Why don't AL's appear on the maps on the main Gecaching Android App? They show as a "Mystery" if there is a bonus cache though.
  6. I've been caught out with this one. I found that I have to leave the USB cable connected until the 64st has re-booted and the bar graph across the bottom of the screen has moved all the way from from left to right.
  7. There were certainly 10p nickel coins in circulation when I worked in Cash-in-Transit in 2012.
  8. I had a similar problem with my Montana 610. I eventually found out that the maps are paired with the microSD card that they were supplied on. You cannot copy maps from one memory card to another. When I put the original microSD card from a (Garmin 64st) in my Montana 610, it worked.
  9. GC8KZXA does not appear on my Andriod App map but is OK on the web browser. I've re-installed the App but it still doesn't show. Any ideas anyone?
  10. GC69NXP Waste of time going to this one with just a smartphone. Some of the locals don't even have mains electricity!
  11. NO!! I would be looking for a different hobby if this idea was adopted. :-((
  12. Easy! I spotted a local CO hiding a new cache while I was some distance away. After she left, I went back to see what she had been doing. The new log sheet already had 3 family members names on it at the time of placement even though the cache wasn't published for further 4 days. All 3 claimed joint FTF even though though only one of them lives locally.
  13. What Irks you most? When a new cache is published and 3 members of the CO's family log a joint FTF within 11 minutes of publication. Insider information?
  14. A policeman was sitting in his patrol car on a UK motorway bridge. As he was looking left and right at the traffic flowing below, I thought he wouldn't see me retrieving a magnetic cache from a barrier some distance behind his car. Wrong! He came over while I was doing the log and ask if I was OK. I said that I was looking for a 'quiz clue' and showed him the container. He said "I always get the jitters when somebody is hanging around on a motorway bridge. Often they need medical help, but occasionally they're just some sort of nutter like you! ". He then wandered back to his car with a smug smile on his face. He had been watching me on his rear-view camera !
  15. I've had responses from COs. Often so bitter and sarcastic that I don't bother to contact any at all now.
  16. I never go out anywhere solo without a PLB in my rucksack,
  17. Me too, either in Cyprus, the North West UK or in Southern Spain.
  18. Yes, mine does this. To get round it, I change the GPS setting (setup / system menu) from 'GPS+GLONASS' to 'GPS' only. If I use it like this for a couple of hours, then change it back to GPS+GLONASS, it works fine ......... until the next time ! I'm in the UK.
  19. Is there any way to save the filter when I've done "search this area", have unticked some of the cache types and have lowered the D/T levels? If I scroll to another area, I have to set the filters up again. I'm using the official Android App.
  20. I wouldn't be without my UV torch. One of the local CO's likes to dangle bison tubes on nylon fishing line in some really odd places. I don't think he realises that fishing line glows very brightly in UV light, even in broad daylight!
  21. 'Aguila' means 'Eagle' in Spanish and 317 is our apartment number.
  22. Greetings from Lancashire! Just returned to the hobby after a 13-year break. Can't believe the changes that have taken place since I last did any caching. The technology is incredible! I've ditched my old heavy, battery-gobbling GPS and have invested in a GPSmap 64st. A nice unit which aquires a fix within seconds, wheras by old one takes forever to find itself. Can't say I'm impressed with how seriously some folks take the hobby though. For me, it adds interest to the walking that I do in the UK and in Spain (I'm 74 years old and retired) but finding a cache isn't life-or-death to me. If I don't find a cache, I rarely bother to go back a second time unless I'm close by. Hasta Luego.
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