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  1. I would remove those coordinates from your post. This is an interesting situation. The cache owner logged in earlier this year but hasn't logged a find on a cache in 8 years. You sure are right about the container needing maintenance! I'm not sure what to do.
  2. Either something has changed or I'm just imagining it but the wild basin is no longer showing on my app. Using the website from my phone I'm not seeing it there either on the homepage.
  3. You could make the dog a virtual waypoint for a multicache.
  4. If you have been awarded an adventure lab credit then you need to use the adventure lab builder on the website. You cannot create one on the app.
  5. There's one showing mileage, but I cannot locate it on the map.
  6. I get frustrated when I'm the only officer that votes.
  7. The only notifications I get on the app are when new Adventure Labs are published. I'd love to see a screenshot of this feature you describe.
  8. Geocache container Choose container wisely The container must hold the logbook. The ideal container is waterproof. To avoid confusion or suspicion if your cache is found by a non-geocacher, follow these tips where possible: Label your container as a geocache. Choose a transparent container to show that the contents are harmless. Include "instructions for finders". Do not place containers that could be perceived as bombs or other dangerous items. If the container has military markings, permanently cover or remove them. Geocache contents Must include logbook For all physical caches, there must be a logbook for geocachers to record their visit. The logbook must be Physical Replaceable Easy to sign Enclosed within a container Examples: Notebook, paper scroll.
  9. First time hider. Hid a geocache around the lake in his neighborhood. My husband and kids spent a very long time and two trips looking for the nano. Hider's child claimed first to find. Coords were 400 ft off. If they had used the posted coordinates like the rest of us got, they wouldn't have found it so they only got first to find because they knew where it was hidden. 👎
  10. You can do that now. There is a limit to the log size but you can do all that now. Edit: Oh, you mean you want to do all that on the website!
  11. You have only found Traditional caches, yet you are planning something different. Don't you think it would be a good idea to find some caches of the type you plan to hide? If you haven't solved any puzzles or multicaches in that area, you may not know where those physical stages are. Just saying', to prevent you from having frustration when the reviewer says those spots are already taken, and you want to know why they're not showing on the map.
  12. List download failed. Something went wrong. Please try again. I can't believe this has not been fixed yet. I am in good Wi-Fi.
  13. I"m thinking this is because "All Terrain" is the assumed parameter, before you modify. Same with "All Difficulty". So the system doesn't accept that as a "modification" because it's the assumed search parameter. Does that make sense? Just my guess.
  14. Let the finders know what to expect, especially with the walking distance and time expectation, and number of stages. Have you pre-checked all those physical stops with a reviewer? You may want to check on that before you get too far in the planning process.
  15. This! How in the world are you going to maintain that cache so far from your home? Your profile indicates this will be your first hide so have you read the guidelines on vacation geocaches?
  16. Here's just one thread on this subject: https://forums.geocaching.com/GC/index.php?/topic/350712-this-device-does-not-have-a-compasswhered-it-go/
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