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How About A UK GC Podcast?

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Don't you just hate when the forum burps??? The original post was:




I have written a new post on my blog announcing my want to create a new UK based PodCast. As far as I know, none exists and I have the technical ability and the equipment to be able to do this.


I will repeat the content of the post so you don't need to click away from the forum (though you can if you want!):


I have been mulling over the idea during the last several months of creating a UK PodCast about Geocaching.


Why? Well, simply, there isn't one! Is that enough reason though? I think so.


We have the excellent podcasts from the likes of Sonny and Sandy with the Podcacher Podcast, and the Cache-a-Maniacs to name but two. I listen to both of them regularly and they really are fantastic listening.


But. While they are keen to mention UK and European cachers, these two podcasts are, by the very nature of their location (and the location of the hobby) US biased.


Initially I am thinking of a monthly podcast, to be released on the 1st or the 2nd of every month. That way I/we would be able to get the latest information on events to the listeners as well as the latest news from the previous month.


So, my initial questions to you my dear Geocaching infatuated friends:


1. Would you listen?

2. Would you participate? Email? Voice?

3. Would you make suggestions for future podcasts?

4. Would you given constructive criticism to make the podcast better?

5. Where would you like to see the podcast available? iTunes? Website? Elsewhere?


I will set up a brand new website specifically for the podcast, separate to this blog, to save either being infected by the other.


I am serious about this. I have the equipment available to me right now to be able to record and upload. And yes, it would be free to download/listen!


I would like to hear your thoughts on this.


Thanks in advance for reading and taking the time to consider this.


I would love to hear your thoughts either in here or on my blog post at http://www.cornellfinch.com/2010/05/04/how...aching-podcast/



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I'd be interested in listening. I use my ipod everyday and a monthly podcast sounds about right, I'm always interested in Uk based geocache news. Not sure I'd be able to contribute much beyond criticism though due to lack of time to go caching!

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sounds great idea, i'd listen, contribute if i can, email, I like the way the podcacher make it available through there RSS feed so I always know when a new one is available. You may like to think about some kind of notication system if it is once a month otherwise we may forget to download,.

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Of course I would listen! Having just set up a podcast of my own (not about geocaching sadly), I would be very interested in contributing/participating in the podcast. I think the standard podcast set up is RSS feed and iTunes, with maybe a couple more online directories like Podcast Alley and the like.

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I'd be grateful if you could expand on what you're proposing. Is a podcast a text message received via RSS or email? Or is it an audible message downloaded and played on a MP3 player? If it can be either (as suggested above) I'd be interested in the RSS text message version - as I already receive posts on this forum via RSS.



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I'd be grateful if you could expand on what you're proposing. Is a podcast a text message received via RSS or email? Or is it an audible message downloaded and played on a MP3 player? If it can be either (as suggested above) I'd be interested in the RSS text message version - as I already receive posts on this forum via RSS.





Google or Wikipedia in this case is your friend.

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1. Would you listen? Yes

2. Would you participate? Email? Yes Voice? Unsure, probably put listeners to sleep

3. Would you make suggestions for future podcasts? Yes

4. Would you given constructive criticism to make the podcast better? Yes

5. Where would you like to see the podcast available? iTunes? Website? Elsewhere? 1st iTunes, 2nd RSS, 3rd Webpage to read about content


I listen to alot of podcasts on iTunes from http://twit.tv/ worth checking out for tips and also http://revision3.com/systm/podcasting

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Generally yes. I too listen to those listed in your post but a UK based podcast would be good! Just ensure it isn't cheesey, tacky, twee or too amiture.

I'm unlikely to listen if it isn't available on iTunes. This is the way all my podcasts are downloaded and TBH, i'm likely to forget about it if it isn't automatic!

Monthly sounds like a good frequency to start with. This doesn't tie you down too much and gives you a chance to reflect on and regulate the amount of time you spend on it.

Maybe it'd be worth discussing thoughts on features, ideas, regular segments and (more importantly) what input you'd like from the community. That way we can give you input/email/audio from the word go and Show #1 can start as you mean to go on.

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Sounds great, if you can hear it...

I like many others,probably, dont have an iPod and have no use for itunes (personally i hate it) but thats another story.

If it was website based then every one would be able to access it, which would get my vote. i.e youtube which can notify listeners/watchers when a new contribution has been made.

Well thats what i would like...

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1. Would you listen? Yes

2. Would you participate? Email? Yes Voice? No

3. Would you make suggestions for future podcasts? Yes

4. Would you given constructive criticism to make the podcast better? Yes

5. Where would you like to see the podcast available? iTunes? Website? Elsewhere? 1st iTunes, 2nd RSS, 3rd Webpage to read about content


Would greatly appreciate a podcast based in the UK, I would definately listen to every episode.


Hope that you manage to get it going.

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I'd Love to see a UK based podcast... I tried listening to the US based one and got bored quickly...


I'd prefer to get it on iTunes - it's what I know and can work!!! Other than that - youtube would be a good idea for those without iTunes



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Many many thanks for all your interest! It's great to know that people would listen (to at least one) to the podcast.


So, some answers to questions asked:


First - a podcast is an audio file that a listener can grab on pretty much any subject that you can think of. It would be either downloaded to the user's MP3 player or Pc, or (if I can!) played directly through the podcast's website. To get an idea of the type of thing go to www.podcacher.com. You can listen to their podcast by clicking the play link in the latest post.


Availibility - I would definitely make it available in iTunes, that's a given. I also hope to be able to make it available as a downloadable MP3 file and embedded on the website. I fully understand that there are Apple/iTunes "haters" out there and it would be particularly stupid to exclude them as listeners! There would also be an RSS feed available from the website to notify listeners when a new podcast is available. I also intend to set up on Twitter and FB as these can be very useful tools when used right.


The problem with putting the podcast onto iTunes is the 10 minute time limit. I am aiming (I think) for a 20 - 30 minute show which would mean splitting the podcast into three sections. That's going to be a nause for the listener and more time editing and uploading for me. That said, if that's what the listeners want, that's what we'll do!


Cheesy, Tacky, twee or too amateur? Only time and constructive criticism will tell. I will certainly try my best! I have listened to many different podcasts and hated many of them, not because of the content but because of the "amateurish" quality of the cast itself.


CUrrykev - I have no problem with a little controversy, as long as I and participants keep it civil! One of the things I have thought about for show 1 is the new exclusion zone around Manchester Airport and the long term effect of Geocaching - whether other airports will follow suit.


So, ideas for show #1 (my scribblings from late last night!)



Intro - letting you lot know who I am!

The purpose of the cast.

Potential subject ideas.


10 years events - how many, your stories.


Mega Events info - 2010, 2011 AND 2012!


Local Events - advertise yours for free!


Manchester Airport.


Regular spot: Geocaching in UK News.


Regular spot: Your caching stories - how did you start? What have you done recently?


Regular spot: Cacher of the month - an expose on a brave soul who is prepared to share all! First episode - me - expanding on the intro. Next month? Any volunteers? I would dearly love to interview Dr Solly if he's up for it! Also would like to tap up Deci for a chat.


Geocaching in UK Scouting.


Competition. I have already been contacted about a Geocaching Supplier who may be prepared to supply a few prizes. More on that soon!



How does that sound for a start? Any other suggestions?


I am in the process of registering the domain name (to be announced!) and once that's up and running I will share the URL and an email address where you can send information for inclusion in the show.


There will also be "show notes" to go with every podcast which will include links to information talked about in the show which will have a section where listeners can discuss the show and leave feedback - good, bad or otherwise.


My wife is shaking her head at me right now, I just told her what I/we are planning and she's in disbelief!


Me? I am SUPER excited about this and already miffed that I cannot get to the Mega event in Scotlan as I will be at Scout Camp in Norfolk.

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I agree, I don't believe there is a time limit on itunes podcasts, I myself have listened to podcasts from itunes that have been up to 30 minutes long.


I have been thinking, if you wanted to do a podcast that was like an interview, I might consider submitting something along those lines, but, we shall see.


I am planning on starting up a local geocaching website tonight, so, when your all set up and ready, I would be willing to advertise your podcasts through my own website to get the message out there.

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Sorry, was getting myself all confused. I most certainly did mean the 10 minute time limit for YouTube and not iTunes!



If YouTube is only 10 minutes, could you just put the shows intro there, with a link to the webpage for the full download? Gives people a chance to find out whats on the show.

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as much as i love podcacher for its witty banter and news etc, its too american and not much uk content. A uk podcast would be excellent, im willinging to contribute stories etc and would download it too.


does this forum allow voting? maybe a vote to see how popular it would be could be done?


Also if a lot of downloads are expected then maybe a sponsorship deal with a uk geocaching bits n bobs company could be sought to cover download bandwidth??

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Those with long memories might recall a UK online caching magazine - the name of which escapes me - from some years ago. It was ok but never really hooked my interest. To me, a UK-specific podcast could suffer from the same problem but I'd certainly give it a listen.


It'd be good to set my phone up to automatically download any podcast via RSS feed (as I do with Chris Moyles Radio 1 breakfast show - which gives you an idea of my webcast taste- or lack of) but an email subscription system would be fine too; I can always drag and drop it across.


In terms of content, cachers' top ten caches, profiles, talk of stats, hides, events, funny stories and interviews all seem obvious 'magazine' type content. I find a lone host often leaves 'magazine' type media feeling very flat; co-host banter is a useful thing. On Location stuff is easy to record, as Dorsetgal proved at my Vertical Limit London event last month, when she used her iPhone's voice-recorder to capture the atmosphere and me whittering on about what I could see from the 42nd floor's big windows.


Good luck with the project and if I'm impressed, I'd be happy to contribute in the future.

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Sounds like its really beginning to take off - Perhaps a "Newbie" slot for us neophytes - My first couple of "finds" have my relatives in stitches due to the lurching about in the drunken bee search pattern and not understanding my super new Garmin GPS ! I would be willing to make a fool of myself in public for the sake of helping some other newbie not to make the same stoopid mistakes as me !!



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Munkeh - Thanks for hitting up the URL!


Yeah, sorry about the trousers folks, it's the only pic I have of me while caching.


smstext - unfortunately the forum doesn't allow voting. I think popularity shouldn't be measured on peoples' willingness to download Ep 1. It should be measured on a few things. Two I can think of:


1. Peoples' willingness to DL episode two.

2. The growth of listeners from Ep1 to Ep2.


Many of the first listeners will be those who have read it here, on my blog, on Twitter, on Facebook and through word of mouth.


As the saying goes: "If you like it, tell your friends. If you don't, please tell us"!


Simply Paul - you're absolutely right, it has to hook everybody's attention. I fully realise that it won't be everybody's cup of tea, but if we can appeal to the majority then I am a happy bunny (as is the majority!)


Thanks for the content suggestions. Initially I will be solo hosting but even from Ep 1 I am hoping to do an interview to break up the flow of my voice and add some variation. Perhaps later on I can find a co-host who will regularly "present" with me.


Palujia - I would love to hear your stories and will certainly try to include them if you send them to me.


Munkeh has already given you all the URL but if anyone wants to email me something for the podcast then you can do so at collin@ukgcpodcast.com


Thanks again to all for your interest, I really hope I don't let y'all down!

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Thanks bud! Just for info, test recording tonight, if that goes ok then I hope to have an audio trailer on the website by the weekend and then iTunes not long after.


Also been chatting to a brand new cacher (first cache was Sunday) today who has agreed to be inteviewed. Hope to record that next week.


We're also on facebook now, link fromthe website as I can't get to it as I am typing this on my iPhone.


Munkeh - many many thanks for the email, I will respond tonight when I can get to my email!

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I posted a question on the website. I would be grateful if you could take a peek and answer the question (if you feel like it!)




Will be asking a regular question, next month's will be in the show and on the website when the show is released.


For info, I am set to record the main show next week, the interview with the new cacher next weekend.


If you have any news, info, milestones etc that you would like to share, please feel free to get in touch. I'd also like to hear more suggestions for topics for show 2!


All the best for now




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<snip> I have tried listening to the US version on more than one occasion, but I just can't get into it, probably due to it not being UK orientated.


Good luck :)


Dave, its a bit chicken and egg really, if people don't submit content for a podcast, wherever it is made, it will be hard to reflect that area ...


I listen to several geocaching podcasts and do find them interesting, I have been a Podcacher listener for four years and it's surprising how little content is submitted from the UK. They do however, offer a very interesting magazine show with contributions from throughout the world.


I think the main thing for any podcast is content ... that's partly down to the audience.

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Hey all!


Just a couple of quick updates for y'all:


Posted a couple of new posts on the website (http://www.ukgcpodast.com)- 1 blatantly stolen straight from the forum on the "you know you're a geocacher when" type subject, and a new one today on Skype and AudioBoo.


Yes, I've got Skype running and recording. So, if you are a Skype type (Skyper?) then give me a call (ukgeocachingpodcast - linked from the website) and let us know what you're up to. Milestones, events, new caches, rants, raves, you name it. As long as it's clean (I can bleep swearing but would prefer not to have to!) it stands a great chance of making it into the show.


The question of the month (what is your favourite geocache and why) is still running and will be until about Thursday.


Don't forget we're on Twitter too - http://twitter.com/ukgcpodcast


The Street Searchers (thanks guys!) have come up with a great idea of "cache of the week" so look out for that on the website in the next couple of days too.


Going to finally record some of the podcast tonight and tomorrow and (as I have a day off for the Queen's Birthday) will start compiling audio into the final show on Tuesday.


Show will (barring disasters) go live on Monday 7 June on the website and iTunes (as soon as I figure out how) shortly afterwards.


Hope to hear from you soon!

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I see the page (although the mention of me is for a cache I've never seen before, let alone found :mad: ) but where can I download an MP3 to play on my phone? Looking forward to hearing it :P

I don't know what happened there, but it should be my name that is on it not yours. Perhaps when he was doing the typing he had just read a thread that we were bickering on and got the names mixed up? :blink:

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Thank you so much folks! It's really good to know that people are enjoying the podcast!


SP and HH - I don't know what happened - I suspect I was just typing too fast! I will correct that minor error in a moment or two.


SP - Direct Download link is http://www.ukgcpodcast.com/pc/show1.mp3 (right click and "save as" - approx 17.5mb) - I'm not going to put this link anywhere other than here or the scrapers will rape my bandwidth.


This is a temporary location until Libsyn get back to me with how to register and I can put future shows on a different website. I can then put a link to the download straight in the show notes. :lol:


*mouse* - took me a moment to realise that you meant Breakfast On The Ben! Yeah, would love to have attended that, but as I said in the show, I go on camp on the Friday with Scouts so won't be able to get to the event at all. :unsure:


I've had a couple of people email me (thanks guys - will get back to you shortly!) with ideas for regular feature sections for the show so keep an eye on the website. :)

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