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  1. I don't see why the browser sould make a differene, if anything Chrome should be better than IE!. Simple stuff time: Are you sure you're defining the area map properly for the image map: http://webdesign.about.com/od/imagemaps/a/aa110507.htm
  2. You shouldn't ever *expect* it to say zero metres. That is, unfotunately, fantasy land, even with a dedicated device. 5 - 7 metres is about the norm (15 - 30 feet or so). Using your eyes, the hint and developing a "geosense" will mean that eventually you are not so worried about the accuracy of the device. To be honest, for the moment, the phone will be fine. If you are only hunting and not hiding caches (but that's a separate can of worms). When you get more into the game then consider a decent dedicated GPS. Welcome by the way!
  3. Funnily enough I have just done EXACTLY the same thing. Go to http://www.geocaching.com/account/default.aspx And click Edit in the top left box (your profile). Your forum signature is in there.
  4. Look in the attributes to exclude section of the PQ Builder. There's one there for Needs Maintenance (the + sign). That should do it for you.
  5. Thought y'all might like to know that the new show is out on the website now: http://www.ukgcpodcast.com/2011/10/09/show-10-summers-gone/ Should be appearing in iTunes fairly soon.
  6. Hey Doc - mind sharing the manufacturer details of your torches please?
  7. This one, while I was in Scotland last week. Went to Fort William too.
  8. Hurray - a CUBA phone box. If we drop them a couple of quid do you think they'd be prepared to take the rest of them out, too? I'm sure I know people in Brizzle that could take these out without any explosives... Not that I would suggest that of course... ;o)
  9. I regularly have a similar problem with my HTC Wildfire. I have tried the Geocaching app, Geobeagle, GDAK (which is awesome for paperless BTW) and the unmentionable. Most of the time it's fine and gives me 12 - 15 feet accuracy. While I was in Scotland last week I couldn't get any closer than about 4km on any app. Thank god I had my GPS with me! Tried it just now and it's back to the usual 15 feet. The only thing I can think is, when I first start any of the apps the satellite symbol at the top of the screen flashes for a bit and then goes steady. This seems to be the GPS settling and locking on. It didn't do that at all last week. Try starting the app and then waiting for a minute or two before trying to search. It's possible the device still thinks it's at its old location.
  10. Another thought - when I "send waypoints" to my eTrex, GC name and coords is all I get (all it can hold). I am not certain there's even an option to send the cache details to the unit using this method?
  11. Do you see all the details (cache info, logs, hint etc) in GSAK? Personally I would export the GPX (customised cache list information) from GSAK (File - Export - GPX?OC file I think) and then copy that directly to the 62. I suspect this would be quicker than using the send waypoints option.
  12. How are you exporting the GPX from GSAK to upload to the 62? It's possible that the export from GSAK is only exporting the coords.
  13. I would seriously consider the new Magellan units. Looking at them at the Mega, they were great.
  14. What have I learned? Avoid the forum and get on with the Geocaching. Reading a number of threads in the last couple of days has left me slightly disillusioned with the whole thing.
  15. Tau Day was yesterday (in American format). EDIT: Oops! Serving leader? Neil Kinnock? Labour?
  16. Hey guys - yes, it was me they were meaning, yes C0lin, we did meet at the flash mod, and yes, my name is Collin. I also fixed the signature line (below) for the podcast - from the headsup I got in another thread. Sorry I didn't respond to this earlier, keep forgetting to tick the email replies button (or it's not available in the quick reply box).
  17. Natty - I think you'll fnd they're on the cache page in your personal notes. You should be able to delete them from there. Assuming you're downloading the MyFinds PQ to the PC then why worry about it? Do you have your finds in a separate GSAK database?
  18. I've got the looks for television, but not a voice for radio unfortunately. I'll take it up with the producer instead. Chicken! People tell me I have a great face for radio...
  19. Collin, Sig line... Log out of the forums, then log back in, it still shows htp. Fingers crossed... EDIT: YAY!
  20. Glad you enjoyed it guys - was a bit of a labour for this edition! Discovered that my monthly hosting wasn't big enough to take the mp3 file so had to upgrade. Got LOTS more space now! I have finally figured out how to fix my forum sig and the link should be right now. hitch - as long as it's non-profit, no problem. Natty - you'll soon realise that I publish almost anything (within reason) and have a good swear filter button! Case in point - TSS's Sussex Amble rambles last month... For some reason people like to listen to people getting it wrong and minor injuries always go down well! Hope you're ok by the way! I got your question to the reviewer and with Deci's help I am hoping to have it in the next show. Nick - Ok, Ok, I give in! The official complaint procedure - record your complaint in audio format so it can be heard by all. Send it to me at the usual email address (mentioned in the show).
  21. Hi C0lin Nope, mine aren't available either at the moment. Although, I tend to run GSAK statistics as they are more detailed as customisable.
  22. Not specifically H&IoW, there is the SE Caching forum which covers much of the area already. Might be an idea to check that out before going too far. We (as a oommunity) are swamped with different sites/fora and I do have to wonder if you might be wasting your efforts narrowing it down to a small area. I may be wrong though!
  23. There's a number of very good (and unpublishable) reasons for there not being enough football in the show!
  24. Thanks for the support folks! Just so you know, I am aiming to have Show 9 online around 5th or 6th of June, although that will depend on the WWFM at Cheddar (day run there I think) and a band on in Southsea on Sunday!
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