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  1. Hey with every release it gets better. Can we have a setting to stop cache icons being clustered when zooming out please. It makes it very difficult to plan when this happens and I'd like them to overlap rather than be clustered. Thanks.
  2. Hi Two problems to highlight 1) Even if I have downloaded off line data, when I'm then actually offline the trackable inventory is empty, but when on line the trackable information appears. 2) When going through drafts on the app, there is no way to change the log type i.e. from didn't find to found. etc the only way is to delete the log and renter. Thanks
  3. I hope that you don't mind me posting this here, but I tend to get a good response from GS HQ. I was just wondering if there are any plans to provide a user preference setting for downloading off line data so that the user can choose to down load just the data for the geocache without downloading the offline map data as well. Thanks
  4. Assuming that you have downloaded the off line data to your phone. If you are in an area of poor mobile signal, you will be better going to airplane mode. I found that if I'm in an area without any signal at all, then it works well but if you are in an area with just the slightest hint of signal it seems that the app will try to get the latest online information and often ends up with the spinning circle. If you switch into Airplane mode then you will find it works ok.
  5. I was wondering if GS had and views on this post? Hi there. Thanks for the feedback. We tested some early prototypes of this feature where caches with a found it draft were shown as smileys. Unfortunately, doing that ended up confusing more users than it helped. That said, we know that as you've mentioned it's important to know which caches you've finished for now once you've creatied a draft for them. For that reason, our next release will include an update to show a different map pin for caches which you've saved a draft for. Hopefully that will address the situation you've described. Hi Ben I really appreciate your reply, but I feel very strongly that you need to also have a different icon in the lists. Maps are not the only place that seeing the smiley is important and key to the usability of the drafts. I really would urge you to re-consider your decision, I can understand why people could get confused if the smiley was the exactly the same although not entirely, if you have found a cache you have found a cache at the end of the day. A smiley isn't to say that you have logged it, but knowing it was in draft still would be of benefit. How about a smiley with that little mustard colored dot that is starting to appear in various places now, if that was perhaps somehow incorporated, or perhaps a slightly lighter shaded yellow that kind of thing. I thought drafts was brilliant other than missing this important feature. I hope that you are able to incorporate this request going forward.
  6. I had the first opportunity to use Drafts on the App today and all worked well thank you. I was quite surprised to find that when logging a find in draft mode the cache Icon in the list didn't change to a Smilely, I found it very difficult to know if I had logged the cache properly because the draft find was in a different place, which is where I think it should be, but I think it would be helpful to indicate that the cache has been found but the log is in draft some how, I hope that you are able to do something about that. When I go away for a period and i am off line, I need to be able to see the caches that I have found, even if not posted to the website just yet. The other smaller point, is that there is no way to publish all the logs in one go. The App is coming on well, keep up the excellent work. I actually use it in conjunction with a GPS. I use my GPS for finding and then log straight to the App.
  7. Bugs with Trackables when off line... 1) I created a list from the map 2) I downloaded the offline data whilst connected to wifi 3) Arrived at a cache where on the list it said there was a trackable (and there was). 4) tapped on the cache and opened up the cache page 5) Scrolled down to the trackables section where it said there wasn't any trackables in the cache 6) Come back home and connect to wifi 7) re-open the cache page and now it says there is a trackable 8) tap on the trackable icon and I am able to read all about it 9) turn off wifi 10) re-open the cache page and it still says there is a trackable 11) Tap on the trackable Icon again (wifi off) 12) opens trackable details but app message is presented "Oops something went wrong - try again later" 13) Click read goal - blank page opens 14) Cick description > Read More 15) App freezes then app crashes " Unfortunately, Geocaching has stopped.
  8. Thanks for reporting the problem. This is a bug which we'll fix ASAP. The draft toggle's position is "sticky" across multiple logs. If you prefer to write drafts and switch to drafting mode on one log, you should continue to see the toggle in draft position on subsequent logs until you switch it back. Please let us know if that's not happening for you. Thanks Ben for getting back so quickly, I look forward to the bug fix and glad that logging in draft sticks once selected
  9. I agree, there should be a choice. Not only does it take longer, it offline maps do use a lot of storage space.
  10. I had been patientlty waiting all week for the app to appear in the play store hoping to be able to use it this weekend. All of a sudden late Friday night it down loaded. Great I thought, I'll be able to try it out in today's outing. I get to my first cache and not only us draft option not avaliable nor is the ability to even log a cache as I used to do. So, a bit of detail. I use my Garmin to cache with but a take along an old android phone on which I have have downloaded a list and offline data via wifi before I leave home to log all my finds on as I go around. I don't have a sim in it so I use the phone offline whilst out in the field. Up until the last release this has been a perfect combination. It seems that you can no longer actually log a cache whether in draft or normally. As soon as I got home and connected to wifi I was able to log caches and the draft option even showed up. I hope it gets put right quickly. Finally, It would be helpful if there was a global setting for drafts rather than having to select it every time.
  11. I assume that you are using the app. You need to ensure that you have downloaded the offline data in 'my lists' but when you are out in the field, the app still try to use on line data and if you have a weak connection it doesn't work well as the app is still trying to access the Internet. I now tend to put the phone into airplane mode when out in an area that has poor reception.
  12. I know there has been a lot of negativity about the new map, but personally I like the new icons and don't have any complaints. I don't understand why it is not possible to filter 'my hides' and 'my finds' after zoom level 12. at least taking to another couple of levels would be great but why restrict it at all?
  13. It would really useful if it was possible to filter out 'my finds' and 'my hides" beyond zoom level 11, perhaps something you may be able to consider for the future.
  14. You can use the advance search to filter on Premium only caches, but you can only see the first 1000 in the area you selected and the icons don't change size or shape.
  15. After doing some more testing, I now retract this portion of my post. The filters now work at all zoom levels, which is a significant improvement over the previous version. No, the filters stop working at 3km level.
  16. I think this may because you have download the caches for offline use - if you tap on the list and delete the offline data that should clear things for you. You should bne able to delete the list.
  17. This somehow carried over from the Windows app (with pm folks saying the same), and I'm kinda curious... Where did you hear this called a free app? Groundspeak calls it the Geocaching app. An app that requires you to remain a pm (with its yearly fee) for as long as you want to keep all those full functions, isn't free. - As you'll find if you ever miss that payment.
  18. Keystone, apologises but my post wasn't intended to be a promotion of C-GEO simply a comparison to the features that it offers, although I can see how it could have been interpreted that way. It was actually intended as a promotion for the new app along with d my personal opinion is that Groundspeak could enhance the Official App by looking at C-GEO features which I would expect the official app to offer in order to a) make it more attractive to newbies and make is more usable in the field where their is no phone reception. I wasn't aware that C-GEO was not an authorized API Partner and obtained their data in that way. Of course, if the features were on the Official App then more players would swtich.
  19. Since the first release of the new Free App it has improved massively. As a premium member this is fast becoming my Geocaching App of choice very closly behind CGEO. If you are a Premium Member this is a great App but has limitations with no offline map facility. For Basic Members, you are better with C-GEO at the moment due to the blocking of anything over 1/5 traditionals) Pros: Free Great looking, clean interface, a really good job. Offline lists - working well now since last upgrade Create list from the map Filtering caches list view and map view (from which you can create lists) map up navigation as well as north up navigation Fast and pretty accurate on my Samsung S5 Easy to use, seems intuative. The official app which links to your membership More development to come. 1 month Premium upgrade £4.63 within the App for Basic Members Cons: Very confusing cache sizes which are different to the web page. This is one of my biggest bug bears on the new app. Why have Groundspeak chosen to use different descriptions on different platforms (Not an Issue with C-GEO) e.g. "M" = Medium on the app but Regular on the Web I thought it would mean micro but "XS" = Micro! No offline map function (Feature available on C-GEO). Stored caches are not indicated any differently on the map page (Feature available on C-GEO) Basic Members can only access traditional caches below 1.5/1.5 difficulty/terrain rating. No multi's or Puzzles which are available on the Web site (available on C-GEO). Basic Members have to upgrade to full premium membership in order to access all Non Premium caches. (available on C-GEO) Number of finders / dnf's not shown on the cache page What I'd like to see: A One time Basic Membership in App upgrade to view all Non Premium Caches just like on the web around $5 - $10. Free 30 day trial
  20. I was really pleased to see that lists can be created in the app with the new release and it's now possible to download them for off line. I'm rather disappointed as to how cumbersome it is to do though. You have to open each cache page in the app then select add to list hit the back twice to get back to the map, open the next cache and repeat. It would have been helpful if there was a slightly different icon on the map to indicate that it was available offline. There is no way to select more than one cache at a time, it would be good to be able to add all caches visible on the map page for example or when in the list view of nearby caches, to be able to bring up check boxes to select the ones you want. So think it will need more work.
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