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I came up with something cool...

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Did you file for a copyright


Printing my own locally.










On a serious note however, "claiming" a © doesn't hold much water these days. You'll spend more in legal fees than you'll profit. Market your product better than "the other guy" and you'll come out on top.


best-o-luck in your venture

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When "asking first" you said nothing about promoting sales of your product on eBay. So, don't do that anymore.


My 16 year old daughter knows that asking "can I go to the school dance?" will receive a different answer than "can I go to the school dance with a 25 year old guy named Bubba, because he can buy beer for me and my friends?"

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Neat idea for a sign, perhaps you should make them trackable!


I recently carved and donated to my local group a sign with an embedded TB tag to make it trackable, which will travel to events and be placed on the TB table or hung up to help promote the site. It is about 12" high and 20" long. It has only attended one event so far.



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You might want to consider editing that photograph so as not to show the tracking number. Or expect it to get logged a bunch of times over the next few days.


Funny, I've gotten that response several times. It is just the reference number, the tracking number is blurred out on the TB tag.

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I reserve copyright for this original idea, btw. I just listed some on ebay.

Did you file for a copyright? Did you make the prize recipient sign a waiver to use the sign? Fun sign. I may steal your idea some day. Or not. :laughing:


Can't copyright the sign, but you can trademark the design.


Very cool by the way - You should make some little parking tickets that you can stick to the ground after you move their car. The ticket should have a place for the coordinates of the vehicle and where to report to rent a GPSr so they can find it :blink:


EDIT: for lack of typing prowess

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It would be cool if you added the public domain geocaching "G" to use up some of the white space on the sign. Just a suggestion. :laughing:


Google "leatherman geocaching logo" for the template.


If it takes off, I'd go one step further and seek licensing from Groundspeak for the GC logo with the web address below to help promote - more colorful and recognizable.

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