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  1. I would like to create a series of caches of about 6, and at each cache there is a letter corresponding with a number. When you find all 6 caches you have the coordinates to the final mystery cache. Is this considered a challenge cache? I would hope not as those are my absolute favorite!
  2. I am really confused as to what you are talking about? Can I get some context here? I thought this post was going to be a poll/survey itself.
  3. I'm 23 and started when I was 16/17 and still love it. Although I do have some pretty big drought periods I still always come back. It's mostly because of how busy University can get... My goal this year is to go to more geo events and meet some geo-friends!
  4. Yes I also love a big ammo can. I hate when when you complete a hard challenge cache or series of caches that has taken you some time to complete and the final is a micro, just so upsetting! I love the ease of size to sign your name or stamp it and all the good swag that usually is in there as hard challenge caches usually tend to have some sweet stuff!
  5. Just noticed that you still have the 50 for 50 one under Alberta Canada. I have emailed them and they said that contest is no longer going. Thanks for making this list and I hope more new ones will show up this summer!
  6. My "I <3 Geocaching" cache was found on Saturday. I didn't get any sort of notice that I remember seeing. For those curious, here's what I did for "Geocache? DanOCache!" - The code was concealed in a hide-a-key container and hidden on my vehicle. - I posted the URL on our local FB group and invited everyone to see who could locate my vehicle first. I didn't really describe the car in detail, I just mentioned "You'll know it when you see it." since my license plate is the same as my gc.com userID. I also invited people to follow my Twitter account, with the idea that I would drop hints about my whereabouts to aid seekers. - I had mentioned on the FB group that my car would be locked in my garage most of the weekend so for the next couple of days the Difficulty of the cache could be considered a 5 because you'd need locksmith skills to access it. (Or a rock!) - A friend of mine tried to lure me outside to a puzzle cache but I was busy and couldn't make it. So, he decided to drive by my house "just in case". - I happened to unexpectedly buy a couch and loveseat that morning and they were taking up space in my garage so the car was parked outside and he lucked out. He then rang my doorbell and asked to use my computer to log his find because he was having issues with his phone. So, the great DanOCache experiment came to an end much faster than expected. I thought it would be found by someone who follows me on FB/Twitter enough to know where I park when I take the train to work and would grab it in the parking lot. It was a fun experiment. I'd like to be able to have some sort of "normal" cache on my car complete with a logbook and people could log it if they happen to see it, similar to all the vehicles with trackable codes on them. Thats a good one Dan!
  7. This is basically how Wherigo's work, so if lab caches do not develop into anything, you could create a Wherigo. The big difference is that to list a Wherigo on geocaching.com, you have to have a physical container at the end with a logbook. You don't just go out with a common GPS unit and create or find a Wherigo. Big difference. I could develop a I <3 Lab cache with Virtual stages and a final with a log book to sign that you don't need anything special to find. Maybe I should have also explained what im picturing in my head as virtual stages. Just picture yourself in the app and you are at the first stage of the cache. you click on the cache name and you are now on the lab cache page. there could be a button "Clue 1, or clue, or stage" etc... that is not highlighted, and once you are within 20 meters of the stage that button becomes highlighted or filled with color indicating that you can now click it. once clicked a new message will pop up on your screen with new information for the next stage and that now highlighted button becomes blank again until your smartphone is within 20 meters of the next virtual stage. I think the final could be a physical logbook with the code that you need or it could be virtual with the code in the final code. Just think you could make some cool puzzles to find the next stage and you would know that the geocacher is in the right spot in order to get the clue. Virtual letterboxing would be cool. Just think get to a specific spot and you are then able to click on that button and your letterboxing clues appear only in that one spot!
  8. I was just thinking of how to hide my first lab cache and I got a really good Idea in my head! and now I like the idea so much that if it is not implemented I will be sad! Seeing as this is its new type of geocache, separate from the rest, I figure this method could work. I feel like when creating a lab cache you can have the OPTION to have "virtual" stages for your cache. What I mean is you can set a location to start, once you arrive at GZ, on your phone, a message will appear with your instructions on where to go next. and once you go to the next area another message will appear on your phone and perhaps get the information to the final where the code could be hidden. I know that not everyone has a smart phone, but like I said it could be an option. Having virtual stages makes more sense than having to go around and hide physical stages for your multi stage cache for just one person. I also believe that you should be able to pick how many people can find your lab cache up to a certain limit. Would be cool if it could be found for the first 5 people. Also to avoid having to many of these on the map I think you could limit it for example not being able to hide another one until your last one is completed or a certain amount each month etc... Being able to have virtual stages would allow you to hide caches in locations that are of high traffic without looking suspicious, and will also not mess with other caches nearby as there is not a physical cache to find. Just think of the possibilities! *Edit* the key here is to limit how many you can hide, so that they are not everywhere on the map. I'm sure Groundspeak could find a suitable number
  9. Any good underwater caches in the victoria or vancouver area (British Columbia, Canada) that do not require scuba gear? I am planning on a road trip there this summer.
  10. Hi I have asked this question "Does the geocaching website store mail to Canada?" a few years ago with an unsatisfactory answer of "we do not currently offer shipping to Canada."! Has this changed? They said that there are some international retailers, although this is true most of the items I want to buy are not available from the retailers in Canada! for example I want to buy a pack in the gear section called maxpedition going for 84 dollars and no such luck when looking for them, also I want the nice official flashlight and uv geocaching light but none here. I find it hard to believe that they can't deliver to Canada as I have yet to find a company located in the USA that does this. I could understand not shipping across seas but Canada is attached to the states and if you think about it kind of between states! (Between Alaska and the northern states). I hope they have changed their policy! I just want to buy stuff and give you my money, please take it!
  11. here is an example: I even have the same container in this video.
  12. Hey everybody, I have seen a select few of videos on youtube showing underwater caches and thought it is such a good idea. I think it would provide a cool unique challenge. I should note that im referring to caches that do not require diving equipment just a pair of goggles as the cache would only be 6 - 8 feet deep. I have bought a few water proof containers (Pelican brand containers and others on the geocaching website) that I want to experiment with this summer and see how they hold up underwater. I am thinking that some of the containers will hold up fine underwater im just thinking of a few good methods of keeping the cache underwater. I have plenty of ideas Im just curious as to if you have found some and if you enjoyed it! I am thinking of making a multi where the first stage is underwater and has just the coordinates to the next stage, possibly a piece of wood with the coordinated edged in or some paper laminated and have the final on the nearest piece of land. anyway Im just planning out some caches for me to hide this summer!
  13. Hi so I ran the my finds query by clicking the button "add to queue" at the bottom underneath my finds and it came up with a total of 429 waypoints when I have over 600 finds... I now have to wait another 6 days and I have a feeling its going to do the same thing...
  14. Bugs me when someone creates a challenge cache or a series of caches and the final container is a micro! I just enjoy seeing a nice big ammo can with swag in it as a final to a challenging cache.
  15. I am sad to report that the new one listed for Alberta (Canada) is no longer available as of December 31, 2013. The "50 for 50" one.
  16. Like many others have pointed it out, although you have retailers in Canada, there are still a LARGE number of items that you can not find that you sell on the Groundspeak website! as an update for many people wondering, have you guys made plans to ship to Canada yet? will it be coming out sometime soon? or not at all? Thanks for your reply in advance!
  17. Correct me if I'm wrong, because I don't use my phone to find caches, but doesn't the official app support offline maps? I thought you were given the option to save offline map tiles when you saved a PQ for offline use. If that is true then the app would be definetly worth it! Is there anyone out there who has usen the app offline and was able to see all the caches that you have stored offline and see all the caches on the map? If so then im going to buy the app! Thanks for the replies! I used this feature. I was up north of Sioux Ste Marie and lost my data connection; the offline tiles worked perfectly. Do you mean that you could zoom in and out on all the stored caches? and that was the official GC app?
  18. Correct me if I'm wrong, because I don't use my phone to find caches, but doesn't the official app support offline maps? I thought you were given the option to save offline map tiles when you saved a PQ for offline use. If that is true then the app would be definetly worth it! Is there anyone out there who has usen the app offline and was able to see all the caches that you have stored offline and see all the caches on the map? If so then im going to buy the app! Thanks for the replies!
  19. I agree that the names and info would confuse and be too jumbled up, thats why I mentioned only the names of the caches and nothing else. Im also not sure what your other points have to do with my proposition. I do have Gsak and finding caches is not the problem. I do PQ all the time and am really familiar with GSAK. the reasoning for the screen shot is to be-able to see them on google maps without a connection to the internet. taking a screen shot with just the cache names would be really beneficial!
  20. Recently I have been looking at some of the tablets on the market that I could potentially use for Geocaching, and many other aspects like school etc... Now when looking at some of the options out there, I did notice that many did not have the 3g or 4g data plans on them, just the wifi. And so that was kind of a downer, but then again even if you have a 4g network it does not always have a connection to the internet especially when you are in a rural environment. So this is where I have recently come up with a solution. Before you go out on your rural Geocaching adventure you take a look on the map with all the geocaches on it and take a screen shot! Then when you are out there with no internet connection (Google maps do not work) you can look back at the map that you took your screen shot with. Now here is where the suggested feature comes into play. As of right now when you are looking on the map you are only allowed to see the info for one cache at a time by clicking on it. Now let’s say you have 10 caches on the map you would like to go for but on the map you can only get the name of one cache. So picture this; you are out on some trail with 10 geocaches on your phone/tablet (Assume there not all in one straight line), you took that screen shot of all 10 caches, you see all them on the map but you only know the name to one of them because you can see the one cache that you clicked on. With my proposed feature there could be a option to display the name of all the caches on the map! This would be really handy for me and im guessing a lot of others because those caches could involve a lot of bushwacking if not found in the right order. but if you can see the names of them all on the map/screenshot you can see which one to go for first second third and so on. Then match them up with the ones you saved offline and you have an effective caching session. Thoughts?
  21. I was thinking a tablet would be unreal to go caching with but it has to have a few things. 1) Gps in it 2) Data usage so you can access the app/internet whil out on the trail Is it possible to still cache without data? Like download the app using wifi and then store caches offline then look for them with google maps? Do tablets even come with gps in it? Has anyone used a tablet to go caching?
  22. Thanks for the replies, good to know that I can still have the app after I get a new phone. I would love to hear from someone who has the android app though! I have the cgeo app and the live map never works. I have a garmin 60 CSx so I only use the app for easier navigation. But CGEO maps never works when im out geocaching.
  23. Hello fellow cachers! I noticed that your only suppose to report bug problems in the geocaching app forum so thats why im asking my question here. I am thinking of buying the app however I will most likely be getting a new phone in about a year. When I get my new phone will I have to buy it again? I have also heard that they recently updated the app and made it a lot smoother. (Info in this video: ). But it looks like the update was only for the iphone? I looked at some recent reviews from the android app and it does not look as good compared to the Iphone app. Anyone here can comment who has the app? maybe someone who has both?
  24. not sure where to go in GSAK to find this stat, I tried looking in the filter section but could not find anything. does it come up with a % or did you calculate that yourself?
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