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  1. I am pretty sure Groundspeak explicitly said rustynails doesn't get a virtual reward.
  2. Seriously. Groundspeak should send you a bill for disk space usage.
  3. Being triggered or offended by a simple icon seems to be a waste of time.
  4. You beat me to it. As a software engineer this is ideal.
  5. THIS. The reason why I only check in every couple of months now. Same old folks saying the same old things.
  6. How do you know there weren't two cachers that were indeed independent of one another that had just crossed paths at different times.. both right after you? Unless you were out on the flat plains of Oklahoma and could see for miles around there's always the possibility. But then again, it could be that team 100k+. LOL.
  7. I would assume any viable implementation would include testing every major browser, even IE. So if something is wrong I wouldn't jump to conclusions.
  8. I am not sure what is worse. The nasty emails we get upon DT change or the intentionally falsely rated caches so someone can accommodate their friend's stats.
  9. I cannot confirm with 100% certainty but mondou2 and almogul have been accused of tag-team caching.. while on opposite sides of the country. I HAVE NO IDEA IF ITS TRUE OR NOT. Nor do I care about someone's find count. Though I would hope that honesty should be the best policy.
  10. Why is it funny? If there is no one here to offer legitimate non-white experiences then others have filled the void with their own stories. Your baiting isn't necessary.
  11. No. Humans instinctively take the path of least resistance, even when the choice is unethical or immoral (watch the news lately). Not that geocaching is at this same level.. but you're either good or your bad. If you're good then stand proud and loud. If you're bad, well then, pay the consequences even if that's just karma.
  12. The article says nothing about where he or his family descended from.
  13. Dear Mac and Linux users.. there is more than one Windows emulator available out on the Internets for your platforms. ;-)
  14. There should be a byte palette in that same file. Consider that "palette" a zero-based array. Use your above string as a sequence of indexes to the palette array. Lookup in the palette the transformation. \014 is the 14th item in the palette. I might be over simplifying it, but that's the general idea. I have software that does the job for me.
  15. It would be fun to be awarded another. @Groundspeak I know a large group of people in my home area are sitting on credits and never plan to utilize them. I wonder if that is factored into whatever algorithm is being used at Groundspeak? Does no deadline mean they NEVER expire, ever?
  16. False finds don't change my life one iota except for the fact that I don't want to be knowingly associated with anything deemed to be based on a lie or phoney or of poor character or taste. I find it amazing that people will go out of their way to make themselves look good based on fake finds but then don't give a rip at how lame they look when it is revealed (and proven) that they've cheated.
  17. I was just playing around. You've likely seen my profile and know I've hidden a Wherigo or two in my day. So I feel the pain of cheating and coordinate sharing. You and I know it is impossible to stop cheaters. So focusing energy on the Wherigo experience so one doesn't want to cheat in the first place is THE best course of action.
  18. So glad you are not king. All evil kings and dictators eventually fall ;-)
  19. It's still geocaching. But that's ok.
  20. Cool. Seen this done similarly twice. Once was my own cache several years ago.
  21. Assuming your friend lives in the same area you do, I see places to hide caches all over the place. And it is not wrong or poor management just because you say it is. I find that most cachers that are sore about an area allegedly being "filled up" just want to take the path of least resistance and spend zero time scouting their own hiding spots. I live in one of the most cache dense cities in the country and I have no problem hiding new caches. You just have to work at it and get creative. It's not everyone else's fault you and friend may be slightly late to the game.
  22. I didn't expect you to say anything. I am talking about my own experience. Inside or outside HQ, the experience for me was the same. It's not that I don't love the gang that brings me the hobby I enjoy so much. But I work in an office that does software development so for me it didn't compute to being some life-changing experience. But I'll take the icon because that's what some of us do.
  23. It would be about as exciting as visiting an office space. I've done it both indoors and when it was outdoors. I got about the same enjoyment from both.
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