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WELCOME to the the New Cachers (2009)

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I've been posting a similar thread in the Getting Started area for several years around the end of the year. I never really want it "pinned" because pinned stuff gets ignored pretty easily. Last year seemed to be a bigger year for GPS units than this one in the shopping arena, but I think the stuff on this post is worth reposting.





First off - Welcome to the new cachers reading this board. It seems that every year around the time that potential cachers start unwrapping Christmas presents and their new GPS, new players to our wonderful hobby/game/sport come to Geocaching.com and these forums - and THEY HAVE QUESTIONS!


We're a pretty welcoming group - and we're here to help. Unfortunately, many people skip over those handy "Sticky Threads" at the top, and there's an important thread up there:


arrow_left.giftiny_arrow_right.giftiny_arrow_right.giftiny_arrow_right.gifRead First! Geocaching Frequently Asked Questions tiny_arrow_left.giftiny_arrow_left.giftiny_arrow_left.gifarrow_right.gif

In that thread you can find many answers to a bunch of questions, and links to other FAQs around the web (including mine). Here's a sampling of the questions in the "Read First" thread:

GPS Related:

--What GPS Should I Purchase?

--How do I manually enter cache coordinates into my GPSr?

--Can I use a GPS while on an airline?


Seeking a Cache:

--How do I find out about new caches hidden near me?

--What Icons Represent the Different Cache Types?

--Locationless, Virtual and Webcam Caches

--Finding Handicapped Accessible Geocaches


Logging Your Finds:

--How do I log a cache that I searched for?

--Do I need to wait for confirmation from the owner before logging a virtual cache find?

--What is an "SBA" or "Needs Archived" log?

--Meanings of Acronyms and Terms Used in Geocaching

--Can I log a find on my own cache when I go back to visit?


Hiding a Cache:

--How do I Get a Photo to Display on my Cache Page?

--What's the Purpose of a "Note to Reviewer" and How Do They Work?

--How to add HTML to Your Cache Page

--Where do I find the "Stash Note" to put in my cache to explain what it is?

--How do I "average" a waypoint?

--Cache Saturation Guidelines: The "528 foot rule"

--Who's Watching My Cache

--What are "Additional Waypoints" and How Do I Add Them To My Cache Page?

--How do I Adopt Ownership of a Geocache?



--How do I change my username?

--All About CITO (Cache In Trash Out)

--Travel Bug and Geocoin FAQ's

--Geocacher University (brochure, tips on Paperless caching with a PDA)

--What's the meaning behind the Geocaching logo?

--Ethical Guidelines for Geocaching

--How do I become a volunteer cache reviewer?



--Using the Forum Search Feature*

--Forum Posting Guidelines and Forum Moderators

--Adding a Picture to a Forum Post

--Why Can't I Start a Poll?

--Where can I find the Off Topic Forum?

--What is the suggested forum etiquette?

*There YEARS of posts on this board going back to October of 2000, and many of the questions you may have might have been answered already. Be sure to search the forums and FAQs in case there's an answer out there already.

If your answer isn't above in the FAQ sections or if you can't find your answer on the forums, by all means - ASK. We are glad to help.


Also - each "region" in the forums (for example: Midwest, Great Plains, West and Southwest) and SOME of the national forums (e.g. Canada, United Kingdom, etc) have pinned topics with posts containing links to regional organizations. If you're interested in finding a local Geocaching organization, look in your area's forums first.




Feel free to post a "bump" to the thread to make sure it stays toward the top of the Getting Started forum, at least until January 15

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Was there one last year? I feel left out :o


If there was, I sure missed it. Oh well....


Thanks for this year's Welcome! I'm relatively new to this game/sport/hobby and I've had my fair share of Questions, that's fer sure!! So, I'm sure I've missed the FAQ section before.... Sorry!


Anyhow, now I know where to look for some things before I make some new posts. Thanks for the Welcome, and also for the FAQ Link. Merry Christmas y'all!! :)

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Hi all. I received a Oregon 400t from Santa - I had been wanting to get into Geocaching, but my old GPS was just too old and too inaccurate to locate the caches. Got out with the 400t for a few hours, yesterday and today, and have found three caches... one of the caches being a multi-cache.


Thanks for the welcome!

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n00b here. Santa-wife got me a Garmin 755 for Christmas. It's intended for use in the car, but seems to work just fine for this hobby and has a "pedestrian" mode that allows it to show your position when you're not on a street. We've found four so far all within a mile or so of the house! One fail, but we'll get back after it once the snow is gone. Thanks for the info in this thread. We're having a great time!

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Hi everyone.


Thanks for the welcome. I and my two boys are new to this but we're fast learners. :)

After lugging around my nuvi 765t for a couple of days and running out of juice every two hours,

we wised up and went and got a Geomate.jr. It's almost like cheating :) .

Anyway, we're having a blast.

We're "Team Ellis" at the kids insistence and separately,

cyanredagain (me)




Have a happy New Year and hide those caches well cause ya got three new blood hounds hunting

them now!



Team Ellis

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Hi folks,


Like many I got a GPSMAP 76csx, something I was waiting for the price to drop with new lines coming out. I replaced a GPS 12 XL, still working just fine. I am much more an orienteering kind of person. Most my outdoors is hiking, camping and fishing. I am more comfortable with a topo and compass. Now I have that all in one unit. I have not really kept up technology in USGS I used to order the hard copy topos from them, none of this data files stuff.


I prefer to hike alone, but on traveled trails in parks. If it is wildness than of course I have company. I guess because I am ex BSA leader in several capacities. I am not herding cats any longer.....


I love the outdoors, but all on the coasts 98% East Coast, Mid Atlantic to Florida.


I though geocaching would be fun to do, giving some purpose while hiking.


I am getting excited, but seem to have a lot to learn. As BSA says, "Be Prepared".

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:anibad: my name is joe i got intested in geocashing this year. i live in danville ill printed out cashing sights for me to g find, an getting ready to order my new gps hand held divise, but wondering how do you let people know when you go hide cash yourself, what does it detail,i would like to go with somebody for the first few times till i GET THE HANG OF IT.

IF SOMEW ONE WOULD GIVE ME A CALL----- <<phone deleted by moderator>> ASK FOR Joe

i live in

danville, ILL 61832 MY E-MAIL--------<<email deleted by moderator>>


Moderator: not the best practice to display e-mail and phone number

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As far as contacting local cachers, you might want to look into CIGA (Central Illiinois Geocachers Association) to find someone to cache with.


I think you have a good idea to go find some caches before going out to place some. It will give you an idea of what to do and what not to do - but don't limit yourself too much by what you see others doing. Above all, be sure you are familiar with the site listing guidelines and any local land manager policies (like State Parks or County Forest Preserves).


Then, after you place the cache - go to the geocaching.com/seek page and follow the links to fill out the form for submission. Your cache will be reviewed by one of the local volunteers for the website to make sure that you've considered all of the other caches in the area for proximity, and of those land managers rules you may have missed and any other possible problems with the guidelines. This review usually takes place within 72 hours of submission (but since they're volunteers, it might be longer on holidays). Then sit back and enjoy the emails that say "X cacher found your cache"

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:anibad: my name is joe i got intested in geocashing this year. i live in danville ill printed out cashing sights for me to g find, an getting ready to order my new gps hand held divise, but wondering how do you let people know when you go hide cash yourself, what does it detail,i would like to go with somebody for the first few times till i GET THE HANG OF IT.

IF SOMEW ONE WOULD GIVE ME A CALL----- <<phone deleted by moderator>> ASK FOR Joe

i live in

danville, ILL 61832 MY E-MAIL--------<<email deleted by moderator>>


Moderator: not the best practice to display e-mail and phone number


Hey Joe make sure you validate your email adress on your profile page so others can email you.

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Thanks for the welcome!


n00b to GPS and Geocaching, but as an avid off-roader I have wanted a GPSr for a few years now. An excellent enhancement to the old back road maps for sure. Sometimes those old trail heads are grown over and can be very difficult to find a second time. The GPSr takes care of that.


The wife just got me a Triton 400 and I have basically lived in the thing since Christmas. Found my first 2 caches and am completely hooked on Geocaching already. I have another half-dozen loaded into my unit and ready for adventure. There are some 4x4 groups near me that do back country geocaching, so I am looking forward to that too.


This is a great way to get some fresh air, get away from the computer, and get some much needed exorcise. Thanks for all the help in getting our fat butts off the couch :anibad:


I guess I should mention that I hail from Surrey BC Canada.

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Thank you for the warm welcome and hope everybody had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I am new and thanks to a Twitter friend, I am excited about this new hobby. I placed my first cache this past Friday. What a fun way to start off the new year! It was published last nigh and I have had Four Finds already. Now, I just hope the temps get back up into the 30's here in Ohio soon so I can go out and start looking for some caches. I'm just not a cold weather person.


Thank you again and looking forward to this fun hobby!



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Thank You for the warm welcome.

I am new for the year 2009. New to the world of geocaching and GPS.

mud4x4 is a "team" consisted of me, my geodog Molly, my boyfriend and sometimes my daughter.

Depending on schedules it is at least me and Molly the geodog.

I had been hearing about geocaching for a year or two...and in November 2009 decided to look into it more. After a little research, I "ran" out and bought a GPSr ....didn't have much to choose from in the small town nearby, so I ended up with a Mag. Triton 400 as my unit. Soon after, realizing alot of the geocaching community uses Garmin. Though the local store didn't carry any Garmin's when I had went. :unsure:

But anyways, I digress....

it's been fun and just hope to find more time to go geocaching in the near future.

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I started this last month when trying to procrastinate from doing exams using my iPhone. :D Now a bit deterred by the snow (there's a lot of it! it's cold! I'm not that hard core yet!) but hopefully we'll have an early thaw or something!


By the way this is something I've been wondering about- I have a hobby on weekends of just getting in the car and seeing where I end up, which seems perfect for geocaching. Is there any way of knowing what particularly good caches are or something like that? (I'm thinking about how I wouldn't mind driving an hour away from my place if it's a great hike or something, but wouldn't know where to go to begin with!) Asking around the local club maybe?



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You want new? I just received my etrex Vista HCx 90 minutes ago.


Want to try something new with the family and I am totally lost with this stuff but will catch on.


This whole loading maps and micro card needed was not known so this is the first bump in the road.


Any good and free sources for these maps?

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