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  1. Most people I know think it sounds cool and want to try it, so I don't hide it at all, but I also don't cram it down people's throats either. If it comes up it comes up.
  2. Empty-Nester here, but if a friend wants to bring a kid I don't mind. One day when I have grand-kids, I will take them Geocaching too
  3. Unless you are walking along with it, I would be worried about somebody stealing it and parting it out. Good luck with the experiment. I think it's creative and a great way to build gray matter. Also, don't send it on any FTF missions until a reliable early warning weapons and defense system has been installed. Some exuberant FTF hound will crush it with a boulder!
  4. For me it's about not letting anyone see me retrieve or re-hide the cache ... or lurk suspiciously In an ideal setting it's as if I were never there.
  5. Ha ha, I was beating my chest pretty good for finding a whopping 6 in one day
  6. Shout out to a local ... oooah oooah! 10,007 as of this post :0) Kinda mind-boggling for a n00b such as myself. That's a lot of caching!
  7. An old thread, but I'll play ... My Cache-mobile - '09 Wrangler Unlimted
  8. I saw a link that said Knowledge Books and I really didn't want to buy a book, so I blew right past it. My bad. If it would have said Knowledge Base, I would have clicked it and saved myself the derision. Or for that matter if the link said simply, "Support" ... Now I know. Thanks
  9. I checked again and definitely don't have that option on that form. I guess I can just shoot them an email. I appreciate your input :-)
  10. All that shows me is my billing information and the means to update my credit card. I don't see anything there for actually changing the auto-renew option. Am I missing something?
  11. My premium membership just auto-renewed, and I noticed it only did it for 3 months. I want to do it yearly on my next renewal, but cannot find anywhere to change that option. How can I go about doing this? I could just contact them privately, but I figure if I was having trouble, then someone else might be too, so I thought this would be a good place to get the answer and share the wisdom
  12. I have made a determined effort to not spout geo-words, but I admit it has been tough sometimes. I am guilty however, of observing pretty much everything in nature with the thought that it may or may not make a good hiding spot. I briefly started calling muggle dogs - doggles, but thankfully I have broken that nasty habit too.
  13. I have almost every cache I have found photographed and stored on my computer, but I do not keep separate text logs. I use gc.com for that. I do however have a small notebook that I carry Geocaching. I keep puzzle clues and cache notes as needed, but no official offline logs.
  14. Wow! What a horrible experience you had! I'm very sorry you had to endure that. This is one of the reasons I will not cache on private property. Actually the proximity of the bees alone would have run me off I don't care for bees so much. I have to agree with the sentiments expressed that you absolutely cannot let this guy break your mojo. Take some time and let the anger and bitterness drain off some, but definitely keep doing what you love to do when you are ready. As a former CubScout leader, it is my strong belief that YOU GUYS ESPECIALLY need to get back in the saddle and show your child and the rest of the cubs that sometimes bad things can happen to good people, but that does not mean that you have to lose. Show your pack what a leader is made of. Pick up and carry on. Use it as a learning tool and character builder for your pack. Reinforce in them by example that adversity makes you stronger. Dyb Dyb Dyb ..... You can do it.
  15. Cool! I have the Triton 400 too. I'm loving the fact that Magellan is updating the usability of their offerings. Thanks for posting this. I will give it a run too!
  16. Yeah I see that. I bet that's gonna frost some people. You can however, still download the LOC and drag it into Vantage Point to add it, so it's not a complete loss. I just tried it and it worked properly. I found that using the import button was the tedious way to do it anyway - too many clicks. Drag and drop is much quicker. From my own brief experiences with the LOC format and my Triton 400, I could never get them to work right. The unit would crash whenever I loaded them in, so for me I won't feel the disadvantage. I purchased the premium membership to gain access to the pocket queries and GPX format. For me the extra ability of the software adds even more value to it now. Others may see things differently though, of that I am certain.
  17. New update for Vantage Point - 1.73 It now has the ability to connect to your user account on Geocaching.com and download Pocket Queries directly to the software. This is a huge time saver! It has also gained the ability to show log entries from the cache listing, and to add a log entry to a cache listing on the website right from the software. Pretty sweet!
  18. I use a heavy duty Kona mountain biking pack. It holds a 5 liter water bag and has a total of 19 compartments. I would consider it a medium sized pack. I think it cost around $180 CDN a few years back. Well worth the investment. I carry too much gear to list here - mostly small stuff, but it serves as a basic survival / geocaching supply kit and I generally have it with me at all times. Surprisingly, all the gear I carry only weighs in at around 15-20 lbs. It may be overkill for Geocaching, but I do a lot of back country hiking too with the same pack, so I just use it for pretty much everything and just keep it well stocked for survival situations. I like the fact that items have their own spot and I always know quickly where to find whatever I need out of it. Pretty much everything in the pack is in waterproof containers or bivy sacks too. When I am actually in the back country I carry additional items like a folding shovel, saw, etc. I live by the Scouting motto ... Be Prepared!
  19. I have to agree with this assessment. I mostly cache in large parks and reserves under heavy forest, and there is slim chance of finding a geocache a mile into the bush using just an overhead image. The OP needs more challenge
  20. I usually will read the cache description and scan the log entries before I download the GPX file, but I rarely read the hints. In the field I always try and find the hide without referring back to the description. Part of the appeal for me is the actual hunt so I like to give a good go at finding "who-knows-what" before I refer back to the description or the hint field. If I am coming up empty handed though, I will have a look at the hint, or if something just seems out to lunch I will refer back. The initial hunt though - it's no notes, no hints. Just my personal preference. People I take caching with me always ask ... "what are we looking for?" I always answer ... "I dunno" and hand them the device so they can read it if they like.
  21. Sooner or later you will be in an area that you wish you had a GPSr for. Unless you are strictly walking the sidewalks and taking note of exact locations based on landmarks (I assume). As soon as you enter the bush where you may not see obvious landmarks, how do you know how far or on what bearing the cache will be? I agree, too much money just for geocaching, but again, how do you intend on finding caches that are a ways into the woods using just an aerial map? Might work for a few really obvious hides, but sooner or later you will wish you had one I have no feedback on that one as I know nothing about it. This is just my humble opinion. Play the game you want to play it and have fun playing it. It's all good.
  22. I mis-read this whole thread and I decided to share my GPSr with some dude that was walking by. I sure hope he brings it back.
  23. Technically we are, but we don't always like to acknowledge it. We're the ones stomping on the ceiling and hollering for you guys to keep it down. We have to work in the morning. Back on topic - some strains of mould can be lethal to some people. I have had some experience with the symptoms of mould inhalation. I had an old Chevy van a few years back that had a mould problem and every time I got in the darn thing I would get flu-like symptoms. Even after tearing all the carpets and headliner out, it was all up in the heating system too. I didn't have it long, let's put it that way. For what it's worth, after feeling the effects of mould personally, I actually hold my breath while I handle mouldy log sheets, and yes, they are everywhere. It's a fact of Geocaching just like muddy pants up to the knees. If you're worried about it, take precautions as noted above. Being sick from mould is no fun.
  24. Congrats on your achievement. Not my cup 'O tea, but I can sure appreciate the effort and commitment that went into your adventure!
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