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  1. Thanks for the amusing hissy fit. You should probably find another sandbox to play in. This one belongs to Groundspeak, and they do a very fine job of running it for us kids.
  2. It CAN be a bit awkward if you know the cache is beneath the very bench they're sitting on. I have yet to summon enough courage to go ahead and take a look anyways. I'm not a morning person, but I've learned that if I want that smiley in that suburban park, I'm going to have to haul myself out of bed very early and arrive at GZ in the gray dawn. The quiet peace and solitude is usually reward enough. Steady pouring rain is something to take advantage of also.
  3. Umm, wouldn't that be "groep"? GRO+E+P. They are their own punchline.
  4. But I took up geocaching because I suck at knitting and needlepoint. *Sigh.*
  5. It's the rising tide of lawlessness that threatens to engulf us all. They'll be stealing the unusually large pile of sticks next.
  6. Nah. I dropped out of Cub Scouts many eons ago because they told me I had to earn all these badges and things. I just wanted to have fun and learn stuff. Same thing with caching. Badges? We don't need no stinkin' badges!
  7. I think the key word in this case is "modify". Unless the sign post belongs to you, you shouldn't alter it in that way. I don't believe I would label it vandalism, but it is tampering with public property. Having said that, I've found a few caches where a fence post or something similar has been altered a bit by the hider, and I didn't make any fuss about it. Just signed the log and moved on.
  8. Hmmm, I carry a couple of pens, extra batteries, a notebook, a bottle of water, and my GPSr when I go caching. I totally forgot about the car jack.
  9. I had to laugh at that. Books are morphing into movies. You read them on a screen, you can see author interviews and commentary, you can read deleted chapters. Coming soon, a behind-the-scenes "Writing of" documentary book.
  10. "cache find velocity spike" = The new energy drink for the cacher in your life who needs to find that cache REAL fast. I have no business joining this thread. My caches get found maybe once or twice a month.
  11. I see it. And I think if you described your problem with a few details somebody here will be very glad to help. I had no trouble sending caches to my gps tonight. Anyway, you'll feel better tomorrow.
  12. Pee Wee Herman is writhing with jealousy. Seriously, it's very nice.
  13. There is a multicache near me that, if I remember correctly, has a QR code for the 1st leg. But it is also set up so us regular non-techie cachers can complete the cache.
  14. My dear defender of everything lame, what I was thinking of at the time was proposed mandatory health insurance, which is a sore subject with me, so we won't talk about it. As for other types, I own a vehicle, so I got that covered. But I don't own a home and I have no family, so no homeowners or life insurance for me, thank you. I also own no possessions of value. True, I have a lot of music equipment and instruments, but I decided long ago that all that stuff is just that...stuff. If my stuff was stolen or destroyed, I would happily continue life without it. Seriously. Now back to our regularly scheduled topic.
  15. I liked this comment: Oh those magical muskrats! Seriously, I can understand how easy it is to get turned around and confused in any woods, large or small.
  16. ....for the insurance companies. They aren't going to get a dime of my money. But I'll gladly go look for their branded token thingies if it will make them happy. Somehow I don't think it will.
  17. Ooh, I thought I was fairly up on my English slang, but the plod is a new one. I like it, except the female rozzer is kinda cute. A fair cop, if you will.
  18. Darn, nothing in the logs. And I sorta think the photo was taken before the cache was published. Probably just a genuine bust of some kind. But still pretty cool.
  19. Great picture! I see two bobbies, a passerby, our hapless cacher, and maybe another person directly behind the fountain? Anybody go through the cache logs to see if this really is a geocacher? I see the image is stamped 2009.
  20. Perhaps it contains the mortal remains of Betty Powell. Seriously, it's certainly an abandoned not-approved cache, or a cache not yet submitted or published. I'm more curious about Betty Powell than I am about the Mysterious Red Box.
  21. No. Nothing wrong with testing the waters. I've seen very little of this in my experience, but I'm sure it exists here and there. I tend to agree with an "orientation" process when signing up. It comes up every week, or so it seems. But I strongly disagree. A cacher's find count is no indication of their level of experience or responsibility. Anytime.
  22. This was the only part that caught my eye in that dense mass of text. Ah yes, I remember those days. Good times, good times. That's it! It'll work great! Urban caching, here I come!
  23. Ok, I spent this evening walking around with a fern on my head, a pork chop around my neck, and my pockets stuffed with dryer sheets. The effect on the local mosquito population was negligible. However, I DID notice a marked tendency in passersby to cross to the other side of the street when I approached. So, there may be something to these methods as a type of repellant.
  24. Touch of writer's cramp maybe. Rant away; you'll feel better in the morning.
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